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Nose-It!® by RS Bioceuticals

Nose-It!® can keep your horse happy for hours!

About RS Bioceuticals
RS Bioceuticals Inc. was formed to bring to the animal health, equine and companion animal markets, targeted niche products in categories that are either underserved or underrepresented. Our team consists of industry professionals with over 100 years of collective industry experience. Our tag line - "Innovation thru Collaboration™" is based on years of understanding the value and importance of relationships. Knowing what we know and knowing what we don't allows us to use our manufacturing, marketing, sales distribution and product development relationships to solve critical business challenges and build successful and viable product and brand solutions.

RS Bioceuticals can be a "one-stop shop solution" freeing you up to carry-on your life and not be burdened by the many facets of growing and running a successful business, or we can target our expertise towards specific business and market challenges you are confronted with. 

Why Will My Horse Love Nose-It!®
Horse's are meant to graze! Nose-It!® works with your horse's natural grazing instincts controlling the amount of food intake at any given time. No more inhaling of food-stuffs, loss of grain from stall walkers, or waste of expensive treats. Nose-It!® is a durable product that can be used inside or outside.   
How Does Nose-It!®  Work?
Place it in a feed tub or just loose in the stall to allow for measured slow feeding of grain, or your favorite treats can be rationed when put inside. Nose-It!® acts as a stall-buddy or pasture-buddy keeping your horse occupied for hours! Nose-It!® this way & that!

Indoors or outdoors, Nose-It!® will keep your animals happy and satisfied focusing their attention on what's inside the Nose-It!® ball. Nose-It's unique and distinct patented twelve (12) sided "SLOW-ROLL ONE EDGE AT A TIME" design, prevents it from randomly rolling away. It is a Toy With Purpose, providing your horse hours of pleasure.
Is Nose-It!®  Durable Enough To Last?
This is no lightweight horse toy! Nose-It!® is available in two sizes. Each weighing approximately 3lbs empty that can hold twice their weight inside! Super strong and durable! Easy to clean and safe to use. Made with FDA food compliant olefin polymer. A horse ball made of revolutionary materials and molding techniques made specifically with your horse and you in mind. 

What Kind Of Treats Can I Put In My Nose-It!® ?
The Nose-It!® 10” Funnel Fill works well with hay cubes and larger treats while the Nose-It!® 8” and 10” Flat Fill are excellent for all types  of treats and pelleted feed. 

What Do Horse Owners SAY About Nose-It!® ?

My horse loves the horse feed ball from Nose It! He's not tired of it and this is the 3rd toy I've bought to combat boredom. I spent time searching the Internet for a boredom horse feeder. An alternative to the typical ones. Either my horse got bored or destroying the other ones. I guess I dug up a winner!
~B.K. in Louisville, KY
That horse feed ball is a hit out at the ranch! People are asking where they can buy one! ...To tell you the truth, I'd like to buy one more! Thanks SO much for creating the Nose It. A wonderful idea!
~Sam in Fountain, CO 
Bought a Nose-it ball off of ebay. I was skeptical - as my Arabian mare is picky and AFRAID of everything. So I really expected her to snort at the thing, turn her nose up (pardon the pun) and walk away - never to look at it again. This is what she's done with every other toy I've gotten her. Miraculously, she figured out the ball quickly, and has learned to manipulate it and get her hay cubes out. Hooray! Thanks again for a great product.

Just wanted to say thanks! With the rising cost and diminishing nutrition value of horse hay, we decided to switch our rescued horses to a complete pelleted feed. They of course loved this idea, but with it came a big problem. The horse gobbled their pellets right up and were looking around for more feed in about 20 minutes. This led to boredom, which led to destructive behavior! Most of the horses turned into termites, chewing the barn to pieces! We tried all the products used to discourage this behavior but nothing worked! I found Nose-It on Google and immediately bought 2. I would have bought more if I had the funds and I wanted to be sure they worked. Boy did it! I gave my 2 funny red balls to my worse chewer and it slowed their feed gulping way down and entertained them throughout the day.
~Trace Beebe, President, Sunrise Horse Rescue

What Sizes Are Available?
Nose-It!® Slow Feeder and Treat Dispensing Balls are now available in 8” and 10” Flat Fill or Funnel Fill in Blue, Red, Yellow or Purple color choices.  
 8" - $44.95     10" - $49.95

Where Can I Order Nose-It!® ?
Your horse will love the entertainment and reward and you'll love the peace of mind that Nose-It!® affords caring horse owners. Find Nose-It!®  conveniently at Dover Saddlery, retailers and even!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
712 Brattleboro Rd.
Bernardston, Massachussetts 01338
Phone: 1-413-648-9530
Website: Click Here To Connect

Nose-It!® by RS Bioceuticals

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