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Quality Gaited Horse Saddle by Sycamore Creek Saddles
Sycamore Creek Saddles is the North American company that represents the famous CTK Saddlery in Bogota, Colombia, now owned by Dawn Emerson, active horse woman and rider.

Who Is Sycamore Creek Saddles?
Sycamore Creek Saddles s the North American company that represents the famous CTK Saddlery in Bogota, Colombia. Sycamore Creek Saddles is based  in Butler, TN.  Tony Pritchett started Sycamore Creek Saddles in 2007, and  began  representing their line of affordable, quality Paso Fino saddles. But, their saddles are not just for the Paso Fino. Gaited breeds need a  tree that has no twist. The Paso Fino. Peruvian Pasos, Foxtrotters, Tennessee Walkers, Icelandic, and many others. It's the twist in the back (or lack thereof) that determines the special needs of gaited horses. At Sycamore Creek Saddles, we don't just build GREAT  saddles-- we RIDE in them!

What Sets Sycamore Creek Saddles Apart From Other Gaited Horse Saddle Makers?
Sycamore Creek Saddles offers well built, affordable saddles. AFFORDABILITY-- with great quality is what our saddles are renowned for. We ask that the customer measure their horse and determine what kind of back their horse has... a twist--or, no twist. Every customer is offered a money back refund of the price of the saddle (less an import fee), if they do not want to keep the saddle, for any reason.

Who Is CTK Saddlery And --What Is Their Relationship With Sycamore Creek Saddlers?

CTK Saddlery is a Bogota, Colombia based company. Two brothers, Daniel and Leonardo Castelblanco, own the company. They are experts in constructing saddles that conform to the gaited horse, while keeping the prices reasonable. They use high quality oiled  leather from Colombia and the best stainless steel hardware. Sycamore Creek Saddles is the EXCLUSIVE dealer for CTK Saddlery here in the USA and North America.

Is It True That My Gaited Horse Actually Needs A Special Saddle?
Yes. Sure, you can ride gaited horses in a standard saddle- but you will NOT be enhancing your horse's natural movement –and could even cause chiropractic issues down the road or even  nerve damage. Remember, standard saddles are built with "trotting" in mind and gaited horses do not do a standard "trot"... the angles that their shoulders move are different than those of  'trotting' horses. Thanks to Larry Whitesell, world-renowned Gaited  Horse Clinician, my eyes were opened  many years ago to the specific needs and  tree angle designs required to enhance a gaited horse's ability.

What Styles Of Gaited Saddles Does Sycamore Creek Saddlery Have To Offer?
When you call Dawn about your saddle questions, she spends as much time as needed to walk you through your choices of styles and color and how to do a wither tracing. That conversation is what guides us toward discovering the attributes you want in a saddle. We offer many styles: Endurance, Tereque,  Western and Specialty Saddles. But, many of the saddle styles are interchangeable. A trail saddle can be used as an Endurance saddle and vice versa. An English saddle can be used on a trotting or a gaited horse. We also offer styles in non-gaited trees for horses that need that twist in the tree: Quarter Horses, Arabians, Gypsy Vanners, and other non-gaited breeds. It will take 6 to 10 weeks to have your saddle built and delivered. In other words, tell us what you need and we'll make it happen! We can do highly custom designs as well.

About Our Saddle Styles
Sycamore Creek Saddles has just a wonderful selection of Saddles .The trail saddles and endurance saddles don't have horns, per se'. They have an arch  pommel. The Tereque type saddles (item number begins with the letter "T") have an arched pommel that feels like the steering wheel of your car. It can be easily grabbed, in case your horse spooks. The Galapago type saddles (item number begins with the letter "G") have a rounded pommel that is not as easily grabbed. Both of these types of saddles are light weight and most have minimal skirting. The rigging can be V-rigging or a hybrid English/Western rigging. Each saddle is handmade to order, and not made in a production line assembly.

What About Headstalls?
We offer other tack as well. Jaquimas, the traditional Colombian, Paso Fino headgear, breast collars, Colombian bits, and saddle pads. We offer 100% wool felt saddle pads that are ¼ inch to ½ inch thick. Our memory foam pads are covered in cloth, cordura and are ½ inch thick. Because our saddles are padded underneath, with memory foam, a thick pad is not needed. In fact, any saddle pad will work fine with our saddles, as long as it is not too thick.

Who Do I Contact To Get Information On My New Gaited Saddles?

Sycamore Creek Saddles Dawn Emerson is the owner, customer service contact, and exclusive North American Dealer for the famous CTK Saddles from Colombia. CTK  Saddlery makes a great saddle and she is  proud to be their North American Representative. Dawn works from  home and has a very low profit margin to make these exquisite saddles as affordable as possible. Sycamore Creek Saddles reaches out to the horse owner who needs a custom fitting saddle, for their horse and  for them and who might be on a limited budget, yet wants all the qualities of a much more expensive saddle. Call Dawn today and she is happy to work with you!

Contact: Dawn Emerson 
481 Draft Road
Butler, Tennessee 37640
Phone: 828-387-7007
Website: Click Here To Connect

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