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DuraCornum by EquineSec
DuraCornum’s breathable EXTERNAL Moisture Absorption Shield protects against waterlogged hooves and provides an INTERNAL Moisture Balance that fights dry, flakey cracked hooves, while improving exfoliation.

About EquinSec, Makers of DuraCornum
EquinSec offers NEW technology to solve the OLD problem of maintaining healthy hooves!
At EquinSec, we are dedicated to creating and delivering innovative and unique solutions to common problems that currently challenge equine hoof care. Our passion at EquinSec is to improve the quality of life on a daily basis for horses. We are committed to offering easy-to-use, cost-effective results for preserving and maintaining tough, strong, healthy hooves. EquinSec products are field tested by veterinarians, farriers, trainers, and academic professionals. Our brand is leveraging some of the best chemistry available to support and maintain healthy equine feet in all climates and conditions.

How Do I Know If My Horse Can Benefit From DuraCornum?

If your horse has hooves and if you care about those hooves then your horse can benefit from DuraCornum, plain and simple. DuraCornum can be used on all horses, mules and donkeys.
What is DuraCornum Moisture Control System?
DuraCornum Moisture Control System was created to provide continual protection for Hoof Sole, Frog & Wall to toughen soles, harden hooves and weatherproof hooves. It is designed as an ultra-fast drying protective system to encapsulate the complete hoof (wall, sole, frog & buttress) with a single product. The DC Moisture Control System is low viscosity (thin like water), which allows the formula to penetrate and help fill in micro cracks, in turn assisting in reducing external pathogens/contaminants from entering the hoof. By dramatically reducing external moisture intrusion (wet/dry cycles, foot soakings, aquatic treadmills, urine, manure, mud, snow, synthetic track materials, bedding), it serves as a protective barrier to boost/support the natural defense system of the hoof against infection.
Is It True DuraCornum Offers Complete Hoof Care For Every Environment?
Yes! We know that there are times when your horse’s hooves are dry and flakey due to dry, hot weather, but that there are also times when your horse may be suffering from soggy hooves due to rain and mud. Either condition is unhealthy and can cause problems. The old saying “No hoof, no horse” is tragic— but often true. The best case scenario is that bad hoof conditions can reduce physical performance and increase lay-ups and recovery (vet and farrier costs!). The worst case scenario may conclude with the loss of the horse and the emotional and financial hardship that results.
So How Can DuraCornum Help My Horse With Every Environment?
We’re glad you asked. Take A look below and see our video! 

See The 4 Tiers of Complete Hoof Care - For All Environments Below:

External Moisture Absorption SHIELD (Wet Environments)
•Hydrophobic barrier weatherproofs complete hoof
•Shields against soft, spongy, wet, water logged hooves
•Reduces micro-crack pathogen entry points
•Sealing aid against abscesses, infection, thrush, seedy toe
Internal Moisture BALANCE (Dry Environments)
•Supplements degraded periople, minimizing internal moisture loss
•Fights flaky, cracked, dry, brittle hooves
•Improves exfoliation
Horses Get Harder Hooves & TOUGHER Soles
•Encapsulates complete hoof
•Increases hoof hardness & sole toughness
•Minimizes cracking and chipping
•Reduces sore/stingy soles
DuraCornum Gives Your Horse CLEANER Hooves
•Repels mud, manure, urine, synthetic arena/track surfaces
•Deters balling on sole/frog improving continual comfort
•Self-cleaning properties reduce necessary picking
•Show dressing shine
So There Is A Bottle Step #1 and A Bottle Step #2?
Yes. DuraCornum is very easy to apply and was designed to dry in seconds! Make sure that the hoof is clean and dry. Paint a very thin coat of Step #1 on the hoof sole, frog, buttress and wall. Then immediately paint a very thin coat of Step #2 on those same areas. Repeat for each individual hoof, doing Step #1 and Step #2 before moving to the next hoof.
How Often Do I Need To Apply The DuraCornum Moisture Control System?
The product was initially created to be a preventative maintenance product for continual year-round hoof protection to save time and money by only applying it once per week.
Note: There are a lot of extra benefits into this formula, and after working closely with veterinarians & farriers, the product is also being utilized as a sealing aid for wound care whereby they apply the protective system more often to assist in the recovery of sore soles, seedy toe/white lines disease, thrush and laminitis.  It is also being used by rehab facilities that subject their horses to aquatic therapy, to toughen soles for competition and even to repel synthetic track materials and other external contaminants.
Is DuraCornum Worth The Cost?
The better question is… With an average of less than a $1.50/day, is it worth it to keep your horse's feet truly protected? DuraCornum user feedback says YES, because DuraCornum WORKS. Superior performance with only a single necessary application per week. YOU SAVE TIME by replacing all of those multiple topical hoof products that can only go on one area of the hoof or only do one thing… while DuraCornum does it all and maintains strong, durable hooves in between trimmings. YOU SAVE MONEY.

So What Do DuraCornum Users Say? 

Here are a few of our many testimonials.
I put DuraCornum to the test on some of the most difficult feet in my practice: from excessive moisture due to daily hosing to thin soles, using DuraCornum regularly, stopped the hoof wall from peeling away and toughened the soles making No feet into Show feet. Best product on the market!
Garrett Maloney, AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier
I lost a beloved horse to founder. Not caused by over feeding, but caused by a hairline crack that allowed an infection to enter before I even knew it was there. I would have given my house and everything I owned to save my horse— I loved her that much. I fought for 3 years but DuraCornum was not available then, what a blessing to the horse world that it is available now!
Ann Pruitt-
The weather here in MI has been wet and muddy. DuraCornum seems to have helped keep the feet from getting too soggy and falling apart.
Duncan Peters, DVM, ACVSMR, East-West Sports Medicine, Lexington, KY
I have been very happy with the DuraCornum moisture system. We have used it on a variety of different feet and in my opinion the product has performed well in preserving these feet. Minnesota has a harsh environment which can challenge horse’s feet but this is an excellent product to combat that! 

Tracy A. Turner, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVS
Inducted into the International Equine Veterinarians Hall of Fame (2004)

We had a filly go through a lifesaving surgery. The main concern after surgery was going to be founder. We aggressively applied DuraCornum 5 treatments in 5 days. We feel as a result of the products ability to control the moisture in her feet gave us the ability to ice her feet 2x a day without the feet becoming brittle or too soft from all the water. 3 months later the filly continues using DuraCornum 1x a week and her feet have not been a concern. Thank you for introducing me to your product it has become part of our hoof care program.
Matt Chew, Chew Racing Stables, Southern California Thoroughbred Trainer
Matt Chew is also known for his work on the movies Seabiscuit (2003), Luck (2011) & Luck A Day at the Roses (2012)

The DuraCornum System Can Save Your Horse’s Hooves… Order Today!
At only $59.95 for a 4 to 6 week supply and only $99 for 8 to12 week supply, it is an investment that every horse owner can afford to ensure the best possible protection for the health and well-being of your horse’s hooves. Why wait? Every horse owner knows that everything is riding on your horse’s hooves. Call today and order to get total protection for your horse's hooves!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
20 S. Santa Cruz Ave Suite 306
Los Gatos, California 95030
Phone: 408-827-3417
Website: Click Here To Connect

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