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Timeless Fence System
The Timeless Fence System is a revolutionary product in livestock management.  The posts are self insulating which means you can say goodbye to replacing broken insulators- super easy to install. 20 year warranty!

Are You Ready For An All-In-One Fence Designed For Safety- Easy of Use, and Durability?

In this economy, you need to have a fence system that is tough enough to withstand horses, durable enough that it can last for decades, easy to operate so that you aren’t continually buying parts, easy to install,  and safe so that you, your family and horses can all be safe! Timeless Fence System has revolutionized the fencing industry and is the answer the horse industry has been looking for!

Why Is The Timeless Fence System Gaining So Much Popularity?

Industry leaders find the Timeless Fence System to fit a very important need in livestock management.  Many livestock owners are moving away from barbed wire which is not only dangerous to animals, but is difficult to work with.   Electric fencing is a rapidly growing category and the Timeless Fence System provides a product that is easy to install, safer for your animals, requires virtually no maintenance and will last for many years to come.  This means you can have more time to spend enjoying your farm rather than fixing fences.
What Advantages Does The Timeless Fence System Offer Over Other Fencing Products?

Made from Recycled Materials:
Timeless Fence Posts is an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional steel t-posts and wood posts widely used in construction, farming, landscaping, and erosion control.

Self Insulating: Ideal for installing electric wire - no insulators needed. High-Tensile wire and electric braid can be threaded directly through the post for an extremely strong, virtually maintenance-free fence.

Easy to Install: Farmers and ranchers across the U.S.A. and around the world are finding that Timeless Fencing is easy to install. Posts are pre-drilled every three inches to greatly reduce cost and installation time.

Strong Yet Flexible: Timeless Fence posts absorb impact and bounce back, making it all but impossible to break under normal use. Robust design withstands harsh weather and is strong enough to hold barbed wire and woven wire.

NEVER Rusts or Rots: Replace wood and steel  posts once with the Timeless Fence System and  use your extra time on productive tasks - not fence repair.

Lasting Beauty: You’ll be proud to see this good looking fence along your property. The satin-like finish on these posts maintains its new look for many years.

Guaranteed 20 Years: Timeless Fencing posts come with a lifetime limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship and a 20 year guarantee on white UV coating. The actual life expectancy of this product is greater than five times the guaranteed life.

Versatility: Many farmers who raise cattle choose barbed wire simply because "old fashioned" electric fencing on steel posts is easily shorted out. Made from non-conducting PVC plastic, (with no breakable insulators needed) Timeless Fencing makes frustrating charging problems a thing of the past. But if you simply would rather use barbed wire, these posts are an excellent choice.

What Does The Term “Self Insulating” Mean? The POST Is The Insulator!

Self Insulating means the posts do not carry current through the post themselves.  The only way to receive a shock would be by touching the electric fence wire.  You will not receive a shock by touching a post when the electricity is on.  Also because the posts are self insulating you can save time and money by not having to install separate insulators like you would when using wood or steel fence posts.  Over time these insulators break which creates shorts in your fence and the insulator must be replaced.  This is time consuming and expensive— Timeless Fence System saves time and money!
Is It True That The Timeless Fence System Is Even Used With Buffalo?
YES! The Timeless Fence System is made from rigid PVC which gives it incredible strength and durability.  The posts are flexible for animal safety yet strong enough to contain larger animals such as bison/buffalo, horses, cattle, etc…  We do recommend using some form of electric wire in conjunction with the Timeless Fence System.
Why Is It Called “Timeless” Fence System?

Because this fencing is built to last and last and last! Timeless Fence System products are made using rigid PVC which has an estimated life span of 100 years or more. Many products in our homes are also made with similar materials such as windows and many door parts.  Timeless Fence System posts are also covered with a layer of UV coating which protects them from exposure to sunlight.  Each post comes with a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty under normal use and service- but is truly designed to outlive the warranty for years to come.
Is The Timeless Fence System Affordable?
Absolutely! Given all the advantages that Timeless Fence System has to offer, it may be the best made, longest lasting, most durable and thus, most affordable fencing for your horses and livestock on the market today!

What Do People Say About Their Timeless Fence Systems?

DON’T ever let anyone tell you that you cannot drive these posts in rocky soil, because I did it!” (After installing one hundred and fifty 6ft. Timeless Fence T-Posts in very rocky Texas soil.) “I feel certain that these posts will be in place for many years.
Russ Schubert
Cleburne, TX

Wow - got my free sample in the mail today - this fence looks bullet proof - and better than the competition posts I've seen. Once a tree fell on the fence pinning it to the ground. I just cut the tree with a chainsaw and the fence bounced back as good as new! I like the Timeless fence so much I became a dealer so I could help other people have a trouble free electric fence too.
Charlie Abel

I found out about your fence by accident. A friend was considering it for her property and gave me the link.  We are in Oklahoma and this type of fence is not typical of what the farmers and ranchers use. Barbed wire is the fence of choice, but after having horses seriously injured by barb wire, I didn’t want that route.  I had used the wire panels but after 14 years, they were bent, horses were pushing them down, and they were unsightly.  I had a friend’s granddaughter’s wedding that was coming up that Fall, and the fence was an eyesore.
We ordered the sample which was very helpful in the sale of your product. We found some brave fence builders that were willing to give it a try. When I asked if anyone in Oklahoma had used their product, it turned out, we were going to be the first. I wanted to see it in place before I jumped off into the unknown. So I jumped anyway, and we are VERY happy with the product. 

We had an ice storm and icicles dripped off the wire, we had a branch fall across it, but after it melted, removed the branch, the wire popped back and we haven’t touched it since it was installed. The crispness of the wire and visual white of the posts, have increased the looks of my property.  I use solar electric boxes and the fence stays on all the time. The horses respect it- this is a good product and should be marketed!

Sherry Robinson


Join Our Family Of Overjoyed Clients and Order Timeless Fence System Today!
It is never too soon to start enjoying the savings, beauty, durability and longevity of a Timeless Fence System! We can help you with all your fencing needs. Whether it is for a new property or adding cross fencing to your existing fence, you will forever be glad you have a Timeless Fence System on your property. Once you try it, you’ll never go back! Just call us today and tell us about your fencing needs and we’ll help you on your way to a Timeless Fence System today!

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Greenville, Tennessee 37744
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