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Freedom Feeder, LLC
The Freedom Feeder is a custom-made affordable automatic flake hay dispenser. It can be programmed for up to 24 hours for a one-time feeding and will hold up to four flakes.

How Did The Freedom Feeder Come To Be?
Inventor Gary K. Rowley had a problem:
Gary loved to ski and go out to dinner, but had two horses at home on a very strict feeding schedule. "They need to be feed at 7 a.m., 1 p.m. and 7 p.m.," Gary said, while standing next to his trap-door-like, automatic feeder invention.

Because Gary wanted to sleep in occasionally, go out to eat and still be able to keep his horses on a schedule, the retired General Motors engineer came up with an idea. The result is something he calls Freedom Feeders. It's a wooden, trap-door box with a magnet and an automatic timer.

"You just set the timer, close the door, load the hay and go ski all day," Gary said. "It gave us the freedom to do what we want and still take care of our horses."

Rowley said he worked hard to make sure all the products he uses in his automatic feeder are made in the United States. He made his first prototype about seven years ago for his horses. Then some of the neighbors wanted feeders and the business began to grow. He developed his own web site and has sold over 80 feeders in the past few years.
"Everybody that has them enjoys their horses more because they aren't slaves to them," he said. “Our vets have fully supported the use of these feeders because of their ability to maintain a regular feeding schedule. Actually, my horses are often standing in front of the feeders waiting for the hay to fall at feeding time.”

Is It True That Freedom Feeders Are Made From Top Quality Hardwood?
Yes, the side boards are made of 1x6 inch red oak that I purchase locally. The door of the feeders is usually made of maple plywood. At times, we will use another type of hardwood because of a limited supply of maple. I have produced a couple of custom boxes out of 1x12 inch red oak that was designed to mount above a Prefert multiple horse feeder that will hold up to 6 flakes of hay.

Note: We coat the feeders with a special polyurethane to mask the smell of the wood but some horses will still try to get at the hay. We are not aware of a failure in the wood but do get some nibbling at the front edge of the door. It is important to note that the feeders are designed to be mounted under cover, either in a stall or under an overhang. They also must be mounted high enough to keep the horses from getting at the hay until feeding time.

Are Freedom Feeders EASY To Install?
The ease of installation will vary depending on the layout of your stalls or overhang. One person can mount them but it’s easier with two people. Each feeder is sold with two mounting braces and a small back board.

First, the back board is mounted on the wall of the preferred location. Most stall walls are wood so the braces and the back boards can easily be screwed into the wall. If it is a corner mount, the hay box is set in place on the back board and then screwed into the wall on two sides. One of the braces needs to be installed on the outside of the box. It is crucial that  the feeder must be secured on three sides for durability. The feeders can also be mounted onto metal walls or steel overhangs, protected from the weather.

Then, the control box mounts outside the stall and plugs into a 110 volt AC outlet that converts the 110 to 12 volts DC to energize the magnet. The timer is mounted with the control box regulating the power to the electromagnet. At the predesignated  time, the digital timer will cut the power to the magnet which opens the feeder door and drops the hay.

How Much Hay Can My Freedom Feeder Hold?

The base design feeder will hold two flakes easily and can potentially store a third.   The 12 volt custom magnet is designed to hold up to 60 pounds but we limit the box design to 40 pounds. The feeder will accommodate both two strand or three strand flakes of hay.

If I Wanted To Do 2 Feedings, How Would I Do That?
The feeders are specifically designed for single feedings. They would have to be reloaded with hay and the timer reset for additional feedings. A single control box will regulate up to 4 separate feeders in different stalls, each for a one time drop.

Some customers have purchased several feeders for multiple feeding but each has to have a separate control box and timer. If a customer wanted three separate feedings each day (without being there) they would need three feeders and control boxes.

We currently have two horses and each stall has two feeders, with another in their overhead run outside the stall. Three control boxes operate the six feeders, dropping one in each stall for breakfast, another two for lunch, with a final two for their dinner.

What Does A Busy Horse Owner Say About The Freedom Feeder?

The Freedom Feeder has been a "freeing" addition to our stable.  My mare has stomach ulcers and requires four feedings per day.  Now, I don't have to race home to do the midday or 5 pm feedings which has been a marvelous gas mileage and time saver.  The Feeder is simple to use and has proven to be extremely reliable ... more so than my always kindly, but sometimes forgetful neighbor!

Victoria, Colorado

What Happens When I Order?
We always attempt to accommodate each customer's requirements but the base purchase is a fully assembled feeder, mounting braces, the control box and everything you need to install and operate them. We also offer Do-It-Your-Self kits with instructions that will allow a customer to fabricate their own wooden box feeder. Additionally, we offer an option of pre-cut wood that can be assembled by the customer along with the DIY kit.

Is It True That The Freedom Feeder Is Only $295?
Yes! You’ll honestly wonder how you ever lived without it. For only $295, you can enjoy the “freedom” and peace of mind that comes to horse owners who use the Freedom Feeder!

Is The Freedom Feeder Tax Deductible For A Horse Business?

Yes! If you are a trainer, breeder, or board horses— Freedom Feeder is not only a “selling point” for your clients— but it is 100% tax deductible as a product for your business!

Call or Go on Line Today and Order Your Own Freedom Feeder For Your Horses!!
It’s functional,  reliable, a money saver, tax deductible for your business, and it allows you to take better care of you horses. Horse owners across the country depend on Freedom Feeder for their horses! You can even schedule a 4am feeding for horses that just can’t seem to wait for breakfast! Call and talk to Gary today!

Contact: Gary Rowley
P.O. Box 1263
Marcos, Colorado 81328
Phone: 970-570-7856
Website: Click Here To Connect

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