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Black Forest Treeless Saddles by Black Forest Stables, Inc.
Come discover the magic of Black Forest Treeless Saddles and what they can do for both your horse-- and you. Your horse will love the comfort and flexibility - you will love the beauty and the joy of being more connected to your horse as never before.

How Did Black Forest Treeless Saddles Come To Be?

Created by  Vic Sivitilli, of Black Diamond, Washington.  Vic says:
We import and breed the rare breed of horses known as the Black Forest Draft Horses from Germany. We first came upon treeless saddles after importing our mid-size Black Forest Draft horses into the USA.  At 15 hands average, but with draft horse proportions, NO treed saddle fit these girls. We spent thousands of dollars on wide trees, flex trees, and even custom made saddles and still ended up frustrated, with uncomfortable horses. Then, on a visit with friends in Germany who own the same breed of horses, we rode in a treeless saddle. The experience was incredible, and we knew we had found the answer. We returned home and began marketing treeless saddles throughout North America, quickly building a huge market base.

Over the years, we have worked closely with equine professionals, and we have listened to the input from our valued clients. You and your horse want the most out of your treeless experience. And you want quality that you can put your trust in. This has culminated in our development of the Black Forest Treeless Saddles, which have become one of the most sought after treeless saddles on the market today.

What Sets Black Forest Treeless Saddles Apart From Other Treeless Saddles?

Black Forest Treeless Saddles, have an exclusive- patented- built in panel system that provides spinal clearance as well as weight distribution, this is achieved with a high density closed cell foam that flexes but does not compress under the saddle with rider . The Black Forest Treeless saddles are the result of years of research and input, with exclusive features and handmade by our own top manufacturers. Our promise is to offer the highest quality treeless saddles and riding products, at a competitive price that will allow everyone to experience the comfortable and therapeutic concept of treeless riding.  And we will continue to offer you the high standards of customer service that you have come to expect from us.

So How Does It Feel To Ride In A Black Forest Treeless Saddle?
Says Vic, The absolute best thing about the Black Forest Treeless saddles is that we are so much more connected with our horses when riding. After an uphill gallop, we’re always so amazed that we can actually feel our horse’s heartbeats underneath us when we come to a stop. Our Morgan-Quarter gelding, Shadow, is the king of 180 degree spins on the trail when he sees something odd. But in these saddles, we can feel what he is going to do BEFORE he makes his move, and can anticipate what’s coming. We even started our young Black Forest stallion in the Black Forest Aspen, and the saddle stayed in place during his initial hops and rears.

How Will My Horse Feel About A Black Forest Treeless Saddle?

If a person had a choice to hike 10 miles with a wooden shoe --or they could choose the comfort of a tennis shoe-- they would always choose the comfortable tennis shoe.  If your horse could talk to you, he or she would tell you that the same thing applies with using a Wooden Tree that does not bend with the movement of the horse- vs. a flexible, soft Treeless Saddle that has a spinal protection built in to keep the saddle off the tender spine. Traditional saddles are built around a rigid form that restricts the horse movement and muscle comfort, whereas the Black Forest Saddle is a saddle build around a flexible pad that bends with your horse’s movement.

Note: Horses love Black Forest Treeless Saddles! The Black Forest saddles free up your horse’s movement in a whole new way. The pommel floats over the withers, and the soft leather conforms around the shoulders; there is no hard tree being compressed down onto the shoulders or back of your horse.

But I Thought That Treeless Saddles Were Hard On A Horse’s Back?
First there is always some truth to rumors and the problems that were caused by treeless were saddles designed 3 decades ago. The older treeless brands and some newer brands do not have a spinal protection system or gullet. Many are like cardboard or collapse with the rider’s weight; basically Black Forest Saddles have overcome these issues. Let's back up, would you hike 10 miles with a clog or wooden Dutch shoe? Or would you rather use a flexible shoe?

So Why Does My Horse Need a Flexible Saddle ?
Your horse has 4 different moves in its back when in motion, shoulder , hip, shoulder , hip, but the tree is ridged, It's like riding a car with no shock absorbers where as a good treeless saddles will move with little to no resistance with the horses back. When the horses shoulder comes up the pommel moves away from the shoulder giving your horse more room and comfort. This is very different from a tree, even if the tree was custom made it would only have a perfect fit when your horse is stationary, once in motion the tree will always resist movement.

Important Note: Often people and treed saddle manufactures will say a treed saddle has more surface of weight distribution, totally wrong. A treed saddle only has at best 75% of natural surface distribution and it is a hard surface. Black Forest Treeless Saddles replicates the feel of riding bareback giving 100% even weight distribution of the size of the riders buttocks and inner thighs and this is all soft tissue.

