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My Sierra Halter by PFLUS, Inc.
The Sierra Horse Halter by PFL Inc has been frequently referred to as the “Better Halter”, because horses behave much better and with a more “thinking side of their brain” when wearing one.

About Gail Springer, Owner of PFL, Inc...
My name is Gail and I own PFL Inc., with my husband Paul. We are the largest online dealer for the Sierra Horse Halter in the USA.  This is an online store that provides tack that cannot be found in your local shops. Our two most popular items are the Sierra Horse Halter and the Rigging Converter . We started this business when we had to design some tack for our own use, and other people wanted some too. Because we raised and trained Pleasure Paso Finos for years, and our favorite recreation is horse camping in our Idaho mountains, we have some perspectives on horse camping too. When our friend, Alberto Sierra, asked us to help him market his Sierra Horse Halter--  we were ecstatic because we saw how beneficial it was to help horse owners to communicate with their equine friends, and we use it exclusively for ours. Our focus is and always has been to help horse owners keep their mounts comfortable and happy.

How Is The Sierra Horse Halter (SHH) Different From Other Rope Halters?

  • The Sierra Horse Halter is similar to a normal rope halter in one respect; it has a rope halter as part of the design to keep the halter in place.
  • The SHH has a neck pressure rope that slips over the horses head and then the rope halter part is tied on normally.
  • It can be disengaged and used as a normal rope halter or engaged to become a training and correctional tool.
  • When engaged, the SHH puts pressure on the horses nose and neck crest, releasing the poll completely.
  • It acts like a restraining devise when a horse decides to use his weight against the handler.
  • The SHH gives a horse a new “feel” and thus he must have a new reaction.
  • It gives a light weight person a little more advantage against a pushy heavy weight horse.
What Other Situations Can The Sierra Horse Halter Be Used For?
  • Stop a horse from nosing out and pulling the handler around.
  • Stop the pull back against the handler or post or horse trailer.
  • Stop general leading problems.
  • Motivate horses who won’t trailer load.
  • Restrain for the Vet or Ferrier
  • Help handle that stallion.
  • Accelerate Collection training and create beautiful head set.
  • Increase responsiveness for online training.
  • Additional restraint for bucking problems.
  • Helps promote quietness when standing tied.
When Should I Have My Horse Wear The Sierra Horse Halter?
Your horse should wear the Sierra Horse Halter  any time a halter is appropriate; especially if he or she has had a behavior corrected by the halter. Horses are extremely smart and they will quickly figure out when they must behave and when they don’t have to, if you switch back and forth between a conventional halter and the SHH.  After an extended time of using the SHH you may be able to go back to a normal rope halter if your horse has totally forgotten about trying to do the undesirable behavior.

Can I Use The Sierra Horse Halter When Riding?
I have seen the SHH used as a riding tool along with a bridle or Jaquima. When your horse is conditioned to the halter, it can be engaged while riding if he or she needs to be reminded that additional restraint is there.

What Precautions Should Be Taken When Using The SHH As a Correctional Aid?
Always, Always, Always!!!! Stay with your horse if he or she is prone to throwing his weight around when tied. The SHH is not a break away halter. It will not give way as some halters do. When combined with a good rope  the odds of breaking the halter are very slim. It is imperative that you spend time teaching your horse he cannot throw his fit anymore, but be prepared to loosen the rope if he falls down or gets upside down during a fit. As you know (those of you who have horses who do this) this is a dangerous action for you and your horse. Be there at all times during a training session, and be prepared to loosen the rope if he gets in trouble. The first session may be very wild, the second may be too, but I promise the later ones will be much milder until your horse thinks he is totally unable to get away.

What Is The Saddle Rigging Converter (Our 2nd Best Seller!)
The Saddle Rigging Converter is for those who like the center fire rigging but dislike how it is threaded with the latigo. This rigging converter still gives the even pressure from the front to the back of the saddle but the latigo is threaded through the center ring. Quick and easy and with a lot less effort. This is great for those of us who have a bit of arthritis. The buckle on the back lets the rigging be adjusted forward or back so the cinch sits in just the right spot. This can adjust the cinch back away from the sensitive elbow where galls and sores happen so often. This converter can be used on any saddle that has a ring on the front and back.  Comes in a pair; one for each side of the saddle. See our Video Below...

Don’t Settle For Dangerous Behavior, Teach Your Horse A Better Way With The Sierra Horse Halter!

You have horses because you love them and want to enjoy your time with them. Don’t let your love for your horse outweigh your need for safety and good training. The Sierra Horse Halter offers instant reward when he or she has “given to pressure” and respects the rope, handler or tie. You’ll love the difference it can make to your horse and why we say “The Sierra Horse Halter is the BETTER Horse Halter”. Call us today or shop our online store!

Contact: Gail Springer 
7720 Sweet Ola Hwy
Sweet, Idaho 83670
Phone: 208-610-6779
Website: Click Here To Connect

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