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Holistic Equine Academy of Lymphedema (HEAL)
Holistic Equine Academy of Lymphedema (HEAL) is a family business specializing in raising awareness, educating and empowering the horse community about equine lymphedema. Our training courses address both equine professionals and horse owners.

About HEAL (Holistic Equine Academy of Lymphedema)

HEAL is a family business born from a tremendous passion to improve the performance, well-being and quality of life of horses with equine lymphedema. My husband and I are both certified equine massage professionals. Our journey has been extraordinary to say the least.

My real passion is education. Our successes in the management protocol of equine lymphedema have made this a logical step, as we cannot be everywhere. We have received inquiries from around the world, which indicates this is a global problem. Due to a lack of information and education about managing this condition, and professionals who understand it, HEAL was created to raise awareness, educate and empower the horse community about equine lymphedema. Our goal is to certify as many equine lymphedema therapists as possible. These therapists can then provide training and support to the horse owner to manage this condition. We couldn't have done it without your interest and support!

What Is Equine Lymphedema?

Equine Lymphedema is an abnormal accumulation of protein-rich lymph fluid and involves chronic inflammation. Lymphedema causes a buildup of excess lymph fluid recognizable by edema (swelling), folds in the skin, or nodules, noticeably in the front or hind quarters. The swelling generally starts at the coronary band and moves up to the elbow in the front leg, and up to the hock in the hind leg, often times up into the groin area. It can also appear in other parts of the body such as under the jaw and abdomen. You may recognize this as ‘stocking up.’ The affected leg may reach twice or even three times its normal size, and may be very sensitive to the touch. In chronic cases, much of the swelling is firm, as scarring and fibrosis occur, and could cause discomfort and pain. Equine lymphedema doesn’t have to be a death sentence! It isn’t curable, but it is manageable!
So How Did HEAL Come To Be?
Our Academy was built out of passion for both humans and horses living with equine lymphedema. Our own horse had bouts of stocking up, and there was no information about how to manage it. As I was in training to become a human lymphedema therapist, I began to understand how this condition was impacting our horse. A vet showed me an article on equine lymphedema, and I wanted to learn more. In 2008 my husband, also an equine massage therapist, and I went to Germany to study and became the first Americans to become certified as equine lymphedema therapists.
How We Can Help You
Our courses address both equine professionals and horse owners. The online courses provide the knowledge to understand and recognize the condition, while the hands-on training teaches you how to manage it.

What If I Would Like To Become Certified?

The online Professionals’ Guide to Equine Lymphedema is geared toward massage therapists who would like to add this modality to their business by becoming certified lymphedema therapists. This course may also be taken by other professionals who have understanding of equine anatomy and physiology and are familiar with medical terms. It is more robust in detail than the Horse Owner’s Guide and is a prerequisite to the 4.5-day hands-on training where we teach the proper protocols for managing lymphedema. We look forward to expanding our network of healing with both new and existing professionals.

What If I Am Just A Horse Owner Who Wants More Information To Help My Own Horse?
The online Horse Owners’ Guide to Equine Lymphedema is for everyone else. If you own or care for a horse, or if you are a trainer, farrier, natural barefoot trimmer, appraiser, or any other equine professional working with horses, this course will help you recognize and understand the condition. As a result, you can make an informed decision about your horse or help guide your clients. Many horse owners don’t recognize lymphedema until it is has progressed into an irreversible stage. We can also provide a hands-on training, individual or group, where we teach you how to manage your horse’s lymphedema.

While we can still help you manage your horse, we would prefer a relationship where we train you and act as an ongoing friend and advisor for all your equine care needs. These relationships are the most precious things we take from our business. We consider ourselves privileged to be invited into your lives to treat these magnificent animals while offering hope to you that something can be done.
Note: Attention Massage Therapists
We are a NCBTMB Approved Provider. Becoming a certified lymphedema therapist with HEAL will earn you 39 CEUs and a place in our database. When we receive an inquiry from your area, we will refer you!
HEAL Has a Brand New Website!
HEAL is proud to announce the completion of our brand new website. Our goal is to raise awareness and bring help and hope to those living with equine lymphedema. Some important features of our site include:

•   Tom’s Story. Tom inspired us and is the reason HEAL was created. May his story inspire you as well.

   Be Part of the Research. If you have, or had, a horse with lymphedema, please complete the brief equine assessment form. This will help us measure the impact this condition has on the equine industry.

•   World map. As we receive inquiries from around the globe, we map these locations to show where equine lymphedema exists.

•   Access Training Courses. Navigate to Horse Owners or Equine Professionals to learn more about and access our training.

•   Compression Stockings. We explain the proper use of compression stockings and demonstrate how to don and doff the stockings.

•   Free Download. Enter your email for HEAL With Food: Why Probiotics Are Good for Your Horse
What If I Am A Horse Rescue Dealing With Lymphedema?
Rescues, we didn’t forget you!  We receive many calls from rescues throughout the country, and we are always willing to assist. Under Horse Owners we provide some guidelines (scroll down) to assist rescues in assessing their ability to support a horse with lymphedema. Give us a call to learn how you too can be successful in managing this condition.

Note: In addition, we provide information about lymphedema and how you can learn even more through a private consultation or the courses we offer. Please visit the site and tell us what you think. Your feedback is important to us.
Is It True That HEAL Has Compression Socks For Horses With Lymphedema?
Yes! However, compression stockings were designed to act as a prophylactic or preventive measure for horses that experience occasional swelling in the legs. If your horse has been diagnosed with equine lymphedema, and the swelling is under control, please call for a consultation. We will help you determine whether or not your horse is eligible for, and the proper use of, compression stockings.
If Your Horse Has Lymphedema, or You Wish to Become HEAL Certified, Call Us Today!
If you are an equine massage therapist, you will want to become HEAL Certified! If you are a horse owner that has a horse diagnosed with lymphedema, our onlineHorse Owners’ Guide will help you better understand this disease. Through a consultation, we can help you assess which management protocols might be right for you and your horse. Don’t hesitate to consult with Theresa today!

Please share what we're doing with others, and we can make a difference around the world.

Contact: Theresa Mueller
P.O. Box 23
West Milford, New Jersey 07480
Phone: 201-874-0914
Website: Click Here To Connect

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