Can Select From Either Leather Or Synthetic With Black Forest Treeless Saddles?

Yes! Our Synthetic Saddles offer the same comfortable experience for both you and your horse, just within a little easier budget. However, our Leather Saddles are affordable too! Most are under $900 and all are built to last! Our Sizing Instructions makes it easy to pick out the right size for you and we are happy to consult with you to help!

Can I Get Help If I Have Questions With My New Black Forest Treeless Saddle?
Yes! We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of quality customer service. We know the treeless experience is a new one to many of our clients, and we welcome questions  and in-depth phone conversations. We work with you to find the best saddle model for your riding style, and the right combination of pad and accessories for you and your horse. We also pride ourselves in having a large stock of Black Forest saddles and accessories here in our warehouse, to get you out on the trail or into the arena within days after ordering. We have a great FAQ PAGE to help too! We look forward to helping you and your horse discover the Black Forest Treeless experience!

Can I Have a Trial Period For My New Saddle?
Yes! Our demo program works like this: when you purchase a new saddle from us, you are given a full week upon receipt to try it out on your horse to be sure everything works for you. If you encounter issues, we work with you to resolve anything that may be causing a problem, which could be just as simple as a different saddle pad that will work better for your particular horse and rider combination. If, after trying different options, you feel the saddle is not working for you, we will provide you a return authorization number and you send the saddle back in resellable condition. We will refund you the purchase price less initial shipping.

Note: The vast majority of our clients LOVE their new Black Forest saddle from day one! This way, you avoid the hassle and cost of having to send back a demo and wait for your own saddle – when you really just want to be out riding!

What Do Black Forest Treeless Saddles Owners Say?
I recently purchased a Town and Country and am ABSOLUTELY in love with it! When I ride, I trail ride alllll day long and it was wonderful from the first time I sat in it! Very little break in time and it was formed to me! My horse, Rook, performed beautifully in it and I am so pleased with my decision to purchase a Black Forest. When the time comes for another horse I will surely being calling you! Thank you for all your help!

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Aspen! My arabian mare was bucking me in the canter, so went to Nadine, your dealer in St Joseph, MN. We fitted several on her and decided to take a couple test rides with the treeless. After two rides, I did like it quite a bit, so decided to buy it. I took me a couple of months to get the courage to canter her, but when I did, no buck! Her topline has changed and she really engages her hind end, her hind foot coming up in front of her front. I have ridden her up and down steep hills and no slippage! Very impressive. I am very happy with the pad and saddle! Thanks for keeping the saddle affordable. My English friend said I looked more balanced than ever on how I was sitting in it.

I have used my Black Forest saddle 3 times, and my horse must love it because he moved right off without hesitation and didn’t spook like before. He must be pain free!!!! He is even gaiting better. No pinching, no bridging, less weight too. The leather is very nice as you said. Love my saddle. I am 60 and have been riding forever. Best purchase I have ever made. Thank you so much!

I LOVE my new saddle!! It fit great on my high withered 15 hand Walker and then I put it on big 16 hand rounder Walker and it fit great with the same girth. I sat in it for hours and it was so comfortable, and I could feel the horse so well it was hard believe I was in a saddle at all. When my horse spooked and then bolted I felt much more secure in it than my all purpose English saddle, I didn’t lose my balance at all. I rode in (another brand of treeless saddle) and it was not nearly as comfortable. All the ladies in my barn are jealous of how light it is. The trail pad is great too, but I love things pink and sparkly, so I had to add some flower appliqués and rhinestones to the pockets and now it’s perfect.

Vic is great, he has so much knowledge and information. Thank you for letting me come to your office and check out the different saddles in person, and for being so nice to my cheeky three year old daughter. We really loved your goats and horses. Thank You!


What About A Saddle Pad?
Black Forest has a special selection of Saddle Pads perfect for both horse and rider. We are happy to help you get just the right pad for you and your specific needs!

You and Your Horse Deserve a Black Forest Treeless Saddle- Don’t Wait Call and Order Today!

Life is short. Your time with your horse deserves every comfort and care- make sure your horse has a Black Forest Saddle that will enable the both of you to be comfortable and secure on every adventure and trail ride. Take time to enjoy the magic that happens when you ride in a Black Forrest Saddle! Call us up and tell us about your horse today!

Contact: Vic Sivitilli
P.O. Box 1039
Black Diamond, Washington 98010
Phone: 203-723-3537
Website: Click Here To Connect

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