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Aqua Comb by MiWay Inc.
Do you have skin ailments that never seem to disappear? The Aqua Comb is the answer you have been looking for!  Aqua Comb deep cleans feathers, mane, tail, and coat; to the roots; helping to eliminate Fungus, Sweet Itch and Skin conditions!

Is It True That Aqua Comb Can Help My Horse  With Skin Problems? How?

Yes, the Equine Aqua Comb when used properly (watch video below) will promote both heathy skin and coat for your horse. There are several ways that the Aqua comb works.
1) The powerful 3- inch wide water spray instantly reaches the skin thru the tunnels created by the leading attached pic-comb. The water action will both soften and remove wound scabs without tearing or causing new bleeding. This will promote faster healing of things like bites from other animals, fence caused cuts, ring, worm scabs, various topical skin type scabbing from chemical reactions to washing agents,  bug bites,  fungus etc..
2) The Equine Aqua Comb helps by allowing the wash shampoos to fully clean the coat do to better wetting action from the skin outward combined with the rinse cycle in which the 3-inch wide wall of water spray fully removes the soap from the coat. The full removal of the soap is very important! Most shampoos get trapped in your horses coat because you cannot fully remove it using a spray nozzle because the coat will repel the water deep in the coat. The modern day cleaning shampoos contain many additives to aid detangling, add shine to the coat, various medications etc.. When left on in the coat they will be reactivated by your horses sweat and by water trapped in the coat after washing and drying causing various skin reactions. The powerful aqua comb spray creates a wall of water that strips the shampoo from the coat in a shaving action you use in the rinse cycle.
3) The Equine Aqua Comb works on things like Fungus and Rain Rot by cleaning the coat is so well from the skin outward that the dirt and oils that normally stay trapped in the coat using normal cleaning methods are fully removed. This is important because the coat will dry very fast in most cases you will barely scrap the coat ounce and it will be free of loose water. The damp lingering moisture and trapped debris are the fuel for the Fungus; we eliminate those issues!    

How Does Aqua Comb Help Me Save Time and Money Bathing My Horse?

  The Equine Aqua Comb delivers the water from the skin out and will instantly wet the tail! The tunnel effect of the pic-comb allows the 3-inch wide water spray to shoot directly onto the skin blowing the dirt and debris up and out of the coat. This also allows the water to quickly and easily pre-wet the coat. That is important because one sponge glove full of soapy water will lather one entire side of your horse! You will be able to lather your entire horse with a fraction of the shampoo that you currently are using. The reason you use a full pale of soapy water to do just one horse is because you are splashing it on over and over trying to get the shampoo to break thru the oily coat so you waist a ton of shampoo and a lot of time working it in. Both the wash and rinse cycles are faster and more productive using the Equine Aqua Comb.
Is It True That Aqua Comb Can Help Me Save Time Washing My Horses?
Yes and for horse owners with multiple horses or stables, this can really save you both time and money! You can reduce your wash time 20% to 30%. If you are showing in the morning and  wash your horse before the afternoon competition  you will have at least 20 extra minutes due to the quick clean and dry wash cycles to get other things prepared! If you have an all-white or light colored horse you will get the horse cleaner in one washing with the Equine Aqua Comb than the typical three washings you need to do just to get a so-so clean look! The best part is your horse’s coat will have a shine to it that a year’s worth of supplements can’t achieve! If you have a horse with large feathers that normally takes you up to an hour to clean the built up muck off you will be happy to know that the Aqua Comb will do all four legs in about 10 minutes! The tail is a bear to both wet and clean! The Aqua Comb will instantly wet your horses tail and it will deep clean it better than you have ever done it before. No more dunking the tail in a bucket of water to wet it for cleaning. If you had a stable of 50 horses the Equine Aqua Comb could actually save you up to 40 hours in wash time labor per week!
Can The Equine Aqua Comb Help Me- Even If I Body Clip My Horse?  
Absolutely! The Equine Aqua Comb will better wet your short hair horse and its use will still benefit the mane and tail adding shine while helping stop and prevent Fungus. In the fall and winter months when you need to clip 2 to 3 times you will find that combined with a quality shampoo you will get a far better body clipping look and result. If you braid for competition you will find that the Equine Aqua Comb used with a quality detangling shampoo will make the process much easier and the results far superior and less stressful on your hands!
Can Aqua Comb Help Relax My Competition Horse? How?
One of the great benefits of the Equine Aqua Comb is the deep hydro massage it gives! The three inch wide spray hits the skin directly and for your horse it is very relaxing! Most horses dislike wash time but we have found that the Equine Aqua Comb is a game changer; they actually enjoy the massage action. Your horse will have more energy and perform better after washing. The relaxing effect benefits high strung performance horses such as Arabians by reducing stress and by reducing energy burn prior to a race. I have been told that this has led to better track performance.
We heard that Both Pet and Equine Aqua Combs Are Great For Rescue Animals— Is that True?

Yes, the two main issues that rescue animals have in common are one that they usually have skin wounds from mis-treatment or poor hygiene and their nerves are shot from abuse. The Aqua Comb addresses both these problem at the same time. The deep hydro message calms them down and the wound therapy works to restore their physical external wounds. They work equally as well for both horse and dog rescue animals!
What Other Animals Benefit From Aqua Comb?
Well we have had many unusual applications— here are a few!

* We have a rancher that keeps his Aqua Comb in his pick-up truck. He claims that he washes his cows with it before he takes them to auction and believes that he get several hundred dollars more for them because they look so much better and they are more energetic which makes for a better showing.

* We have a high school 4-H kid that started using our comb on his show pig. He claims that although he has not taken a first place yet that he now places in the top three consistently now.

* We have other 4-H kids that use our combs for Lamas and Goats as well as pigs! We believe that Zoos would benefit using our combs on Zebras, Chimps etc. any furred animal. Miniature horses are also a great application for our Aqua Combs.

What Additional Benefits Are Found Using Pet and Equine Aqua Combs?
If you follow our wash instructions going against the grain during the wet and pre-rinse cycles and wash your dog ounce a week you will greatly reduce both the dead hair and doggy odor in your home. Your hose will also benefit from having less dead hair build up in its coat! You will not need to strip comb out the dead hair as often. You will also greatly reduce your water usage even though you will be getting a far better washing. The powerful spray is both effective and metered so it works faster, better and controls the flow; less wash time metered flow means big water savings. Both Dog and horse Groomers will find the saves time, enhances end results and makes handling difficult animals easy to handle.
 Are Aqua Combs Made In the USA?
All our Aqua Combs are made in Bradenton , Florida USA using only USA sourced plastics and components such as hose seals. Make sure to call and order your Aqua Comb today!

Contact: Mark Schreiber 
7642 Saddle Creek Trail
Sarasota, Florida 34241
Phone: 941-922-7786
Website: Click Here To Connect

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