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Hoffman's Horse Minerals
Hoffman's Horse Minerals area a complete Vitamin, Mineral, Electrolyte, Hoof, Coat and Joint Supplement For Your Horse!

How Did Hoffman's Horse Minerals Come To Be?
Lorne and Marian Hoffman are lifelong horse owners, riding horses to school since childhood and working with horses throughout their lives. Says Marian....

In 1981, we bought Skip Zan Parr after first seeing him in Oklahoma at the World Quarter Horse Show. Many of you will know him. He was everything we wanted and needed in a stallion. We had to sell him in 1996 when Lorne became ill. A man called the day of the sale, to set up telephone bidding, and asked that if I could change one thing on Zan, what would it be? That was easy- his age. At the ripe old age of 16 , Zan brought $48,000, at our sale. He was an AQHA Champion at 44 months of age, and produced many champions, high points and all around wonderful horses.

It was during this time that we had Hoffman’s Horse Minerals developed. We ran into a speaker on finances, at our church, who impressed us with his knowledge, so we asked to speak with him about our finances. About 5 minutes into this meeting, we discovered that he was a feed specialist with ADM, and since we were having some deficiency problems with some colts, the finances were immediately forgotten as we discussed our horse health problems. The speaker seemed quite confident that he could help us, and got us together with the nutritionist. It was immediately apparent that he was very knowledgeable, and when we got that vitamin mineral mix, now Hoffman’s Horse Minerals, it absolutely revolutionized our breeding operation.

What Sets Hoffman's Horse Minerals Apart from Competitors?

Hoffman's horse minerals, are not merely "minerals", however, our minerals alone are outstanding!  Hoffman's Horse Minerals are a marvelous combination of complete vitamins, minerals, hoof supplements, coat supplements and more.  Made by nationally known ADM Alliance Nutrition, under the guidance of a leading equine nutritionist, Hoffman's are like no other-- and our customers will accept no substitute.

ADM ships micro mineral packets all over the world to go into food stuffs for human consumption. The very same micro minerals are used in Hoffman's Horse Minerals- good high quality minerals.Hoffman's Horse Minerals contain all the vitamins and minerals needed for a horse's optimum physical and mental health.

Are Hoffmans Easy For Horses To Absorb?

You bet! We had everything chelated in Hoffman's Horse Minerals that needed to be chelated. This makes for much higher absorption of nutrients into the horse's system, and much more efficient use of your money.

Do The Vitamins and Minerals Conflict With Each Other In Any Way?

The minerals and vitamins in a mix need to compliment and help each other do their work, so that one mineral isn't blocking others from working. Hoffman's Horse Minerals are very highly balanced so that you begin seeing results with in days- depending on what the horse's weakness or problem may be.

Do Horses Like Hoffman's Horse Minerals?
They love it! Free choice or top dress-- or straight out of your hand!  Hoffman's Horse Minerals are very palatable and your horse will love it!

How Do I Know If My Horse Needs Regular Or Performance Hoffman's Horse Minerals?
The first part of this question is easy, as every horse from conception to death needs the regular Hoffman's Horse Minerals. This is because it has all the vitamins and minerals that a horse needs for optimum physical and mental health. When fed free choice, the horse has the freedom to eat only what he needs. That amount varies according to what he is getting in the rest of his feed. Some times he eats a lot of Minerals and some times very little. The Hoffman's regular Minerals makes a horse healthy and happy.
However, there are times when we compete on our horses, that we need something more  when the chips are down,and it is going to be difficult to out-do that tough competitor. This is when you bring out the Hoffman's Equine Performance Mineral. It is very high in Vitamin B12 for energy, and also high in Biotin for the feet, but is also higher in a couple of other areas, all to give your horse that extra bottom, and energy for that final few seconds. We have people using this product on race horses, endurance racers, and the like, any where, where great energy expenditure is needed.  The performance mineral is in pellet form, and well liked by the horses.

How Do I Feed Hoffman's
You can feed it free choice in a mineral feeder, or can add 1/2 cup (morning and night) to your horses feed.Do not use in association with another grain ration, supplement or premix containing supplemental selenium. When you first start feeding the Minerals, cut back on the amount of feed ( other than hay) as the absorption rate, with the Minerals, is much higher , which is like feeding considerably more grains-- so Hoffman's can save you money on GRAIN as well!!

Do I Need To Feed Salt?
Not with Hoffman's! You'll see the sparkles of a good salt already included!

Does Hoffman’s Horse Minerals Have Selenium?
Yes it does. It is listed above the guaranteed analysis at the top of the brochure. (government rule). Make sure you are not feeding anything with additional selenium as it is not needed.

What Are The Ingredients?
Too many to list here so check out our INGREDIENTS page  for a complete listing.

What Do Folks Say About Hoffman's Horse Minerals?
Well, fact is, they love Hoffman's and won't use anything else!
Check out our testimonials page and here are a few to enjoy:

I just wanted to let you know how much I love Hoffman’s minerals.I started feeding it in February when I asked my farrier how I could maximize my horse’s hoof health….. The first change I noticed was my winter faded palomino started getting darker around his eyes and knee and hock joints. I also noticed a change in my coming three year old gelding’s attitude ( for the better ). I had been worried about him keeping weight on over the winter, as he is a hard keeper, but he looked great! Come spring, I noticed the biggest difference. My horses have never looked  so shiny! The 3 year old had not completely shed out the previous year, but this year-wow! He looked ‘like glass’. Their color was really nice. I am so impressed with your product, I tell anyone who will listen.

