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Synbiont Ag Wash by Synbiont Global
Use Synbiont Ag Wash to clean your animals and areas prone to host pathogens, viruses, bacteria and fungus.

About Synbiont® Facilities
The outbreak of a contagious disease can give a facility a bad name. It can take years of being ‘break out free’ for facilities to earn the trust of clients, associations, and competitors again. Forward thinking facilities and those concerned about their future bottom line, use Synbiont Ag Wash to help secure future shows and to keep their good name.

Synbiont Ag Wash is used in the biosecurity protocols of:
  •         veterinary hospitals
  •         fair grounds
  •         boarding kennels
  •         equestrian arenas
  •         equine and bovine breeding and boarding facilities

Applying Synbiont Ag Wash is a critical, proactive step toward creating your own biosecurity protocol for cleaning your animals, stalls or trailers in helping prevent exposure to deadly diseases.  With the recent headlines of EHV-1, this highly contagious disease can affect all breeds and ages via direct and indirect exposure, as well as through the air; most often, the virus can be reactivated during transit or strenuous exercise.  Creating a protective, animal-safe barrier against strangles, staph, salmonella, e.coli and other diseases whether at home or on the road cannot be ignored.  Avoid exposing your animal to other’s negligence – “Spray before you Stay”.  

But Can't I Just Use Bleach Or Hydrogen Peroxide And Get The Same Effect?

Until now, these toxic chemicals have been the only cleaning option for most animal owners.  In most cases, these harmful sanitizers cannot be applied directly to your animals; there are re-entry limitations and only work one time.   

Is It True My Horse Doesn't Have To Leave The Stall While It Is Applied?

Correct.  There are no re-entry limitations for humans or your horse.  Not only can the horse be in the stall during application, there is no harm in the product getting into feeding and water troughs and is safe if licked.

Is It Safe and Non-Toxic-- Even When Freshly Applied?
Yes, Synbiont Ag Wash is a patented, proprietary blend of EPA approved and FDA certified surfactants- alkyl sulfonate and an alkyl sulfate.  These anionic surfactants have high water solubility and are highly active at low concentrations; these negatively charged molecules provide a superior clean thanks to their unique penetrating abilities. 

Can I Re-activate The Coating In A Few Days By Putting A Fine Mist of Water Over My Stall or Applied Areas?

Yes, Synbiont Ag Wash remains surface active even though the product is not visible.  Normal activity is between 7-21 days and with a fresh application of water, the product will slightly foam and continue to work over time.  This continued activity helps to provide a protective barrier to your animal and their surroundings. 

Is It True That Symbiont Can Help Prevent The Spread Of Illness In My Barn?
By taking proactive biosecurity steps such as applying Synbiont Ag Wash to your animals and their surroundings, you reduce the chances of bacteria spreading from horse to horse, around your barn or when you are traveling. 

Can I Use Synbiont On My Horse's Coat For Fungal Problems or Wounds?
Absolutely.  Washing your horse with Synbiont Ag Wash will help reduce fungal issues such as scratches, rain rot, cinch fungus just to name a few.  Like a shampoo, the properties of the product are both safe to apply to your animal and helps clean, but unlike a shampoo – it offers a significant layer of protection and bacterial control.  This process of cleaning and removing the bacteria, helps to improve wound cleanliness and enhances recovery time.

Can I Really Buy 1 Gallon and Turn It Into 55 Gallons Of Effective Treatment?

1 gallon of Synbiont Ag Wash should be diluted to a 1:50 ratio (or 2.5oz of product per gallon of water).  This dilution rate creates 50 gallons of usable wash.  A few application methods include:  pump up sprayers, hose-end sprayers and pressure washers.   

How Long Does Synbiont Last Once I Mix It With Water?
There are no expiration limitations on concentrated or diluted product.

What Do Users Say About Synbiont?
The South Point Equestrian Center in Las Vegas is premier facility for horse and animal shows of every variety. In 2012, South Point incorporated Synbiont Ag Wash in to its biosecurity protocols. Every stall at the South Point Equestrian Center is drenched with SynBiont prior to the arrival of another animal. Congratulations South Point for being proactive in the fight against communicable disease.

Tulsa Expo Square began using SynBiont Ag Wash to drench stalls in May 2012 prior to the start of the National Cutting Horse Association endorsed show, The Breeder’s Invitational. Cutters, worried about outbreaks of EHV-1 that had wrecked havoc in the industry just 12 months, were outspokenly thankful to management for introducing Synbiont to their biosecurity protocols.

Tulsa Expo Square will continue to use Synbiont Ag Wash at every equine show for the rest of 2012 and beyond!

Order Synbiont® Products Today!

Few things cause greater concern than the spread of germs and bacteria. Make sure your horses, dogs and family have stalls and kennels (and barns!) that are healthy! We are happy to talk to you today! Many great feed and tack stores carry Synbiont®. Horseloverz, Ebay, Amazon all carry Synbiont® too! Or...just pick up the phone and give us a call!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
P.O. Box 306
Ruskin, Florida 33575
Phone: 888-641-7218
Website: Click Here To Connect

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