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Liquid Gold by La Victoria Performance
Liquid Gold is the most comprehensive joint formula in the equine supplement market today. It keeps active and passive joint issues under control. It works to help reduce inflammation; therefore making joints more comfortable and healthy.

About Sylvia Firestone, Founder of  La Victoria Performance
Sylvia Firestone, founder of La Victoria Performance (LVP)  has has been involved the horse industry for several generations, in all kinds of disciplines and at all levels of competition. Her first job was taking care of ponies, and today Sylvia breeds, starts and trains the top polo horses in the world. Her  horses have competed in polo tournaments all over the world, including the Queen’s Cup in England, the High Goal Tournaments in the U.S., and the Argentina Open, with renowned polo players such as Augustin Merlos, the Gracida brothers, and Adolfo Cambiaso.

Sylvia's family has being involved in the thoroughbred industry for many years, winning multiple graded stakes races and owning many horses, top broodmares and great stallions. She has had the opportunity to work side-by-side and learn from top thoroughbred horse trainers and veterinarians throughout the world.

What Sets The Products At La Victoria Performance Apart From Competitors?
QUALITY! LVP is a small company dedicated to producing the best quality products with constant consistency. Because we are small; we are able to keep a very close attention to all aspects of the company. We are very particular about production and quality. All our products are manufacture in Human graded labs and FDA approved. We are on top of the quality on the ingredients and the exact formulations in order to all have a consistent top quality product. We also thrive in maintaining top customer service to our clients and their horses. Our customer service department is always ready with information, health support, fast delivery and fair pricing on our products and shipping most of all. All our products are fully guaranteed to meet your expectations of what top quality products should be with 100% product satisfaction guarantee!!! We constantly thrive to be first on the market place and our clients “To be first more often” in any type of competition.

Who Uses La Victoria Performance Products?
Our products are used in every type of equestrian discipline – jumping, dressage, polo, racing, endurance, eventing, rodeos, and pleasure riding…because our products work. By increasing the health of the horse through sound nutritional support, the horse can then excel and perform at his or her best.

Many of our clients are or have been great athletes; some are simply great companions.  Horses don’t talk, but they have their own ways of expressing happiness and showing when they are uncomfortable or in pain. We are here to attend to their needs. We offer the best products on the market for you to make them healthier.

Does LVP Keep Up With The Latest Scientific Developments and Information?
Yes! LVP consults with clients, trainers, and veterinarians, coupled with decades of experience themselves in the horse world—and have reformulated our product line to effectively combat common equine health products and make them more effective. We know that to create the best products on the market, we must stay up-to-date with the latest scientific developments and use the best quality ingredients. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards in FDA-regulated laboratories.  We guarantee our products 100 percent!

About Liquid Gold by LVP
Liquid Gold's  combination of large quantities of high quality ingredients in a single product helps animals with a broad spectrum of problems. Putting all the ingredients in one product makes the feeding process easier for the animal owner or caregiver. Liquid Gold reduces the amount of supplements that have to be added to the feed. It is far less invasive than constant injections or infiltrations, making administering it simpler for you and safer for your animal.

Why Should I Choose Liquid Gold Over Other Joint Formulas?
La Victoria Performance has been involved in the horse world our entire lives and have reformulated Equine Health & Horse Products to make them more effective. By using only the highest-grade ingredients we can guarantee more efficient absorption and better results, minimizing veterinary visits and discomfort to your horses. You will love the effectiveness of our product line and your horse will love the results too!

What Are The Effective Ingredients in Liquid Gold Joint Formula?
Active Ingredients per ounce:
  • Chondroitin Sulfate (4000mg)
  • Glucosamine Sulfate(6000mg) and MSM(4000mg)- Methylsulfonymethane: Research suggests that it has anti-inflammatory effects and might offer some benefits in treatment of joint discomfort.
  • Hyaluronic Acid(150mg): Supplements the viscosity of the joint fluid, therefore lubricating, cushioning and producing an analgesic effect
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen(4000mg): Believed to promote growth and elasticity of healthy cells, thereby reducing discomfort in the joints
  • Boswellia acid(50mg):Believed to help with inflammation
  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C 1500mg), Manganisium(25mg), Copper(25mg), and Zinc(25mg): Minerals and vitamins that act as antioxidants and help combat inflammation
Note:  All our products are fully guaranteed to meet your every expectation of what quality products should be with a 100% product satisfaction guarantee! Let us help you Be First More Often!

Why Is Liquid Gold Joint Formula “Liquid”?
 Liquid Gold joint formula comes in a liquid form, so the animal begins to absorb it as soon as it comes into contact with the mouth tissue. It does not have to be dissolved by liquid in the stomach to be absorbed, like other powder supplements. Also, it sticks to the grain when is first mixed into feed, and does not stay at the bottom of the feed bucket.

How Do I Know If My Horse Needs A Quality Joint Supplement?
Your animal does not have to have a chronic joint problem to benefit from Liquid Gold. Joints are put under stress every day just by exercising, and the strain increases with competition. Inflammation or discomfort can appear at any age or at any time during the animal’s life.

How Long Does My Horse Need To Take Liquid Gold?

Liquid Gold was designed to keep a balance and constant supply of all the ingredients necessary to keep joints working smoothly; keep inflammation down and keep horses with the least discomfort possible.
LG is a daily supplement of all the best ingredients to regenerate cartilage and synovial fluid.

This does not happens over night and it has to be maintain therefore we recommend you keep your horse on a daily dosage and if a competition or a tuff training session is coming up double the dosage a few days before the event as a preventative measure. Older horses or horses that have presented damage or issues to their joints will benefit tremendously from LG as a daily supplement. Your horses will thank you. by feeling better and competing harder  more years.

What Are The Feeding Instructions For Liquid Gold?

Horses over 1,100 lbs (500kgs): 1oz daily. We recommend doubling the dose the first week of use or as prescribed by your veterinarian.
Horses less than 1,100 lbs (500kgs): ½ oz daily. We recommend doubling the dose the first week of use or as prescribed by your veterinarian.
What Other Products Are Available At La Victoria Performance?

* Free Airways— for optimal breathing and respiratory health
* Perspire Plus— to help horses suffering with Anhidrosis
* TryptoCalm — Perfect (and legal for shows) for calming nervous horses
* Gastro Solution— For digestive and intestinal health

Make Sure That Liquid Gold Is A Part of Your Horse’s Diet Today!
La Victoria Performance has clients across the globe who depend on us for quality and results! We would love to talk with you about your horses and how Liquid Gold can help your horse. Call and order today!

Contact: Sylvia Firestone
3418 Vanderbuilt Drive
Wellington, Florida 33414
Phone: 800-886-1958
Website: Click Here To Connect

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