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Custom Supplement Blends made to order with Green Mountain Nutritional Services!
Looking to make your own supplements to suit your barn or horses? Green Mountain Nutritional Services offers the highest quality supplements and can help guide you towards a custom blend that is specific to the needs of your horses.

About Green Mountain Nutritional Services
Green Mountain Nutritional Services, Inc. was founded in 1981 by Jim Miller, its President, having worked for several years for a national nutritional company he decided to start his own company where there was more flexibility to better serve the customer. We are horse people who love horses and understand the specialized nutritional needs that your equine friends require to support a healthy, happy life. At Green Mountain Nutritional Services, we work tirelessly to provide exceptional services and the highest quality products on the equine market and all at the best prices possible without sacrificing the superior quality we are known for.
Is It True That Green Mountain Nutritional Services Can Customize Supplements For My Horses?

Yes! We are a manufacturer of vitamin-mineral premixes, supplements and animal health aids for horses and farm animals. We are a licensed manufacturer in the state of New York with the Department of Agriculture and Markets. We have a wet chemistry lab for testing of forages, grains and water. In addition we also offer ration balancing for all breeds of horses. We can even customize specific supplements for your horses based on the hays, forages, and pastures you are already using for feed. Just call us and we will work out a feed program to meet the specific needs for your horses!
Green Mountain Specializes In Custom Mixing Nutritional Supplements For Individual Farms and Horses!
Our services included forage testing, feed programming, and custom premixing for individual farms.  If you test the feed and balance the diet based on the laboratory results you find that no two farms are the same. Add into that different workloads and growth ranges and the differences really become prominent.

What Is Feed Programming?

Feed programming and custom mixing go hand in hand so first we will discuss what feed programming really is. The horse has specific requirements that are based on size, workload, growth, lactation, and general maintenance. These requirements include protein, energy, water, vitamins, and minerals.  Protein is general referred by the term crude protein. Crude protein does not work well for the horse because it does not tell the quality of the protein in the feed.

Protein is made up of building blocks called amino acids. Amino acids have an average of 16% nitrogen in them, so when feed is analyzed it is actually nitrogen that is measured. Because of this the percent of nitrogen is multiplied by 6.25 (100/16=6.25) to get the value called crude protein. This is only part of the information we need to balance a ration. We also need to know what ingredients make up that protein. This is because the horse does not have a protein requirement but it does have an amino acid requirement. Amino acids are broke down into two basic groups called essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids. The essential amino acids have to be supplied every day in the feed because the horse cannot make them. The non-essential amino acids are ones the horse can make out of others in the feed. Each feed ingredient has its own profile of amino acids with some high and some low so in order to balance this we need to know what those ingredients are.

Quality in feed relates to the amino acid breakdown or profile of the feed being fed. So when we are supplementing our horse feed we need to use high quality protein sources to insure they are getting the required amount. If you are low on amino acids the only way to get them is through supplementation. Additional supplementation increases the crude protein but not necessarily all the appropriate amino acids, this is dependent on the sources of supplemental protein you are using.  Along with balancing the protein we need to insure adequate amounts of energy. Energy gives the horse power and protein gives the horse stamina and we need both.

Don’t Forget The Importance of Clean Fresh Water - at Temperatures Your Horse Can Drink!

Water is the single most important nutrient for your horse and you. Horse can only survive a few days without water while they can survive for weeks without food. So it’s important to remember for those who live in climates where the winter months bring ice and snow that a horse cannot survive without fresh water. Ice and snow cannot supply the horse with enough water for maintenance.  In fact one of the most contributing factors to colic is a shortage of water. We also need to make sure our water is fit to drink. If you would not drink the water why should your horse?

Why Is It Important To Test The Water My Horse Is Drinking?
Water should be tested every year for bacteria, nitrates, and nitrites. Nitrates and nitrites affect the horse’s blood by turning the hemoglobin to methemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries oxygen in the blood to all the cells. Methemoglobin does not allow the blood to carry oxygen so the cells do not receive the oxygen and cannot release energy and carry on their functions that keep them alive. In essence it is like tying a tourniquet around the horses’ nose so it cannot breathe and then ask it to work. So water is very important. Water should be tested at least once per year.
How Many Vitamins Does My Horse Truly Need?

Vitamins are also important and horses need to be supplemented with 14 of them every day. There are many recommendations and they mainly relate to the workload, growth, lactation, or level of activity. As our feed is stored for future use many of the natural vitamins are lost. For instance fresh hay may have a lot of natural vitamins but as it is stored throughout the winter the vitamins gradually disappear.  If the hay is stored outdoors it loses the vitamins faster. Note: One year old hay is considered to not have any natural vitamins left.
What About Minerals?
Minerals are the easiest to figure because we can have our hay tested and use those numbers to figure what we are missing in the diet. We always recommend that you have the minerals tested by wet chemistry for reliability.  Once you have figured the proper supplementation for protein and energy then you figure what minerals you need. The amount of minerals you feed are dictated by the shortages in the hay and grain.

How Do I Start?
So to do a good feed program you need to test your hay, determine the workload, the bodyweight of your horse, and you’re ready to begin. Once this is done you need to balance the protein and energy. Then you can figure what minerals and vitamins are needed to balance your horses’ diet. Because no two farms are the same it would require a special mix for just you. This is the true custom mix.

What If I Just Want To Combine 2 or 3 of Green Mountain Supplements?
That is actually a very popular choice! Now there are other custom mixes such as: putting different supplements together like Total Health and Stride Free. By putting together more than one product you only have one container to scoop from. Then we match the scoop size and you would need to feed as many scoops per day as necessary. These options are unlimited in the varying combinations. Other custom mixes might be adding an extra vitamin or increasing a single mineral to a product or if your veterinarian had a specific mix we can make that for you.

Is Any Flavoring Added?
We do add flavoring to some of our mixes and not to others. Sometimes we might run into that finicky horse and we send separate flavorings to try and when we find the specific one we record it and the next time you order we use that flavor in your mix.

Call Today and Order Your CUSTOM SUPPLEMENTS from Green Mountain Nutritionals.
Your horse depends upon you to give him or her the best of care. Wishing will not help— your horse needs powerful nutritional support to restore or maintain optimal health. At Green Mountain Nutritional Services, we understand the specific needs of horses and have the best, most comprehensive ingredients to formulate a specific blend for your farm, stable or individual horse! We are happy to talk to you and help you in every way… Just call us today and tell us about your horse! 

Contact: Jim Miller 
247 Main Street
Attica, New York 14011
Phone: 585-591-0922
Website: Click Here To Connect

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