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EquiStix by Equus Athletics
Nothing soothes sore equine muscles like EquiStix! Dream and Sugar ( equine spokespersons!) LOVE Their EquiStix!

About Our Company
At Equus Athletics, our goal is to instill each and every rider with the unbridled strength we admire in our equine athletes every day.  By integrating the timeless sport of riding with the innovations of the modern athletic world, Equus Athletics will help both you and your horse perform better, together.  CEO of Equus Athletics, Alexis, shares her inspiration for Equus Athletics:

I am a life-long equestrian and amateur/recreational athlete. As I learned more about human health and wellness through sports and fitness, I started to see how those teachings could make me a better rider, as well as how they could also improve my horse's fitness and wellness! I founded Equus Athletics, because what I began to realize through my experiences in the traditional athletic world was that I wasn’t simply an athlete who rides, I was an athlete because I ride.

Would I be less athletic if the only sport I did was riding?  Of course not.  Did I sweat less while riding, give less than my best, or have a lesser sense of accomplishment at the end of the day?  No way.  I feel like equestrians and their equine team mates deserve innovative products to help them feel their best and perform their best, just like any athlete.

I hope that Equus Athletics will provide everything you need to accomplish your goals, no matter how small they may seem.  Because as we all know, in the world of horses, sometimes it’s literally a single step forward that can make us feel like we just won the gold!


EquiStix is an equine sports massage tool which allows you to perform therapeutic warm-up and recovery massage procedures on your horse. The proper distribution of oxygen and break down of lactic acid is vital to muscle recovery.  EquiStix brings the benefits of massage to your horse daily, in a safe, efficient, convenient, cost effective way! It is an intended to be used as part of your daily warm-up and cool-down routines. It allows for precise massage to target problem areas, while still providing full coverage of major muscle groups.  Soft, pliable gel bristles provide a simultaneous grooming benefit for a shiny, healthy coat while saving grooming time!

What Are The Benefits Of EquiStix?
Using EquiStix as part of your regular warm-up and cool-down or grooming routine increases blood flow to muscle tissue, reduces the risk of injury, and maintains muscle health.  Unrestricted blood flow is a vital part in full muscle recovery; restricted blood flow to muscles not only hinders repair, but limits muscle growth.  By relaxing tight muscles following exercise, you can aid in tissue repair, in turn enhance muscle growth, and maximize your horse’s performance.

EquiStix as part of a regular routine increases flexibility, and as we all know, flexibility is critical for progressive development in speed, agility, control, strength, and endurance. Using EquiStix will ensure that all that hard work that you both have put into training does not go to waste!

EquiStix allows you to maximize the benefits of professional massage and chiropractics between sessions, and/or provide these benefits when services are not available. EquiStix can be easily packed to bring the benefits of massage anywhere you go! It is a great addition to your show supplies for a busy show weekend to keep your horse limber and relaxed between classes, without spending valuable time and energy in the warm-up arena!

Why Does My Horse Need EquiStix?
When a muscle becomes over-worked and is not allowed to recover properly, stiffness and soreness can occur. If left untreated, chronic soreness can lead to strain and over-compensation on adjacent muscle groups, and may lead to tendon injuries. By addressing soreness issues early on, EquiStix can prevent more serious injuries from occurring down the road.

What Are The Indications My Horse Might Be Sore?
Resistance or obstinacy to cues, difficulty picking up or maintaining leads, collection problems, head-bobbing, short-stridedness, and over-all stiffness in movement are just a few indications your horse may be experiencing muscle pain. Additional indicators of an underlying problem may be seen in something as seemingly unrelated as asymmetrical hoof growth, indicative of unbalance and potential muscular compensation.

What Do Customers Say About EquiStix?
Thank you for designing this great product! It is so much easier than massaging. With Equistix I can give them a pre-work warm up and post-work cool down so conveniently!  I even find myself grabbing it whenever I enter the barn to check on them. They ALWAYS walk toward me now! it's like a non-caloric treat and a great bonding agent in one!  Donna Graham-Dykes, AZ

My new paint horse has been touchy all over his back, but after using EquiStix , he is now very comfortable!  He loves it!  Thank you so much for this product!  It doesn't get any better than this! Sharon Lamm, NV

I just wanted to let you know that I love Equistix! One of my clients showed me your product and I immediately ordered one. I am a certified equine massage therapist. With Equistix I can show my clients how to take care of their horse in between sessions.

This is a wonderful product! 
Terri Foley, AZ

My horses love their EquiStix and my friends borrow it all the time for their horses! You can instantly see how much they love the gentle massage that also soothes away their itchy spots. Easy to use and so appreciated by my horse! I recommend EquiStix to everyone!
-Ann Pruitt- Director

Order EquiStix Today!
Your EquiStix will bring soothing enjoyment to your horse for years to come, the perfect "anytime gift" for your horses. For more information about the benefits of equine massage and to place your order for EquiStix, please call, email or visit our website today.

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
2403 Montgomery Ave.
Cardiff, California 92007
Phone: 760-917-1069
Website: Click Here To Connect

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