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InvisEquine, THE CLEAR COVER for your Tack Trunk!
 InvisEquine Company has developed a unique product line its "THE CLEAR COVER” a cover that protects against all the earthly elements. Our products are made to expose the beauty that which it protects and preserves!

Says Horsewoman, Diane Sheets, Designer of InvisEquine
A passion for horses is usually the motivating force behind any horse related business.   And that was true for me! I am not only intrigued with horses; I love all the ambience as well. As a fellow equestrian, I have spent ample time in the horse show world and it's trying weather conditions of extreme rain and dry dusty heat.

In 2006 I founded Invisequine™ Company with the principle pledge to my customers of providing functional, durable, 100% weatherproof  products for all equestrian disciplines. My chief focus was to create an easy-to-use, reliable product with a classic, sleek design.  I set out to find the perfect material…something that would be easy to care for and would stand the test of time.  From there came the invention of Invisequine's ™Clear Cover label and the company's first product: The Invisequine™ Clear Tack Trunk Cover;  Original and Traveler design.

The Invisequine™ Clear Tack Trunk Cover was produced exclusively to protect and preserve the fine wood of an equestrian trunk. From that invention came other variation of products that preserve and protect.  We hope to continue to grow and remain the number one go-to brand to fight the battle against mother nature.

Now You Can Protect Your Tack Truck With Confidence!

Let's face it when it rains, it pours.  We all know that horse showing can get messy!  Invisequine ™Co. has developed a unique product line to preserve & protect your tack and tack trunk from the often harsh earthly elements.  Developed by two lifelong equestrians, Invisequine™Co. has custom tailored their US-made products to meet the needs of those who compete rain or shine.

InvisEquine Company’s Clear Cover products are exclusively engineered to protect your horse gear from weathering and moisture damage when rain persists. No more headaches, Just a perfect solution for those rainy days!

About InvisEquine Clear Trunk Cover
The CLEAR Trunk Cover is manufactured upon ordering to fit your Trunk Brand or customized to your measurements. So, there is no mistakes!  It is the finest CLEAR 100% weather proof  Trunk Cover available.  To clean you simply  wipe the moisture off  and hang it up to dry.  When not in use you roll up and put it away in its carrying case. 

Is It True That InvisEquine Is Not Just “Water-Resistant”… But Actually WATER PROOF?
YES! The Clear Tack Trunk Cover is a heat sealed trunk cover that offers total waterproofing protection. It can be used alone or can be used as a sister to a cloth cover. The Clear Tack Trunk Cover is 100% waterproof. 

Is It True That InvisEquine Works With Most Tack Trunk Manufacturers To Get Their Sizes?

Absolutely! Our staff has worked hard to research many of the well known, top of the line Tack Trunk companies and have carefully researched their standard sizes so that we can make each trunk to order by asking you a few pertinent questions.

But What If I Have a Custom Made Tack Trunk?

That is no problem! If you have a custom trunk size simply include the trunk measurements with your order so we can custom fit our product to your needs. 

Is It True That InvisEquine Clear Covers Are Made To Order?

Yes! We don’t actually make the cover until the order and dimension sizes are in place. Every Clear Cover takes just a few short weeks. You’ll love the quality, the beauty and the durability. Most of all, you’ll love how it completely protects your tack trunk from the elements— don’t forget, it is 100% Weather Proof! Allow two to three weeks for delivery on the trunk covers.

Can I Really Get My InvisEquine Clear Cover For $169.95?
Yes! Rare exceptions for extra large tack trunks are possible, but most of your standard Tack Trunks in the Equestrian World are in the $169.95 price range. These are exquisitely made and, if you are a horse business, they are a tax deduction too!

Does InvisEquine Make A Cover For My Horse Blanket Rack?
Yes! The Witney Wool Square Cover is made to protect your fine wool blanket squares from dust, moths, and sun fading. It easily slips over the top of a blanket rack and velcro’s straight down the bottom and across the end  for complete protection from the earthly elements. You can fold the Clear Cover up and place in its storage bag for travel or hang up. At only $74.95 you’ll never want to be without it!

I Take My Dog To Shows, Does InvisEquine Have a Protection Placemat For My Dog?
Horse people are dog people! When traveling or at home, you can provide your dog with a clean mat for his or her food and water— along with protecting floors and carpets from spillage while your dog is eating. Our DOG Placemats protect the floors from water and food spillage while allowing the beauty of the floors to shine thru.

Does InvisEquine Make a Placemat to Put My Boots on After a Ride?
The Mud-Ster Boot Mat prevents shoe polish messes on floors and carpets.  A perfect solution to shinning those HorseShow Boots when on the road. Comes with a imitation squeegee, small boot brush, and carrying case.

Order InvisEquine Today! We Offer A Clear Difference In Tack Protection!
The difference is CLEAR with InvisEquine! Isn't your tack trunk worth protecting? We protect what is YOURS! Please call us and order today and enjoy a cleaner, brighter, more protected “tomorrow”!

Contact: Diane Sheets
P.O. Box 332
North Port, Michigan 49670
Phone: 231-486-0802
Website: Click Here To Connect

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