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Equi-Resp Equine Nebulizer
We designed the Equi-Resp system to be economical and easy to use. EquiResp offers amazing results and help to horses suffering with Heaves, COPD, Bleeders Syndrome, Allergies and more!

Why Should I Choose The Equi-Resp Nebulizer Mask Over Competitors?

Very simply-- it is the best!
Equi-Resp was designed by horse people who are active in the horse world. We understand the riggors of performance and the stresses that horses put on their lungs. Our mask and EquiSilver nebulizer are one-of-a-kind and offer truly outstanding results! Without our patent pending design, you would loose product out of the top of the mask, thus wasting what you are trying to nebulize!
  • Our design fits ANY size horse and keeps the product in so that the horse gets the full benefit of the EquiSilver nebulizer.
  • The softness of our mask is less irritating to the horse than the hard plastic our competitors have that have 'no give' on the horse.
  • Our Soft, CLEAR Design allows you to watch your horses breathe in the product and ensures proper fit and placement. Our mask is large enough to ensure proper CO2 exhalation.
  • American Made! We are proud of the fact that these masks are made right in Oklahoma!

What Conditions Can Equi-Resp Help My Horse With?
* Bleeders
* Heaves
* Allergies
* Any situation that is affecting the lungs or airways of the horse!

What Is The "Elite Unit"?
Our new ELITE unit; brings Equine Nebulization to a new level of professionalism and proven ability to reach deep into the lungs. At only $700 this complete unit can save thousands in veterinary bills and recovered performance for your horse!
  1. Powerful 1/5 power compressor
  2. Completely enclosed
  3. Two fans to keep unit cool
  4. Preset at correct PSI for maximum nebulization deep into the lungs
  5. Pressure gauge completely enclosed
  6. Two year warranty

What Is Included With The Elite Unit? 

  • Equine Nebulizer
  • Mask
  • 1 bottle EquiSilver
  • 2 medicine cups and tubing, we highly suggest you change the medicine cup and tubing every time you start a new bottle of EquiSilver.
  • 1 bottle Pure Cleaner for mask
  • Carry Bag
  • EquiResp Ball Cap
Is There Any Scientific Proof?
Testing completed by Dr. Nathan Slovis, DVM, DACVIM, CHT of the world famous Hagyards Equine Medical Institute of Lexington, KY states:
Nuclear Scintigraphy is a process where a radiopharmaceutical is inhaled and the radiation emitted by the horse is captured by external detectors (gamma camera) to create the image. When you access the image from the scan, you want to see the distribution and amount of the uptake gives you an idea of how that specific organ (lungs) is functioning.  In this case it demonstrates that Equi-Resp ELITE can deliver EquiSilver into the lower respiratory system

How Does The Patented EquiSilver™ In the Equi-Resp Nebulizer Help My Horse?
We are so glad you asked! The EquiSilver is the key to the success of the Equi-Resp program! EquiSilver™ is a patented Chelated Silver Solution which destroys the majority of microorganisms — including many of the antibiotic resistant super pathogens.

So How Does The EquiSilver
’s Silver Solution is a safe, non-toxic, natural solution with chelated silver that effects the microorganism’s DNA killing it quickly and safely. EquiSilver does not have this effect on animal cells. Microorganisms do not develop resistance, as happens with antibiotics, eliminating the problem of reduced effectiveness of EquiSilver Respiratory Solution with multiple treatments over time. Our 16 oz bottle is only $28!

If My Horse Is On Medication Can I Still Use Equi-Resp?
Our Chelated silver solutions have not been demonstrated to interact or interfere with other medicines being administered.
EquiSilver Solution has been reported by veterinarians and horse professionals to be highly effective as both a remedy and a prevention for numerous infections due to various bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Is It True That EquiSilver Is Used By Veterinarians, RaceTracks, Performance Horses, Barrel Racers and More?

ABSOLUTELY! EquiSilver™ Chelated Silver Respiratory Solution can be used for  direct application to the upper airway as a spray or with Equi-Resp Nebulizer. EquiSilver™’s patented chelated silver contains no ingredients to be known to violate current regulations of the Jockey Club or other performance governing organizations.  EquiSilver™ Respiratory solution is currently in use at many veterinarians, equine clinics, racetracks and farms across the US.

EquiSilver™ Also Have A Wound Preparation? 
Yes! The EquiSilver™also includes wound preparations and therapeutic shampoo for both horses and small animals. Like the respiratory solution other products have the same antimicrobial and healing qualities for skin injuries and infections.

What Do Horse Owner SAY About Equi-Resp Nebulizer?

I love My Equi-resp! after seeing the amazing results out in Waco for the Wpra Jr world finals I just knew I needed to buy one! My mare loves hers!! (Your 2015 Wpra Jr world champion)
Merril Mundy

Wildfire getting his respiratory therapy treatment with EquiSilver before his run. He ran soo much faster, and wasn’t breathing hard after his run like he normally does. I’m so impressed with Equi-resp!
Olivia Robinson

I’m always thankful for my little red blessing but tonight I’m extra thankful for her and all the people that keep her going down the road happy and healthy! After this slump we’ve been in lately (her getting hurt & having tons of breathing problems) she feels back to her old self leaving Coushatta Irca/upra winning it by 2 tenths with no signs of bleeding or even coughing. If y’all haven’t checked out Equi-Resp yet, then you should!!
Sarah Plaisance

I can’t get over how much the Equi-Resp has helped Rosie in the last week. She has had breathing issues for the last few years, and no vets have been able to give me answers, the only things they find is inflammation in her larynx. She breaths extremely loud when I ride her, so bad that the bets suggest I only pony her to keep her in shape. The more you collect her the louder she gets, and you have….to keep her collected, she won’t lope on a loose rein. I took her to a covered arena and rode her for the first time since I started giving her the treatments, and her breathing has improved so so so much. At one point I almost retired her to a broodmare, because I couldn’t help her. I am so thankful for Equi-Resp, it’s given me a second chance to have my girl back!!

Kenzi Pogue

Just want to say Equi-Resp is awesome!! 2 days after Penny’s 1st treatment you can see she had all kind of stuff coming out. The picture actually doesn’t do it justice. After 4 treatments you can see she is call cleared up. Before I did her 1st treatment you couldn’t see any of this. It’s amazing to see what’s in their respiratory system that we can’t see. Penny has more energy and doesn’t cough anymore after running around. Thank you Geoffrey Litton and Tonda Collins for introducing such a great product!! Best investment I’ve made for my horses in a long time.
Linda Beene

Order Equi-Resp Today!
Don't let your horse needlessly suffer. Your horse is working hard to perform for you, make sure that he or she can breathe freely and has healthy lungs that can perform when the horse needs it most. Call Tonda at Equi-Resp today-- you'll breathe easier tomorrow knowing that Equi-Resp is there to support your horses-- and every breath they take!

Contact: Tonda Collins
7200 Cine Cove
Blanchardville, Oklahoma 73010
Phone: 405-317-3396
Website: Click Here To Connect

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