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Flowboot™ and Cold Compression Boot by Flowboot™
"Stay In The Flow” with FlowBoot™! FlowBoot™ has a one-of-a-kind design that Protects, Supports and Promotes FULL MOVEMENT and CIRCULATION, in a way that has never been done before!

With So Many Protection Boots On The Market, Why Was There A Need For FlowBoot™?

Statistics show us how important and how frail the FETLOCK area is, and yet, until now, there has been no advancement in technology. Conventional sports boots are basically all the same and offer little in support and tie into the pasterns inhibiting motion of the ankle, not to mention the sand that gets inside. Wraps offer little in strike protection. People have an aversion to wrapping having heard “If you wrap wrong you can do more harm than good”. Well FlowBoot has taken out the dangers of a bad wrap and has designed an anatomical boot which contours the leg and when wrapped doesn’t cut off the flow of blood, hence the name FlowBoot™.. only $59.99 a pair

What Is The FlowBoot™ Difference?

FlowBoot™ is designed specifically to protect and support the fetlock and proximal sesamoid. No
 other product compares to this unique design. The open front design of the FlowBoot™ creates a bridge to relieve pressure from the digital extensor tendon. The boot also has grooves that correspond to and create bridges over the palmar digital veins, ensuring proper blood circulation. A tight wrap combined with the soft foam cushions the fetlock, and gives support and strike protection. Fetlock injuries are the greatest cause of fatal musculoskeletal injuries in popular horse breeds, and, at the very least, can cost horse owners in down time, emotional pain and misery to your horse

* The FlowBoot protects, supports and allows full movement and circulation.
* Opening in front creates a bridge to relieve pressure from the digital extensor tendon
* Extra cushion and support to dissipate direct pressure on the superficial digital flexor tendon
* Supports and protects the ligaments of the proximal sesamoid bones to reduce load and hyperextension
* Grooves correspond to and create bridges over the palmar digital veins ensuring proper blood circulation
* 45 degree angle allows for proper application of the reinforcing waterproof wrap

With FlowBoot, I Don’t Have To Worry About Sand Getting Inside To Irritate My Horse! 

That's right! With FlowBoot™, no sand gets inside. They can even be used in extreme wet and muddy conditions with out becoming heavy and full of mud. This is achieved with a slight compression of the foam on the leg for a perfect conforming fit. The wrap compounds the strike protection, and really cushions the fetlock. It is amazing how the ankle will actually hit the ground when in full stride. All the weight of horse, tack, and rider bares down on the fetlock with tremendous force. Nature has given us a perfect but fragile mechanism in a load and release system composed of tendons, ligaments, and two little proximal sesamoid bones.

Why Inject? You Don’t Have To With FlowBoot™!

Injecting ankles is expensive, temporary, and creates long term damage and dependency Why not prevent and protect with FlowBoot™? The concept has been around now for a few years and has developed. We know that it really delivers and so do the many clients who have used the product. Often people are buying in to provide more support for a horse that is coming off an injury, or are simply not happy with what is out there in the way of protection.

Can My FlowBoot Become a  COLD COMPRESSION Wrap?
Yes! Our Cold Compression Boots are only $159.99 a pair and offer outstanding cold compression therapy Apply the boot as a cold wrap by soaking it in ice water or freeze the boot then wrap tightly with Lycra spandex wrap. Equal cold with compression is very effective post workouts. Cold compression therapy is commonly used to minimize damage following injury or surgery, and to help horses heal faster during rehabilitation.

Cold compression therapy benefits include:

* Decreased pain
* Decreased muscle spasms
* Decreased tissue damage
* Decreased swelling

When a horse sustains an injury, there is always a risk for inflammation and tissue damage. Research shows that cold compression therapy can shorten recovery time by as much as 50%.

Use It For:
* Sore tendons and muscles surrounding joints
* Sore feet
* Inflammation around the feet

What Is Cold Compression Therapy and How Can It Benefit My Horse?
Cold with compression is very effective post workouts and is commonly used to minimize damage following injury or surgery, and to help horses heal faster during rehabilitation. When a horse sustains an injury, there is always a risk for inflammation and tissue damage. Research shows that cold compression therapy can shorten recovery time by as much as 50%. The problem is there are so many products most of which are not effective, complicated, expensive, and time consuming.

FlowBoot™ has come up with a great way to use cold compression simple, effective, and easy.
No hoses, compressors, or stuffing ice in pockets. Horse can be walked or grazed and the boot will not slip, and no need to readjust. The boot is made of a soft foam with the ice blankets imbedded inside. The foam' s purpose is to keep the hard ice off the tissue which can cause 'cryoburn', it will compress which makes the therapy much more effective, it distributes  the compression evenly, and holds water which conducts or transfers the cold, water being the most conductive element on the planet.  The fetlock is comprised of tendons, ligaments, and proximal sesamoid bones all of which are avascular. Meaning little to no blood flowing within.  No blood to radiate and help cool off these bones and tendons makes this area a hot spot, making any injuries a long process to heal.  Prolonged heat creates, soreness, wind puffs, and will actually change the shape and dynamics.

FlowBoot's™ concept is so easy to use it can be a part of a routine post workout or used before hand to reduce pain in horses with existing issues. Soak boots in water then store in a plastic sack, freeze, thaw sightly, and wrap for 20 to 30 minutes. It chills deep and nothing makes a horse feel better than cold, slick, and tight ankles.

What Do Horse Owners Say About FlowBoots™?
I had been searching for a good, durable boot for my horse for a while when I found FlowBoot. Now I will never use anything else! These are great and fit my horse perfectly.
-Jane McGillen

FlowBoot is great! My horse loves his new boots and they keep him safe. I will never use anything else!
- Joan Smith

Is It True FlowBoots Are “Money Back Guaranteed?”
Yes and we are happy to say that no one has asked for their money back! There is a short learning curve in how to apply FlowBoots, give them a try and if it does’t work for you or your horse we will
 refund your money. We stand behind our product and strive to keep customers happy.

Stay “In The Flow” With FlowBoots™ and our Cold Compression Boots!

We all pay for the health of our horses in one way or another. If you can protect your horse’s as never before, without inhibiting their movement or circulation, wouldn’t you want to do it? FlowBoots™ and our Cold Compression Boots are the best money you’ll ever spend to never know the pain that comes when your horse has a preventable injury. Call us today— we’re happy to help you and answer your questions. See why horse owners, trainers and the performance world is turning to FlowBoot™ and call us today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
3302 Boca Chia Blvd
Brownsville, Texas 78521
Phone: 956-551-2828
Website: Click Here To Connect

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