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ARENA CLEAR™ by TRC & Associates, Inc.
Enjoy your arena all year long! Keep dust and mud out of your arena with ARENACLEAR™!

About Our Company
TRC & Associates, Inc. has been working in the equine and agricultural industry for over 15 years. We came across ARENACLEAR™ several years ago and we knew this was the product everyone had been asking for the past 5-7 years. We have seen great results from the use of ARENACLEAR™ in a variety of applications. We know you will be pleased and excited about using this product on your arena, paddock or any area where you have dust or mud problems.

We are offering this cost effective, environmentally safe, DUST & MUD control product to you, with our money back guarantee. If you apply ARENACLEAR™ per our instructions and you are not completely satisfied with the results, we will return the purchase price of the product (less shipping costs).

ARENACLEAR™ not only eliminates the dust or mud, but it also reduces the amount of water needed to perform this reduction. This means ARENACLEAR will save you time, money & labor, giving you more opportunity to ride your horse. In addition, the riding surface will become more workable as time goes by making the riding surface better for you & your horse.

ARENACLEAR™ solves the dust and mud problem, while being ecologically and environmentally safe to use. If you have problems with dust or mud in your arenas, paddocks or any other area, you owe it to yourself and your horse to try this cost effective product. EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE

Here is a simple yet thorough list of the ARENACLEAR™ benefits:
• It reduces the health hazards associated with airborne dust particles.
• It is a safe, non-toxic product to use
• It controls dust & mud by improving the water retention of the soil
• ARENACLEAR™ granulates the dust particles to form a loam-like riding surface
• It continues to improve arena and paddock soil with each application and watering
• It reduces labor and water consumption while maintaining the arena surface
• It works on all types of soils – clay, hardpan, sand and caliche (regardless of pH).
• It eliminates mud by allowing water to percolate down to a depth of 40 inches. (Depending on the dilution ratio)
• It creates less work to maintain a dry paddock
• It eliminates the need for straw, bedding & other costly products used to get rid of mud.
• You will have less water run-off, which means less pollution of other areas on your land.

ARENACLEAR is a natural liquid soil conditioner, that when applied to arena or paddock surfaces (per the instructions) will permeate the soil and allow for increased absorption of water. It also allows the soil to retain up to 300% more moisture, thereby reducing the amount of water needed to keep a dust free riding surface.

After applying ARENACLEAR to your arena or paddock area, you should see a significant difference in the soil condition. In most instances, the area treated with ARENACLEAR will retain more moisture than before the treatment (when application instructions are followed).

How Many Times Do I Have To Apply ARENACLEAR?
We recommend 2-3 times the first year for an Outdoor arena, then as needed. This is usually 1-2 times the 2nd year. For an Indoor arena we would recommend 2 applications the first year and 1 application each year afterwards.

What Are The Ingredients In ARENACLEAR?

The basic ingredients are Deuterium Sulfate, Calcium, Magnesium, Silicon, Sulfur and RODI water (reverse osmosis de-ionized water)

Will ARENACLEAR Help With The Urine Smell In My Indoor Arena?

Yes, A/C should work on the urine smell and break it down so the odor is reduced or eliminated totally.

Will ARENACLEAR Work On My Outdoor Arena That Is Very Dusty In The summer, But Has Lots Of Rain During The Wet Season, Will It Wash A/C Away?
ARENACLEAR treats the soil so it will allow water to be retained in the soil, which means you wouldn’t have to water as much, however, during the wet season, it also allows the water to permeate deep into the ground (up to 40”) (based on a different dilution ratio) so you don’t have a mud bog. When A/C is used outdoors, we recommend at least 2-3 applications the first year and then 1 application yearly. This should make your arena dust free and also give you a better riding condition.

Once I Have Applied ARENACLEAR How Often Will I Have To Water My Arena?
ARENACLEAR does not eliminate the need for watering, what it does is change the soil/sand, so it will retain up to 300% more moisture, this means it holds the water deeper down, which means it takes longer for the water to evaporate. Because of this, your watering is reduced by up to 50%. However, you will still need to water as needed, it just won’t be as often and as much as before ARENACLEAR.

Can We Use The Arena After Applying ARENACLEAR?
ARENACLEAR is environmentally and ecologically safe. You may use your arena the very day you apply it. It is safe to ride on and in fact the product has been an approved agricultural mineral in the State of California since 1971. This means it is being used in farming right now.

Having an arena that is free of dust and mud is more than just convenient-- it is vital for the health, safety and well being of horses and riders. Arena Clear is simply the best at what they do! We would love to hear from you and to talk about your arena and what we can do to help ...please call us today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
3593 Medina Road Suite #243
Medina, Ohio 44256
Phone: (877) 562-8147
Website: Click Here To Connect

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