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Leave The Horse Smell In the Barn with Alpha Skin Solutions!
Alpha Skin Solutions cleans, deodorizes and softens hands. Leave the Horse Smell at the barn and get rid of those Thrushbuster/ Koppertox stains!

About The Owner
One morning I was visiting my filly on the backstretch at Saratoga Race Track. I was speaking with our farrier and he was complaining that he does not like when he has to use Thrush Buster on the horses hoofs because his hands stain and smell all day. He said it takes forever to remove the smell. I had a bottle of Hand Kind Scrub in my car and told him to try it. At the same time my trainer, vet, and hot walker were all getting ready to wash up to take lunch break. I gave them each some Scrub to use. At the same time, all four men said "Wow, what is this stuff and where can I get it?" and "I can't believe it got rid of the stain on my hands." It was at that time I realized I had something that solved a big problem in the horse industry.
Since that day I have become the Exclusive Distributor for Hand Kind Scrub through my new company, Alpha Skin Solutions for the country for the Equine Industry. This product has been traditionally sold to the automotive industry, used by mechanics. Most recently I have concentrated all my efforts to introduce it to the Equine Industry. Many trainers and farriers associated with NYRA currently use Hand Kind Scrub. This product not only deep cleans your skin, it has a high amount of moisturizer to help heal and repair dry and cracked skin, but best off all it removes all animal odors left on your skin.
We have a 100% money back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied.  Give it a try. What do you have to loose, besides the smell !!!

 -  Frank-
Owner of Alpha Skin Solutions

About Our Hand Kind SCRUB

Hand Kind SCRUB contains natural walnut shell scrubbers that elevate cleaning performance while removing the dead skin that causes staining, cracking and lifting calluses. Hand Kind SCRUB re-establishes a balanced color tone and pH value to the skin even after years of using aggressive traditional hand soaps. It is a completely non-toxic, non-corrosive formula and can be effectively used on all areas of the body for safe, routine daily use.
The Hand Kind SCRUB formula is so effective that we have heard from spouses of hard working journeymen welders and mechanics sending us praises about their husband's now touchably clean and smooth hands!!
Hand Kind SCRUB is eco-friendly. It is 99.3% readily biodegradable and the ingredients are derived from natural, sustainable resources. It is completely safe for the earth's valuable water systems and contains none of the hazardous or corrosive materials commonly found in most other industrial hand cleaners - even ones that are advertised as eco-friendly.
  • Hand Kind Scrub is made with crushed walnut shells that exfoliates and deep cleans your skin!
  • Hand Kind SCRUB is a high-performance three-in-one hand cleaner that cleans the skin in addition to moisturizing and revitalizing it.
  • Hand Kind SCRUB helps remove dangerous toxic heavy metals that remain on the skin after industrial activities.
  • Hand Kind SCRUB deeply moisturizes while it cleans. It helps moisturize damaged skin and leaves skin feeling smooth and soft.
  • Hand Kind SCRUB effectively removes all types of soils, stains, grease, odors, epoxy ink and paint with incredible completeness.
  • Hand Kind SCRUB out performs every hand soap in the market place - hands down!
Hand Kind REVO
REVO was designed as a “skin cleanser” and not just a dirt remover, and has made its way into the homes of those who use it at work, and consumers are raving about it! REVO is really an allover body wash for anyone with dry skin. REVO contains natural humectant skin conditioners including aloe vera 10x concentrate and grape seed extract. This unique combination intensely moisturizes dry skin created from the use of aggressive chemicals and harsh detergents used in traditional hand and body cleaners as well as routine use of skin sanitizers.
  • Using Hand Kind REVO daily helps in the relief of dry and cracked skin and also will assist in reversing the drying effects of continuous use of hand sanitizers or harsh soaps during the day.
  • The Hand Kind REVO formula is ultra-smooth and uses intense conditioners that deeply moisten the skin.
  • Hand Kind REVO daily use helps revitalize dry and cracked skin and also assists in eliminating the skin drying effects of numerous hand washings or the use of hand sanitizers during the workday.
  • Hand Kind REVO is highly recommended for those in the medical and healthcare industries that use many applications of skin drying sanitizers routinely.
  • Hand Kind REVO outperforms all other professional strength hand and body washes in both cleaning and moisturizing even if they are separately applied products (soap then lotion).
  • Hand Kind REVO has no artificial colors or fragrances
About Our Derma Rescue
DERMA RESCUE moisturizing skin lotion is a highly advanced revolutionary ceramide based formula that is designed to dramatically improve the healthy feel and appearance of very dry and damaged skin. The best defense against chronic problem skin conditions is the healthy function of the body’s own repair ability. DERMA RESCUE’s intense formula will effectively provide very potent nutrients to help restore a smooth appearance and healthy feel to your damaged or aging skin. DERMA RESCUE effectively targets all of the skin layers to restore a healthy feel and a smooth appearance to your skin. DERMA RESCUE™ will:
  • Soothe and soften the effects on the skin from psoriasis, eczema, burns, and many other damaging skin conditions.
  • Deeply penetrate into the skin layers to promote amazing age defying collagen enhancement.
  • Provide vital nutrients shown to enhance the complex skin cell communication along the skins “Salvage and De Novo
  • Pathways” and dramatically reduce redness, irritation, and dry scaly skin.
  • Provide vital nutrients shown to enhance the skins already existing ceramide structures with a highly effective blend of ceramides and sphingolipids that promote healthy skin feel and appearance.
Is It True That Alpha Skin Care Solutions Is A Tax Deduction For My Horse Business?
You bet! Like any product you use to run your business, Alpha Skin Care Solutions helps keep your hands healthy, soft, stain free and that is a big plus for your trainers, boarders, farriers, and clientele. Most stables order by the case so they never run out— and it is 100% tax deductible— just like other supplies needed to run your business.
What Do Customers Say About Our Products?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your product. My FAV is the REVO… but that is because I don’t get truly “grimy” hands— just “smelly”  hands with the animals! This product is soothing, smoothing, great smelling and it’s natural citrus scent deodorizes your hands and leaves them soft and feeling great. But I use your scrub to help remove makeup at the end of the day. It is so gentle, but effective, it leaves my face clean, clear and soft! I think these products are a WINNER— right out the gate!


My wife asked me to give the Hand Scrub a try. I am a farrier and I think she was tired of seeing my purple hands from using Thrushbuster. If you've used it, you know it leaves a purple stain for several days. I gave the product a try and found that not only did it do a great job of removing the stain, it also had a pleasant scent and left my hands feeling moisturized without a greasy residue.  I am very happy with this product and it will replace the soaps I previously used after a day of working on horses.
-Chuck Potter
Owner and inventor of Hoof Cinch and full time farrier

This product not only cleans and moisturizes but also tackles the toughest of dirt, grease and grime! Daily use on rough, working hands leaves them in better shape than any other product. It's terrific!
 -Tom Morley
NYRA Trainer

Order Your Alpha Skin Solution Hand Products Today!
No more horse smell or stained hands! Horse owners usually love the smell of horses— but not on their hands! If you use ThrushBuster or Koppertox, you can end up with big purple or free stains that stay for days and days. No more… Alpha Skin Solution Hand products will rid your hand and body of odors (yes, you can use it in the shower!) and can greatly lessen or even remove the stains of horse products like Koppertox or ThrushBuster. Give us a call and let us tell you about how you can have soft, clean smelling hands— affordably!

Contact: Frank DeSimone 
211 Hollister
Manchester, Connecticut 06042
Phone: 860-306-0605
Website: Click Here To Connect

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