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Vitafloor®  vibrating floor by Vitafloor USA, Inc.
Very possibly the greatest piece of training and rehabilitation equipment in veterinary facilities and training farms today, Vitafloor® stimulates and improves blood circulation especially in  the lungs, lower legs, and organs.

About Vitafloor® USA
Vitafloor USA, Inc. was started by Holm Oostveen in the beginning of 2010. Holm is a native Dutchman who studied business administration at Nijenrode (The Netherlands School of business) before going to the U.S. to get his MBA at Thunderbird (American Graduate School of International management) in Glendale, AZ. After his graduation he joined the corporate world and held various sales and general management positions for international companies located in Germany, The Netherlands and the U.S. In his last corporate role he moved back to the U.S. as Senior Vice President with global sales responsibility.
Holm has been involved with horses for most of his adult life together with his wife Nicky, who runs her own dressage sales barn and rehabilitation center in central California (

How Is Vitafloor® Different From Other Vibration Technology?

Vitafloor® is the ORIGINAL Vibrating floor and only Vitafloor® has been medically tested for years and has TILTING (incline) capability to increase effectiveness. Our users report Vitafloor® is superior in every way to other vibration floors available on the market. With more maneuverable options and superior build Vitafloor® is the best that money can buy.

How Does Vitafloor® Work?
This innovative technology has been very successfully used and tested in Europe, where it was developed. Horses have been using this therapy for more than 7 years there with very promising results. This is a non-invasive treatment where the Vitafloor® vibration technology is used to stimulate the blood circulation leading to a healthier stronger horse. There are various different frequency settings to target various areas, such as internal organs, soft tissue damage or bone problems. This therapy is especially helpful for horses unable to walk or move, as they only have to stand on our Vitafloor® to get a good blood circulation going which in turn helps the body to regenerate and recover.

What Benefits Are Possible With Vitafloor®?
  • Vitafloor® stimulates and improves circulation especially in the lungs, lower legs and organs.
  • Significant muscle power improvement can be seen in as little as 10 days using Vitafloor®.
  • Horses trained on the Vitafloor® have often reported faster acceleration from the standstill and often develop a bigger stride.
  • Many horses report improved flexibility and elasticity in all gaits.
  • Tests show Vitafloor® has a positive effect on the warm-up and horses frequently are more supple.
  • Vitafloor® shortens recovery processes, especially of tendon and soft tissue injuries.
  • Helps in both the treatment and prevention of colic.
  • Shows promising results with laminitis, silicosis and also reduces cortisol and stress levels.

Why Use Vitafloor®?
  • Vitafloor® is used by some of the leading trainers and veterinarian facilities in the USA.
  • Vitafloor® is the ORIGINAL inventor of the equestrian vibrating floor which has been in use since 2003.
  • Vitafloor® has been tested for many years, including at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Uppsala with no adverse effects found.
  • Vitafloor® is very quiet, safe and easy to operate.

Where Can I Use Vitafloor®?
  • Built in to a stall, trailer or grooming area or-- as a mobile unit.
  • Safe and cost efficient.
  • Unique TILTING system increases efficiency.
  • Horses can move while being treated- increasing effectiveness.
  • Horses love it!

What Do People SAY About Vitafloor®?

"Since using the Vitafloor® my horses feel warmed up & loose in their muscles as soon as I get on now. At shows not only are they looser but also calmer overall. Based on my own personal experience I believe Vitafloor® to be the best product available.”
Laurie Falvo Doyle: GP Dressage Trainer, Encinitas, CA
“My 15 year old Dutch gelding is competing successfully at GP, and I attribute his health and soundness in large measure to the daily use of the Vitafloor®.  Even though he is ‘older’ and competing at the top levels of dressage, he continues not to need any orthopedic shoeing or any kind of maintenance, injections or medicine.”
Jan Dickieson, Encinitas, CA

“The Vitafloor® is very user-friendly and practical in design. Since using it, my horses are fitter and more relaxed with improved musculature. It also helps prevent tying up.”
Bob Leonard Racing, Las Cruzes, NM

“The first couple of weeks I was really impressed how all the horses I had on the Vitafloor® came out softer, more relaxed and already feeling like they had been warmed up.  After around two weeks I couldn't believe it and was even more impressed by the day how they suddenly started to really muscle up and felt stronger every day.  I am so impressed by the Vitafloor® vibration training,  I intend to keep it as part of my training regime.”
Peter Atkins: Member Australian WEG Eventing Team, Ocala, FL

“I have consistently had good therapeutic results with 5 different roping horses with different injuries.  The injuries included mild to moderate navicular disease, moderate torn medial ligaments, and sore and stiff stifle joints.  My experience with the Vitafloor® vibrating floor system has been over the last two years and I have had great recovery and post therapy results to have been able to keep my horses competing and sound using this non-invasive therapy, which they also seemed to enjoy.  I highly and unequivocally recommend this therapeutic option to all horsemen with the health of their horses as one of their highest priorities.”
Peter Chiang,  DDS, Salinas, CA

"The Vitafloor is a great addition for our competition horses. It really helps to keep them in top shape , sound, and healthy!"
Shannon and Steffen Peters – San Diego, CA

Is Financing Available?
Business financing is available for all products. The approval process is simple and quick and turn-around time is typically within 24 hours. There are several options available with payment times anywhere up to 60 months.

Can I Make Money With Vitafloor?
Keeping horses in peak condition saves you money! In addition, you can charge for the use of the Vitafloor if you are a training, boarding or veterinary facility!!

Call Vitafloor® Today!
Top horses throughout the country depend upon Vitafloor® to give them every physical advantage and to help them recover from injury or illness. To the stall bound horse, Vitafloor is a must have product! Call us today and let us show you how your horse's life can change and improve with Vitafloor!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
148 B Dunbarton Road
Aromas, California 95004
Phone: (831) 726 7012
Website: Click Here To Connect

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