I met you both last year at the Ranch and Country Show in Kamloops. I was telling you about my 22 year old navicular gelding, and you mentioned that your product would be beneficial in lengthening his stride and generally make him better. Well you were absolutely right. Starting on the second bag, I noticed a huge improvement! He not only lengthened his stride, but he’s a lot free-er in all his movements. Our neighbors who borrow our horses a lot for their school of massage therapy can’t believe the difference in him. They have seen him at his worst. There were some days I didn’t think he could make it across the street to their place. The minerals are truly amazing. I have since been telling all my equine acquaintances about your phenomenal product. I’m so glad I had a chance to meet you and find out about your minerals so my gelding could start enjoying life again!

We run endurance and competitive trail rides….. We started feeding all of our competitive Arabs Hoffman’s Ration regularly after I had spoken with  Lorne, and continued all season long. ….. I competed in over 400 miles this past summer and my horses condition stayed amazing……. Artemis, 10 years old, was just started in March of last year and she did most of those miles coming in first, second or third in all competitions, and winning best condition and high point in some…..Artemis and I completed out first 50 miler in August and she came in first and won best condition. ….. My young four year old Felix and I completed our first 25 mile endurance race in September, and he was absolutely amazing. He came in second and won best condition, which is great because he  is a hard keeper….. The energy levels maintained through out the races was incredible as well. We never had an instance where we thought our horses looked too tires to continue, or lost points on mental alertness. Heart rates were not an issue at all, they all came down very quickly at vet checks.

I have been feeding Hoffman's minerals ever since I met the Hoffman's in Kamloops, B.C. at a trade show where they were promoting their product many moons ago. I became a believer and have been since feeding it to all our horses everyday in their grain. All the facts promoted are are true facts indeed. Even the foals eat the mineral at 1 week old as soon as they belly up with mom to eat. I had a mare in foal due in early May this yr that injured herself on barbwire. She nearly cut her front foot off and cut to her tendon sheath on the other front leg on Jan. came..advised me to put her down as she will eventually get infection in her bones as the cut on her foot was too deep and close to the coffin bone and her tendon sheath would get infection too..she might not make it to foal date as she would have to be stalled with no exercise..if she delivered she mostly likely would not be strong enough to get back up after delivering foal and the foal would be a lot of work if orphaned. So even if I tried all the work may be for not because everything would have to be so sanitary, etc. So the end result would be put the mare down and foal would most likely die.

Well asked the vet to give me 1 month to see if I could save her..if she gets worse and in too much pain I will do the right thing and put her down. I worked my butt off for that mare and her precious unborn around the clock feeding Hoffman's twice a day in her grain with her meds. To me she was getting stronger everyday and appetite galore..had to be very careful not to founder or colic. On Feb. 20th [1 month later] the vet came to check her..Well he was in shock when he took those bandages off..took pics and smiled smiled..guess what he said.."IT'S A MIRACLE..NO INFECTION AND SHE WILL NOT NEED TO BE PUT DOWN and HER FOAL WILL BE JUST FINE". He said good thing I followed by gut instincts. I was the happiest camper in the world that I took a chance on my beautiful MIRACLE mare and her unborn foal..The vet said it is very rare to save a horse from getting infection in the bones from those types of injuries..I'm one lucky girl..hard work paid off. I told him the reason she survived is I totally believe it is 100% because I fed her Hoffman's twice daily.

He said it takes lots of vitamins and minerals to produce the blood cells she needed to heal which makes sense. Hopefully they will promote it. On May 6th she delivered one big healthy filly named CHANCE....I was still bandaging but she was able to have a bit of exercise now with some weight off...bit shaky for her to get up when she'd lay down for a rest but by golly she had the heart to do it. By June 6th mare and her foal was let into pasture and she ran like the wind..bandages all finished..leg and foot not bothering her at all and by June 21st got she has a scar but seems as good as new and still getting her Hoffman's once a day now.

My Miracle mare and her Miracle filly are living proof that Hoffman's Minerals will work to improve the health and well being of all your horses no matter the age or ailment. The foals are all born straight/healthy/full of life and energized from the moment they hit the ground. Moms are energized as well with no problems before/during or after foaling without our help. Our stud has 90% in foal success rate and that is pretty impressive as he is 18 yrs old and have owned him for 2 yrs and been on Hoffman's everyday as well. We have 30 horses and they all get Hoffman's once a day in their grain. All cuts heal so much faster with little scaring. Can't say enough about this miracle minerals but it does work for no matter what. Can see huge results within the month. Our horses excel in health and we appreciate the privilege to purchase this awesome product. Couldn't have done it without you Hoffman's Minerals. Thank you Thank you.

Leona M. Hole

Order Hoffman's Minerals Today!
You put too much money and time into your horses to have to worry about keeping several different kinds of supplements in your feed room. Hoffman's Horse Minerals is complete and all you need-- your horse will love it-- and you will love the results. Call us today and we'll get you to a DEALER who can help you right away!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
Nanton, AB T0L 1R0
Phone: (403)646-6284
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