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Seed to Feed in only 7 days! Easy to digest, highly nutritious, and FodderTech allows you to grow your own feed year round! Horses love it-- vets love the way sprouts support great gut health too!

Do You Worry About Being Able To Feed Your Horses?
All responsible horse owners do.  Things happen. Floods, fires, famines, crop failures etc etc. With fluctuations in weather, hay can skyrocket, or even become unavailable or hard to find. How would you like to never worry about providing top quality food for your horses, but to have a permanent and reliable way to provide delicious food filled with vitamins, that is easily digestible, and low in sugar each and every day? Fodder Tech makes that dream an affordable reality for horse owners anywhere.

FodderTech Is The Answer You Have Been Looking For!
FodderTech is a company that specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of sprouting systems. This unique equipment grows SEED TO FEED in 7 DAYS. Sprouting commercial volumes of sprouts indoors empowers livestock owners to grow green feed year-round. Availability of consistent, green feed year-round can improve animal nutrition, farm profitability, and much more.

Note: A simple system which will feed up to 4-5 horses will produce 125 lbs of fodder per day using 16 lbs of barley or wheat and can be housed in a 10x10 foot space, such as an empty stall or shed.  Smaller, "tabletop" systems which produce between 25 and 75 lbs per day can feed 1-3 horses and can be housed in your basement, a small room or an insulated and air-conditioned shed.
Additional Note:  FodderTech systems require minimal space and are among the most water efficient systems on the market.  A fodder system can help you reduce pressure on existing grazing areas while reducing water use and environmental footprint.  

What Benefits Does Fodder Offer Over Hay?
Horses fed with fodder will continue to require some hay.  While fodder is a very nutritionally rich feed for horses, it won’t provide enough fiber. We usually recommend you feed your horses 2% of body weight on an “as fed” basis with fodder, and another 1% with hay.  Because the purpose of the hay is mostly to provide roughage, grass hays are better than alfalfa.

Is It True The Fodder Sprouts Are Easier For a Horse To Digest and Thus Help Discourage Colic?

Fodder is a live feed.  Not only is it easier for horses to digest, reduces teeth wear, promotes healthy hydration and reduces inhalation of the dust generated by dry hay, it contains enzymes and vitamins not found in hay.  Fodder is high in protein, energy and more than 70% digestible.

Do I Have To Worry About Feeding Fodder Like I Do Feeding Lush Pasture Grass?
An important thing to remember about fodder is that although it looks like grass, it isn’t grass yet, it’s a sprout.  At this point, it’s neither a grain, nor grass.  It has increased levels of protein and increased levels of bioavailability of minerals, vitamins and enzymes, and reduced starches over its grain form, but doesn’t contain the excessive levels of sugars, which in lush pasture grass can cause colic, laminitis and even founder.

Is It Healthy For My Horses to Eat Green Sprouts For Most of Their Diet?
Yes, and because it doesn’t contain the high levels of sugars (non-structural carbohydrates) that green grasses contain, which can ferment in the cecum, it won’t cause colic and can even help prevent colic. Remember, you’ll still give small amounts of hay (grass hay preferred) just to satisfy a horse’s need for roughage.

Is The FodderTech System Easy To Install? What Is Required?
We can deliver both modular, containerized systems which are completely turnkey, or systems which are designed to be housed in an existing building, which require light assembly.   Our systems range in production capacity from 25lbs per day up to 20+ tons per day.

How Long Before I am Able To Feed My Horses Via FodderTech?
Our system has a seven day growing cycle.  So from the time you have your system up and running, it will take seven days to produce your first crop of fresh fodder.  You may find your horses are initially cautious about it, but within a few days will develop an enthusiastic taste for it.

Feed Horses For As Little As $1 Per Day!
Hydroponic horse feed is not only better for your horses’ health, but it is more affordable than hay, alfalfa cubes, or other dry feeds. Grow sprouts for as little as $0.03 – $0.05 per lb. With today’s rising cost of animal feed, start saving on your horse feed today.

Why Should I Feed Sprouts To My Horse?
Fresh sprouts grown in a FodderTech system offer nutritional advantages for horses. Horses are grazing animals. Adding fresh grass to horses helps them to better health and performance. Sprouts are highly nutritious and very digestible!

