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BioEZ™ by Giddap Girls® Biscuit Co.
Giddyap Girls® BioEZ™ is a daily nutritional blend of live probiotics, digestive enzymes and prebiotics – to promote healthy digestion, improve immunity, and help reduce the chance of colic.

Who Are Giddyap Girls?
In 1997, Giddyap Girls Biscuit Company® was founded.   Giddyap Girls®  was started by horsewoman Pamela Berryhill with a goal of making the very BEST Treat in the Equine marketplace. Our guiding words: Quality and Integrity. That first year, a Superior Formula was developed that focused on Horse Health, Taste Preference and Functionality.   The Treats would contain  No Sugar, No Wheat, and No Preservatives or Artificial Ingredients. Honest and true ingredients were chosen that would be good for Horses like Apples, Carrots, Oats and Beet Pulp, Vitamins & Minerals.

Says Pamela Berryhill: Today, our Premium Treats and horse products are still the absolute BEST- with Naturally Sourced Live Probiotics that help your horse's digestive system stay healthy and absorb the wonderful ingredients in our Original Recipe. Being a horsewoman, I understand the needs of the equestrian, and have developed additional products that provide solutions to every-day equine problems.

How Do I Know If My Horse NEEDS Probiotics? What Do They Do?
All Horses will benefit from a well balanced probiotic & digestive enzyme added to the daily feed ration... because all Horses share common “stress” factors that are known to cause digestive disturbances. These disturbances can cause your horse to not fully absorb or retain the nutrients you are paying to feed him. Horses that are not able to absorb proper nutrition begin to display behaviors and health problems that can hinder both performance and well being of your horse.

Is It True That Pre-Biotics Help Support The Health Of Probiotics?

Yes! Pre-biotic’s are the building blocks that keep healthy probiotics alive and well in the gut so that proper digestion can take place. Making sure your horse is able to absorb the nutrients you are paying to put into his or her body is vital to both your horse’s well being— and your pocketbook! Giddyap Girls only uses the finest grade pre-biotics to help support the life and effectiveness of the probiotics that are included in our outstanding BioEZ™ formula.

What Sets BioEZ™ Apart From Other Probiotics/Enzyme Formulas ?
Giddyap Girls BioEZ™ contains a ‘Broad Spectrum’ of Digestive Enzymes - more than any other commercial product available.  This array of enzymes - is carefully stabilized and precisely balanced for horses - in alkaline, acidic and neutral forms - to break down & catalyze food more thoroughly ... ensuring better uptake of nutrients.
Affordable Results:
  • Attitude & Focus
  • Energy & Stamina
  • Performance & Endurance
  • Pre-Event and Pre-Event Travel Stress
  • Hair Coat & Quality
  • Appetite & Weight Management
  • Hoof Quality
  • Feed Utilization
  • Methane Production & Stool
Is BioEZ™ Really A COMPLETE  Probiotic  AND  Prebiotic AND Digestive Enzyme   Combination?
Yes and it is so affordable! When you factor in the health benefits that a healthy digestive system can save you in vet bills, and performance problems, you really can't afford to be without it! 
BioEZ™ is a daily nutritional preventive that is affordable and easy to use.  … giving your horse complete gut support for health and well being.  

For The Quality Offered, Is It True That BioEZ™ Is The Most Affordable?
Remember, these are the finest human grade ingredients— but what really is the clincher is the combination of superior product and price— BioEZ™ is the finest quality on the market- but at a fraction of what any competitor might charge (and believe us it is hard to find anyone worthy to be called a competitor!). .. a 90 day serving is only $54.95 with larger sizes available.

How Do I Know If I Really Need Prebiotics and Probiotics?
Prebiotics help to feed and support probiotics in the gut. Probiotics are the friendly bacteria that keep the guy healthy and able to digest food the horse is eating-- and absorb the nutrients in that food. There are things that can upset this delicate balance and that is why having a good probiotic and prebiotic is vital to your horse's well being.
What Stress Factors That May Cause Digestive Distubances
  • Physical Stress
  • Psychological Stress
  • Feed or Water Changes
  • Travel or Moves
  • When Digestion is Off….These Symptoms Can Develop      
  • Diarrhea
  • Lack Luster Behavior
  • Poor Performance
  • Skin Conditions
  • Dull Coat
  • Weight Maintenance Issues
Other Conditions That Can Affect The Gut Health Of Your Horse:
  • Eventing & Pre Eventing
  • Worming
  • Antibiotics
  • Viruses or Parasites
  • Feed Allergy Conditions
  • Ideal Parasitic Environment
  • Bloat
  • Ulcers
  • Colic
Other Advantages Of BioEZ™ 
  • BioEZ™ is GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe), Non-GMO and Vegan
  • Can be used Long Term as part of your Horse’s Daily Health Maintaince program
  • As Horses Utilize Feed more Efficiently, Less Grains will be needed.
  • Probiotics can reduce the impact of certain harmful bacteria, parasitic infestations and pathogens, mycotoxins or fumonsins.
Is It True That BioEZ™ Is Beneficial To Help Horses With Ulcers Or Existing Digestive Challenges?
Yes! BioEZ™ neutralizes pH helping prevent and even sooth existing ulcers. By keeping the Digestive Track working correctly, risk of Colic is greatly reduced.

