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Safe-T-Tie is an easy solution to tie horses safely, any time, and anywhere. Safe-T-Tie can protect horses, people and property.

About Us
An award winning team of highly innovative engineers, veterinary nurses, and equine muscular therapists based in Australia, we have put our heads together to find a solution to the problem of tying a horse safely, even if he must be momentarily left unattended Safe-T-Tie can protect horses, people and property.

Even the smoothest safety knot won't protect your equine companion from injuring himself in the event you cannot get there in time if he panics and pulls. As professionals, we have seen the problems that can happen time and again - solid tying can cause rope burns, back, neck, head injuries, and even death.

People can be injured by a panicking horse too; one of the most common equestrian injuries is hand injuries including severed fingers. Which commonly accrue when a person is trying a horse with a rope and suddenly the horse pulls back and the rope tightens around the finger with such force that it is severed.  This is why we suggest tying the lead line to the Safe-T-Tie first then tether the horse to a secure object.  Horses can injure people if the horse is striking out in a panic as he attempts to free himself from a solid tie situation. If a horse gets tangled up in the solid tie rope, the person can be injured while trying to untangle the panic horse; the dangers are real.

Property can be damaged as well. Horses have been known to pull out hitching post and then still be attached to the item and run away in a panic causing not only damage to the property but to the horse as well. A woman had her horse tied to the trailer and the horse suddenly panic and pulled back ripping off the aluminum siding of the trailer. Leaving a ragged metal edge in which the horse suffered cuts.

What Is Safe-T-Tie?
Safe-T-Tie is a revolutionary way to safely tie your horse. It is a highly engineered nonmetal attachment that will hold strong under normal circumstances but to break-away if a panic situation occurs (appox. 250 lbs of pressure with momentum). Portable and reusable, Safe-T-Tie is a horse safety release we believe no horse owner should be without.

Why Safe-T-Tie?

Whenever you tie your horse, it is great to feel comfortable in the knowledge that doing so will not reinforce a bad habit or cause the potential for an accident that could lead to severe injury or even death. A safer alternative to solid tying or using a temporary solution such as baling twine to tie up a horse, Safe-T-Tie eliminates horse-tying problems. When horse tethering with a lead rope, simply attach Safe-T-Tie to the lead and you're all set.

How To Use Safe-T-Tie?
When you tie up a horse with Safe-T-Tie, you still need to find a solid post, wall, partition, or other object that is firmly anchored, which will not break away before the horse safety release does. With horse tie knots, you must constantly watch the horse to ensure he does not panic and injure himself; with Safe-T-Tie, the object is for the tie to give way under a certain amount of pressure.

Equipped with five simple loop settings, Safe-T-Tie is strong and sturdy. Do not tie your horse or pony to anything that moves; be sure to test fence posts and other items that could be weak at the bottom, which could be ripped up out of the ground in the event your horse panics. Whatever level of resistance you choose, Safe-T-Tie will release when placed under sudden, severe pressure. You will still need to tie your horse at back level, short enough so that he cannot become entangled. Using Safe-T-Tie minimizes the risk of injury to your horse as well as to others nearby.

How Does Safe-T-Tie Help My Horse to Feel More Comfortable When Tied?
Safe-T-Tie will hold a horse under normal situations. So he will learn to stand tied and that he cannot just pull away if he would like to get a bite of grass, or be released because he does not like his bath or being clipped. The horse will however be relived knowing that in a real panic the Safe-T-Tie will release before an injury could occur.

What Do Customer Say About Safe-T-Tie?
I had tied two horses to the hitching rail getting ready to unsaddle them last week. I went into the barn to put the head stalls away and I came out to a bunch of commotion. The one horses started kicking at the other and thank goodness for Safe-T-Tie the one that was being kicked was able to pull free and prevented injury to this wonderful horse that I love so much. Thank you Horse Safety Tie for such a wonderful product.
Jennifer Cartwright

This made my day. The Safety Tie I bought was put to the test today at the wash rack and passed with flying colors. My horse Spirit is blind in one eye so at times he panics in the wash rack. If I try him with a solid tie it results in terrible panic and a fight against the rope. Today when he panicked the Safe-T-Tie released, he no longer felt the pressure from the rope and he just stood there.  I'm glad I bought red because it went flying and I was able to find it.
Sandy Leggitt

A couple of years ago my beloved Rocky Mountain horse who I had for 12 years suddenly pulled back in a panic while I was tying her up. The rope tightened around my finger and was completely severed. My horse had never pulled back before so I was shocked when this happened to me. I now use the Safe-T-Tie to easily tie up my horse and have the peace of mind if this situation where to occur again that  my fingers will not be involved with a rope that is attached to such a strong animal.
Connie Burns

I was amazed at how easy it is to use and how much safer I felt having my horse tied in this fashion. Sugar, my Morgan mare is only 5 and still in training. Knowing she has a little more freedom of movement while being tied is so important as nothing panics a horse quite like not being able to move their feet. I really liked the way Safe-T-Tie works!
Ann Pruitt- 

Order Safe-T-Tie Today!
Tying up your horse safely is a part of responsible horse ownership. Don't leave something so important to chance. The Safe-T-Tie can make all the difference when the unexpected happens! Make sure YOUR horse is tied with Safe-T-Tie! You can find order from our website or great catalogs like DoverSaddlery, SmartPakEquine, Amazon, RidingWareHouse and more!

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22642 Lambert St Suite 408
Lake Forest, California 92630
Phone: 877-778-7559
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