Advantages of Sprouts
    •    Supports better performance in horses
    •    Improved coat and general appearance
    •    Lower feed bills
    •    Less incidence of colic and gut ulcers
    •    Lower vet costs
    •    Gentler, calmer animals
    •    Faster recovery after exertion

What If I Just Have 1-3 Horses?
FodderTech is proud to introduce its updated Mini / Table-Top Sprouting System which achieves the highest fodder yields with the least amount of labor of any system on the market today.  This fodder production system is designed to provide production options at 25 lbs, 50 lbs and 75 lbs of fresh sprouts daily.  These systems range in price from $995 to $1845.  All Mini / Table-Top Sprouting Systems include everything needed to grow the sprouts and are designed to be installed in a new or existing climate controlled room with access to water and electricity.  They require minimal space and can easily be housed in a small room in your basement, or a well-insulated garden shed equipped with HVAC.

Mini / Table-Top Systems Range in Price from $995 to $1845 and Offers:
Small Footprint:  The new Mini / Table-Top systems are designed to fit into an existing space and can be stationed on on either the floor or a table-top.  These systems all come fully assembled.

Water & Nutrient Recirculation: Because all of the FodderTech systems recirculate the water, we are able to introduce organic nutrients into the water reservoir which results in larger sprouts and a lower percentage of unsprouted seed and therefore ensures a higher yield than any other system on the market today. We are seeing 80% efficiency on our water usage and we don’t create mud puddles in the summer and ice in the winter around our grow rooms from wasted water.

Labor Minimizing Design: The new design allows for extremely efficient, and best in the industry seeding, harvesting and cleaning. Experienced growers are spending less than 1 hour of labor per ton of fresh sprouts harvested.
Automated Watering: Every FodderTech sprouting system includes a timer to ensure that you are watering when you need to water and for the right length of time.  This timer is part of a full water recirculation system.  The recirculation system is designed specifically for your daily production needs and includes a Tank (for return water and nutrients), Pump, Timer and appropriate Plumbing.

Mold-Free Guarantee:  We, at FodderTech, are so confident that you can grow your sprouts with our system for 7-Days without mold that we are willing to offer you a 100% refund on your system and a MOLD FREE GUARANTEE!

Lowest Operating Costs – Period: When you improve yields, save water and reduce labor, you Save Money!  FodderTech systems yield more fodder per pound of seed than any fodder system.  Over time, this will save you money in seed costs.  Our systems are also much less labor intensive than competing systems.

What Do Horse Owner Say About Their FodderTech System?
Here is what horse owner’s incorporating sprouts are saying about FodderTech sprouts:

Within a couple of weeks the FodderTech sprouts gave them back their top line, a healthy shine to their coats, filled them up, and completed their vitamin and mineral requirements – with correct equine analysis and balancing. We have reduced our feed bill by 60%. Every one of our horses looks forward to eating the Fodder. I recommend that all horse owners, especially performance horses, seriously consider giving their horses fresh sprouts every day. The superb digestibility of the FodderTech sprouts helps to significantly reduce colic and ulcers. The lack of dust from dry feed in turn helps with the respiration and will reduce vet bills.
– Jill Harris, Spanish Bit Riding School

Sprouts were not grown for a few weeks (sick operator) and the placing had an immediate reduction down to just 7%. Once the system was put back into operation the placings returned up to 15% for the herd. We can say with a high degree of credibility that after being fed with our sprouting fodder… the win and place ratio was better than ever before. In my opinion the system provided by FodderTech is the best and safest growing method when it comes to feeding valuable horses.
– Brian Rowe, Licensed Race horse trainer for 25 years

Order Your FodderTech System and Enjoy Healthier, Happier, Horses and The Joy Of Creating Your Own Wholesome Food (Sprouts)!
Why wouldn’t you feed fresh, mold free, highly nutritious,  easily digestible sprouts to your horses? When you go to the feedstore, you have to rely on the store having hay in stock at affordable prices and you hope that the quality is good. With FodderTech you have incredible, healthy, easily digestible, sprouts your horses will love— and you don’t have to be at the mercy of feed dealers any more! Call us today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
5 Wanderwood Way
Sandy, Utah 84003
Phone: 1-855-SPROUT(977-7688)
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