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Thinline Sport Boots
Thinline Sport Boots has a line of Boots for every discipline. Breathable and conforming to your horse's leg, nothing beats Thinline!

About Our Company

ThinLine Inc. became famous for our revolutionary saddle pads made from a superior shock absorbing open cell foam. Elaine Lockhead Castelao, President of ThinLine ran a large riding program in North Carolina and competed through Intermediaire I. It was while she was riding Lipizzaners that she inadvertently discovered ThinLine. She remembers, I was riding these wonderful baroque horses, but was having a horrible time with saddle slippage and had resorted to using fore girths and cruppers, which the horses hated. I was riding at a barn where I came across an old piece of ThinLine so I tried it. Voila! No more saddle slippage. What first attracted Elaine to the product turned out to be just one of the benefits. As I continued to use the product I noticed how much better and rounder my horse was going and how much easier it was to sit the trot and canter. At 3/16th of an inch it is unbelievable what this pad can do for you as a rider!

ThinLine Sport Boots

ThinLine also has a line of horse boots and tack which are made with ThinLine: delivering the greatest impact protection without historical drawbacks: ThinLine ventilates, supports tendons, molds to legs for a custom fit, will not collect dirt and is so anti-fungal and anti-bacterial it actually promotes healthy skin.  Also, ThinLine is extremely thin and flexible while providing more impact protection than 10 times the thickness of neoprene or other spongy foam products.  ThinLine also molds to the horses leg at every ride (when it hits about 85 degrees F).  It is able to create a custom fit for every horse.  Infused with USDA approved anti-Fungal and anti-bacterial agents ThinLine actually kills rain-rot (also known as mud fever).  Riders in humid climates ride and turnout in these boots to support healthy skin.  Machine washable, ThinLine leg protection does not absorb water, will not shift, rub and go right back on the horses without drying time. They are also some of the longest lasting boots on the market.

ThinLine offers the following boots for your horses health, comfort and safety.

    •    ThinLine Sport Boot: This boot has several features not found in other products: They are thin, lightweight, and mold to the horses leg.  Machine washable (you can even bleach the white ones).  Dirt does not stick to the ThinLine and water is not absorbed so riders can work in wet arenas or cross rivers without the boot becoming heavy, shifting or rubbing.  They ventilate keeping soft tissue cool and reducing potential injuries from overheating or from impact.  They are available in two sizes and riders generally use a tall hind boot but may also couple the front Sport Boot with the Schooling ankle boot.

    •    ThinLine Schooling Boot:  Hard shell plastic in Black, White, Navy or Grey, is lined with ThinLine shock absorbing foam.  Double Velcro closure with an open front.  They have all the features of the sport boot.  Horses love this light weight breathable boot and owners love the protection, easy care and price.

    •    ThinLine Bell Boots and Skid Boots: Custom Fit: When warmed to body temperature ThinLine molds to the horses leg. Protection: Impact protection without bulk. Non Slip: No rub boots stay light even when working in wet conditions. No More Dirt: Arena footing won't stick to ThinLine. Durability: This is the most durable and easy to clean products on the market. Health: ThinLine is Infused with USDA anti-fungal & anti-microbial agents. Bell boots are available with or without sheepskin trim at the coronary band.

    •    ThinLine Cobra Boot: This amazing boot gives you all the support of the Sports Medicine Boot design but has a few added features not available in any other boot.  SMB boots are most frequently used on Quarter Horses, traditionally horses with the smallest and shortest cannon bone.  Other boots add several layers of neoprene or other foams to provide enough impact protection and the boot looks like a big bump on an otherwise dainty leg.  With the Cobra boot you can have the best protection available in a thin boot which looks more like a polo wrap than a boot.  Since it will not accumulate dirt or grow bacteria the boot is also the best choice for healthy skin and horses who feel supported yet liberated to move well (not to mention having a sleek looking boot). Since ThinLine vents laterally it is able to cool tendons beneath neoprene.  Horses love this boot!

What Do Customers say About ThinLine Boots?
Open Front Schooling Boots – 

“I love these boots! They are so much easier to maintain than neoprene. I usually just hose them off after I ride... but if I throw them in the washer machine, they come out looking brand new!! It's so nice not having hair stuck in them that is impossible to get out.”

FEN- "These boots are great because they can be washed in seconds and they absolutely stay in place

Closed Front Sport Boots – 
P Carter

“I saw these as a new product at the World Cup. With all the quality and technology of Thin Line, I bought them right there (front and hind). I ride dressage with my mare, and leg protection is crucial. These boots protect, fit as if custom made, and have a unique double velcro fastening system. Whether the horse is 15.3 or 17.2, these fit. The care is so easy. No more grit to brush out of fleece lined boots. No washing and days of drying. No velcro getting full of fluff. Just hose, and they are ready to go again. These boots have made protecting my horse's legs easier than ever. Several other people at my barn are now asking about them. With about 6 months of daily use, these boots still look brand new.

Order ThinLine Boots For Your Horse Today!
Everything is riding on your horse's legs. Thinline Sport Boots can be found in leading Horse Catalogs, online catalogs and at our website. Having quality protection boots is vital for both health, protection and performance. Nothing can out-protect your horse than Thinline Boots! For more information about ThinLine Boots and our entire line of products, please contact us today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
2945 South Miami Blvd, Ste 120
Durham, North Carolina 27703
Phone: 888-401-9101
Website: Click Here To Connect

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