What About Broodmares?
Brood mares who are fed Probiotic & Digestive Enzymes prior to breeding and during pregnancy may be Healthier, with foals Benefiting from receiving the maximum amount of nutrition in utero. Some report Healthy lively foals, strong from birth.

Are The Ingredients In BioEZ™ Safe For My Horse’s System?
BioEZ™ contains only Beneficial Ingredients that occur Naturally in the horse’s digestive system, and will not interfere with the natural production of their own digestive enzymes and beneficial gut bacteria. We are horse owners ourselves and insist upon the best for them— everything developed at Giddyap Girls® is designed with safety, nutrition, health and performance in mind.

What Do Horse Owners Say About BioEZ™

The topline of my beautiful Quarterhorse/Percheron DREAM has never looked so good. After 30 days on BioEZ™... Dream’s buckskin coat is amazing and dappling out. I couldn’t be happier !
Bob Pruitt— CEO

BioEZ has reduced the abdominal distention and improved fiber digestion in just 5 days! Thank you Giddyap Girls for making a digestive aid product that really works!

— E. Johnson— Equine Nutrition Consultant

Doc is a 10 year old quarter horse trail horse and has been on Giddyap Girls BioEZ for about 2 months now.
He is one of our many trail horses that is on this great supplement!We have noticed that Doc’s skin and coat is more vibrant and bright, his weight looks great… and he does not have that “lack luster” behavior that he once had.   He now has solid manure and does not have diarrhea.  (Yeah!) We feel so comfortable knowing our hard working horses are using this powerful and amazing supplement. Thank you Giddyap Girls!

-Tarah / Horse Play Rentals / HCPEC

My name is Kim!   I am friends with Kelli C who a few months back gave me a bucket of your (BioEZ™) probiotic ! I loved it!  My gypsy mare that just foaled in April and is preggy again is very prone to diarrhea and since on your probiotic there has been none! Her coat is shiny and dapply as well! I wanted to thank you so much for letting me try and I wanted to order more if possible!? Attached is a pic of vesper and baby faith and my Friesan hanno also given your probiotic and are very happy horses!!!

For the past 30 days I have had Leonardo, my 7 year old, 16.3 imported Dutch Warmblood, on BioEZ dietary supplement. Coming from cooler climates and this being his first summer in Southwest Florida, Leo’s once shiny coat had become riddled with bug bites and rain rot. Additionally, by mid-July, he showed signs of succumbing to Anhidrosis, the inability to sweat. After a few weeks on BioEZ, Leo’s coat began to return, even softer than before and with a nice sheen. He maintained his weight in spite of the rain rot limiting his pasture time during Florida’s rainy season.

In his last two homes, Leo had become moody and cranky. My initial training sessions with him revealed an inconsistent performance based on an erratic energy level. Eventually his training over fences became delayed by his heat-related afflictions. After 30 days on BioEZ, in addition to a healthy coat and renewed ability to sweat, Leo’s attitude towards his work did a 180. His mind and body quickly embraced lovely advanced lateral dressage movements, and his form and balance improved dramatically when he was able to resume jumping. He won all firsts and second place ribbons at his first two jumper competitions, where he surprised me with being calm, confident and relaxed, both in the ring and in his stall.

Because of his now-positive temperament along with his rapid progress in dressage, I hope to start him competitively at 4th level. I would recommend BioEZ to other horse owners looking to help their horses optimize digestion. Better absorption of key nutrients results in a healthier body and better work ethic.
Candace Clemens, FEI trainer and USDF Bronze Medalist.

I have my 2 grand prix horses, Contendress (winner of 2011 Grand Prix) and Cassandra (in training) on BioEZ and started my “girls” with this amazing product about 6 weeks ago. I have to say I was skeptical because the girls are already in top shape, so I was curious to see what BioEZ might do for them. I have to say both Connie and Cassie have been FEELING exceptionally well— no moodiness. Both girls are white/ grey so getting a shine is a real accomplishment— but they positively glisten in the sun! Happy, Health, Shiny horses is all I could ask for! Thank you  BioEZ!

— Dustin Durham  2011 Grand Prix winner

BioEZ™ Is  Affordable So Order and Help Protect Your Horse's Health Today!
At only $15.95 for a 22 day serving or $54.95 for a 90 day serving (larger sizes available) why wouldn’t you want to give your horse the best digestive support for total guy health- at less than  .55 cents per day!    Call us today to order or talk to us about becoming a dealer!   Once you use BioEZ™ … you’ll never want to go back. The results are solid and the price makes it affordable for horse men and women everywhere who care about their horses! Call and Order today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
15611 Product Lane Unit B-10
Huntington Beach, California 92649
Phone: 888.GIDDYAP (443.3927)
Website: Click Here To Connect

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