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Quiessence® by Foxden Equine
Quiessence® is a pelleted Magnesium and Chromium formula that may help animals that are cresty-necked to reduce the crest, and may also help reduce the tendency to founder by supporting normal glucose metabolism.

About Foxden Equine- Nutrition That Works!
Foxden Equine was founded in 1996 by Melyni Worth, PhD, PAS to produce equine nutrition and health products. The staff at Foxden Equine have over 100 combined years of horse management and competition experience. Each of us proudly and confidently uses Foxden Equine products for our animals, and believes they truly make a difference.

At Foxden Equine we are dedicated to research, development and marketing of high-quality supplements that benefit the health and well-being of horses. Because of our love of horses, and our belief in the benefits of Foxden Equine products, every employee is committed to customer service and consumer education to provide the best results possible for you and your horse.

Note: Foxden Equine is an audited member of the National Animal Supplement Council NASC and certified to display the NASC Seal of Quality. This means that we take care to test our products to ensure quality and purity, and we hold ourselves to a higher set of standards.

Two Great Products From Foxden To Help Your Horse With Metabolic Support !
Quiessence®: Quiessence® is a pelleted Magnesium and Chromium formula designed to support calm, balanced behavior in horses.  It may help animals that are cresty-necked to reduce the crest, and may also help reduce the tendency to founder by supporting normal glucose metabolism and increasing peripheral circulation. Quiessence® is now available in Canada!!

Foxden Flex IR™- Foxden Flex IR™ provides advanced joint support for horses with Insulin Resistance that need to have limited sugar intake.  Foxden Flex IR™ contains a blend of herbs, antioxidants, amino acids, MSM, and Hyaluronic Acid.  It is suitable for horses in moderate to heavy work or those with metabolic disorders.

How Do I Know If My Horse Needs Quiessence?
Quiessence aids for the symptoms of nervousness, tight muscles, or the signs of a cresty neck. If your horse is exhibiting these symptoms, we always recommend consulting with your Veterinarian, but we also recommend that our safe and effective Quiessence will be a great way to alleviate these symptoms and support over all health for your horse.
What If My Horse Is Not Insulin Resistant, but Just Over Weight?
Quiessence® was formulated with the symptoms of nervousness, tight muscles, and cresty neck in mind specifically. All horses are different, if your horse is in fact just over weight this product may help to relieve such symptoms, but it does not guarantee. We are happy to answer your phone calls and to talk to you directly!
How Long Does My Horse Need To Be On Quiessence®?
This depends on the specific horse, its needs, its diet, etc. A horse can be on Quiessence for anywhere between a couple weeks or the rest of its life.
Can Quiessence® Help To Calm My Nervous Horse?
Yes! Lack of proper Magnesium balance within the horse can result in irritable, nervous, spooky and upset horses. Quiessence® helps to restore the proper amounts of magnesium within the horse’s body which has a naturally calming effect. When horses FEEL better- they often ACT better!
How Can Quiessence® Help My Insulin Resistant Horse?
The Magnesium that is found in Quiessence®, helps to support peripheral circulation and can help normalize the cresty neck.
Henrietta, my aging Dartmoor broodmare, was in foal and heading for another bout of laminitis when I first started feeding Quiessence® and LinPro. A friend who is a Dartmoor breeder and veterinarian had heard a presentation by Dr. Melyni Worth and she was extremely impressed with the research, which had gone into developing these products. Henrietta improved dramatically within weeks, her crest reduced and softened; she stayed sound and delivered a beautiful, healthy filly. Henrietta's life and comfort have been greatly increased by having Quiessence® and LinPro for her dietary needs. That was four years ago and now all of my ponies eat Foxden products daily!
Tracey Morgan
USAE National Champion & U.S. Equestrian Team member

I was reading through my latest horse magazine and found an advertisement for Quiessence in the back. I briefly reflected on the product name and what it meant to me. I have a 10 year old Leopard Appaloosa gelding with enough attitude for at least four other horses. He is not a bad horse, rather more resembling a toddler with a toothache. We were about to help him find another owner when my wife stumbled across Quiessence and we decided to give it a try. I wanted to write to you all and let you know how it was going.
Wow! I have a new horse! Where he was once kind of a bully to my wife’s horse and pushed him around almost all day, he now lovingly and calmly stands at his friend’s side. Thank you for giving me a new horse. Thank you for a product that has made riding much more of a pleasure than a challenge. Thank you for giving my horse a much better outlook for his future. I just thought you all may want to know and I wanted to tell you. Have a great day and keep up the good work.

- A. Miller
My husband and I own and show a World Grand Champion and 3-time World Champion Miniature Horse gelding, "Freedom Hill Farms Lads Hustler". Since purchasing him as a yearling, we have had him on Quiessence to help control a cresty neck and the results have been nothing short of amazing. He is now five years old and his career as a halter horse remains unparalleled, taking many Supremes and even a World Grand Championship over stallions and mares which, for a gelding, is almost unheard of. He is now beginning his career as a driving horse and is already winning championships in this division. In addition to keeping him looking fantastic, we also credit Quiessence for keeping this excitable horse focused on his job in the ring. We cannot thank you enough for this wonderful product!
- Denise W.
Where Can I Buy Quiessence® From Foxden?
Of course you can buy Quiessensce® directly from Foxden Equine, and you can also purchase Quiessence® from ValleyVet, SmartPakEquine, HorseHealth USA, DoverSaddlery and many horse catalogs too. You’ll love the difference Quiessence makes to your horse— call and order today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
P.O. Box 480
Stuarts Draft, Virginina 24477
Phone: 540-337-5450
Website: Click Here To Connect

Quiessence® by Foxden Equine">

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