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Handy Hay Nets
Handy Hay Nets are one of a kind! These Durable, Soft, Slow Feeder Nets are made extremely durable to hold up to the chewing of hungry horses- but designed with softness in mind to help accommodate sensitive noses!

About Handy Hay Nets
Designed by horse woman Marie Racine, who wanted to enjoy the benefits of slow feeding but could not find a hay net that properly did the job, Handy Hay Nets are simply the “state of the art” hay net that takes slow feeding hay nets to the next level! Designed for durability, easy of use and extreme comfort for sensitive equine mouths, you will love the way your horse easily adapts and enjoys their hay nets. The custom color tie string allows you to assign each horse their very own Handy Hay Net!

What Sets Handy Hay Nets Apart From Competitors?

  • They are affordable and well made!
  • Our seams are hand sewn, which makes them more flexible and longer lasting *compared to machine sewn seams.
  • They are easy to load and tie.
  • Our tie string comes in many colours, so each animal can have their own, (handy for barns or boarding facilities).
  • Our netting is made of strong soft nylon, which is very gentle on animals muzzles.
  • There are no knots on our bags for animals to grab or chew.
  • No knots also means netting is more durable and won't get stiff over time.
What Benefits Does Handy Hay Net Offer My Horse?
  • Slow feeding with a hay bag is better for digestion as it slows down amount animals can consume PER MINUTE but is FREE CHOICE (if they always have access to forage) and prevents bloat and colic
  • Hay bags keep them busy nibbling, which simulates grazing
  • The chewing process releases endorphins which keeps hind gut bacterial flora happy and healthy - this means proper digestion, and healthier animals
  • Hay bags help alleviate the boredom and STRESS that lead to ulcers, colic in horses, and bloat in ruminant herbivores AND stops wood chewing, manure eating, etc.
  • Slow-feeding helps prevent choke in horses
  • No more bullying in the herd at feeding time = calmer animals and happier herds
  • Slow feeding schedule regulates insulin levels for horses with metabolic syndrome
  • Obese horses will eat less but still have access to food all day
How Does Handy Hay Nets Help Me As A Horse Owner?
  • No more wasted hay = money saved
  • Save up to 50% in hay costs (sheep & goats)
  • No more rushing home to feed, or getting up at the crack of dawn because animals are hungry and calling!
  • Your horse is ready to be ridden at any time, saving precious time before a show/event
  • Pre-load your Handy Hay Nets so feeding time is quick and easy
  • No more pushy/aggressive animals at feeding time
  • Need to soak your hay to reduce sugar content? No problem, just fill and submerge

What Does A Veterinarian Say About Handy Hay Nets?
The equine gastrointestinal tract is designed for a horse’s natural way of living: where they cover a lot of ground and eat little and often for the majority of their day. Serious gastrointestinal problems occur in our various captive settings due to that fact horses are not being fed accordingly. Slow feeding is the best way an owner can provide their horse with little mouthfuls of hay for the majority of the day while preventing obesity and hay wastage compared to simply feeding loose hay free-choice, as well as lessen boredom and anxiety. As a result, many equine health issues can be prevented such as colic, gastrointestinal ulceration, choke, and stereotypic behaviors.

I have tried a few slow feeding products and Handy Hay Nets are by far my favourite. I love the soft, yet durable, material and find them to be the easiest to handle. I would recommend Handy Hay Nets to all of my horsie friends and clients alike!

— Emma Davis, BSc, DVM

Is It True That Handy Hay Nets Can Help Horses With Colic, Choke, Ulcers, Metabolic Sydrome and More?
Yes… because Handy Hay Nets allows horses to get a nice little mouthful— but more slowly.
No more “gobbling up” the hay in 30 minutes with hours and hours till the next feeding! Horses that are prone to choke, or have problems with ulcers, colic or insulin resistance, benefit greatly by small continuous bites lasting over hours…. thus putting small amounts of food on the stomach and digestive tract at a time where it can be handled more easily.

What If My Horse Is Perfectly Healthy?
Well… let’s keep him or her in continued good health and save hay costs (no more wasted hay) at the same time! Healthy horses can benefit from keeping occupied with eating (a horse’s favorite pass time!) over a long period. Their healthy body has a greater chance of STAYING healthy as small continuous feedings are just what the horse was designed to have!

What Sized Handy Hay Nets Are Available?

The Handy Hay Nets are sized in 1” Holes— or 1.5” Holes. There are:
  • ECO BAG — holds up to 4 bales—
  • SMALL Round Bale- holds one smaller round bale
  • LARGE- Round Bale
  •  LARGE -hold up to an entire bale of hay
  • MEDIUM-hold feed for the individual meal
  • SMALL — appropriate for a trailer or snack in traveling
  • Visit or ORDER PAGE
What Do Horse Owners Say About Handy Hay Nets?
Marie…just have to tell you again how much I love your slow feeder hay nets. They are so much nicer than the other ones I have used. I especially appreciate the generous sizing which makes it a joy rather than a chore to slip over a bale. Keep up the great work!
— Teresa Precious, Proctor B.C.

My daughter and I love the new colours!! I hide several small bags all over the property so my horses have to go find their food, and sometimes I find the bags hard to spot again. The bright coloured new string really helps me find them quickly. Thanks for doing such a great job.
— C. Bird, Sicamous B.C.

It’s a great feeling to know my horse is able to adjust his own feed to his own physical/emotional needs with your slow feeder hay nets. Yours is a high quality product, tried, tested and true. Prowler and Ruby agree! Thank you for caring so much about animals Marie.
— Jai Sequoia Salmo B.C.

Handy Hay Nets Save Hay, Support Digestive Health, Discourage Colic and Ulcers—And Keep Horses Happy!
The soft netting is made for tender lips and gums, and the durability ensures your Handy Hay Net will last for years to come. Why wouldn’t want YOUR horses enjoying the benefits that Handy Hay Nets offer? Call and order today!

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Slocan Park, British Colombia, Canada V0G 2E0
Phone: (250) 226-0079
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