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Equine Omega Complete by o3 Animal Health, LLC
Equine Omega Complete is a complete Omega supplement used by many top horse breeders, trainers, competitors, horse owners and Veterinarians to provide the perfect fat for proper cell function.

Who Is O3 Animal Health?
o3AnimalHealth, LLC are horse people who are passionate about the health and well being of horses. We seek life-long relationships with our customers. We understand how important your horse is to you. We truly believe our products are the finest on the market today.

We ride.    We show.   We care.  We are pleased to introduce you to our Equine Omega Product line of 3 amazing supplements used by many top horse breeders, trainers, competitors, horse owners and Veterinarians to provide the perfect fat for proper cell function - and much more!

Equine Omega Complete Provides All Natural Benefits For Total Equine Wellness.

Equine Omega Complete is a specific formula designed to provide a balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, essentially helping to regulate inflammation within the body. A precise blend of all-natural, GMO-free, mechanically expelled soybean oil human grade, deep water, wild caught fish oil and all natural Vitamin E, Equine Omega Complete delivers a wide variety of benefits to the horse.
Are YOU Feeding Your Horse— A COMPLETE Grain?
You may be surprised to learn that most commercial grains with added fat are higher in pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids and much lower in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Take a look at a typical guaranteed analysis. If the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acid percentages are listed, chances are the omega-6 content is much higher than the omega-3 content. While both these fatty acid types are essential and necessary in the diet, oversupplying omega-6's can cause more harm than good. Ask us for a list of grains that we like a lot! Get a FREE comparison to what you supplementing with now.
So, Why Is Healthy FAT Important To My Horse?
Not all fat is created equal. Equine Omega Complete supplies HEALTHY fat, which is essential for normal cell function. Cells that function properly help promote a healthy horse from the inside out. Therefore, for the best results, we suggest you pair our product with a low-fat, complete grain.
FACT: If Your Horses Don’t Get Fresh, Green Grass Every Day- They NEED Equine Omega Complete!
Equine Omega Complete is specifically formulated blend of mechanically expeller pressed soybean oil (not chemically extracted), wild caught, human grade fish oil and all-natural vitamin E. Used by some of the leading horse breeders, trainers, horse owners and Veterinarians, Equine Omega Complete supplies a complete balance of beneficial fatty acids to provide the perfect fat for proper cell function.
How Is It Made?
Equine Omega Complete is comprised of all human grade ingredients. We use NO chemical processing in the making of our products.

So What Do These Fats Do For My Horse?
Essential omega-3 fatty acids (EFA) are polyunsaturated fats needed for various metabolic processes in horses and humans. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in highest concentrations in fish oil and in soybean oil. Flax and linseed oils contain substantial amounts of omega-3 fatty acids but do not contain the enzymes that allow for maximum uptake. Fresh green mature grass contains fat, even though it is low in content it is mostly made up of omega-3 fatty acids. There has been a considerable amount of research conducted on horses that show that omega-3 supplementation affects the ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 in blood and tissue with alterations in the fatty acid composition of cell membranes. This effect is most evident when fish oil is supplemented in the horses that have experienced an inflammatory insult.
Equine Omega Complete Provides and Supports The Following:
•   May help reduce joint and tissue inflammation
•   Can significantly reduce chance of colic
•    Helps grow stronger, healthier hooves
•    Supports a beautiful, healthy hair coat
•    Builds a strong immune system
•    Promotes a healthy digestive system
•    Maintains oxygen/blood flow aiding in conditioning & stamina
•    Promotes a healthy reproductive system in stallions and mares
•    Assists in proper cell development and function
•    Promotes a healthy respiratory system
•    May reduce stress, anxiety and depression
•    Delays lactic acid build up in muscles
How Long Does 1 Gallon Last? What Is The Cost?
Horse owners use Equine Omega Complete, because the benefits to health and performance far outweigh the cost for so many.  
Note: One gallon is a one month's supply for one horse. $61.95 plus tax and shipping. FREE shipping on all orders of 4 gallons or more!
What Do Horse Owners Say About Equine Omega Complete?
Calmer More Focused
Just wanted to say how much I love your product, Equine Omega Complete. I have used it for 6 months now and can really see a difference in my horses since I started using it. It is the only supplement I use now. My daughter, Hannah Hammock and her mare A Venturous Redman, who we've really noticed a difference in. The mare is much calmer, but has not lost her competitive edge. The duo has had a lot of success placing at the 2016 AQHA youth world in stakes race and recently the Arkansas State Show Reserve Youth Barrel Racing Champion. Equine Omega Complete is truly a wonderful product!
Kim Hammock
Better Weight, Eats Better, Shinier Coat
Hi there, I just wanted to reach out. I tried the Equine Omega Complete on my very difficult Grand Prix horse. He is extremely picky, with a history of ulcers and weight loss. It was a challenge for a long time to just keep weight on and keep him eating. Within a month I saw a huge difference in him. In 3 months, he was a totally different horse, even getting over 71% in the Grand Prix. He eats every bite of his food and his coat is so much shinier. I'm a huge believer in the product!!
Ryan Bell
Relief From Allergies and Hives
I am so excited about Equine Omega Complete! I have another amazing testimony to share about this amazing product! Two weeks ago Poison Rain and Brynn Campbell won the NSBA world in youth trail. Poison Rain or "Isaac" came to us the end of October, 2015. At that time Issac was on a daily anti inflammatory as well as on monthly allergy shots.  Without the shots he would break out into horrible weeping hives all over his body! He was also cranky at times and resistant. Well, we got him and put him right away on Equine Omega Complete. As time went on, we were able to take him off the allergy shots and the daily anti-inflammatory medicine! He is sound and absolutely beautiful to watch moving! He has absolutely no hives, and as happy and willing as we could ask for. I am thrilled with his coat and condition and just feel that Equine Omega Complete has helped his body to become so in balance. Thank you for this wonderful product!
Dana Hokana
Love The Transformation In Scruffy Looking, Skinny Horse
We've used Equine Omega Complete for years and every horse in our barn is on it!!  We switched from Platinum Performance and couldn't be happier with the results!! It's definitely a must have for us. We use Equine Omega Complete for our riding horses and Equine Mega Gain for our halter horses!!  Their hair is so shiny and that's a question we get a lot "what do you use for hair" and we always tell them about Equine Omega Complete. The biggest transformation we saw was a little horse we bought. He had been in a pasture was pretty coarse looking from the weather. In literally in two weeks it was a different horse, one of clients didn't believe it was the same horse. His hair was slick, his weight was up and he looked great!!  Our horses have never looked better than they do on these products.  We really can’t say enough great things about Equine Omega Complete. We love it and are lifers!!!
Ryan and Andrea Kail – Kail Quarter Horses
Doesn’t Your Horse Deserve To Look and Feel Their Best?
We invite you to try the product and see the results for yourself.  If you’ve not ordered with us before, we have a first time order discount for you. Be sure to call or email us today and tell us about your horse!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
2552 Hwy 61 South
Boyle, Mississippi 38730
Phone: 855-366-8822 ext.2
Website: Click Here To Connect

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