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Scoot Boot Revolutionary New Riding Hoof Boots!
Are you looking for a “boot” that can actually be worn while riding, jumping and performing? Scoots Boots are the answer you are looking for!

How Did Scoot Boots Come To Be?
Scoot Boots are the revolutionary new hoof boots, designed by a farrier, to stay put while you are riding! Dave MacDonald is the creator and innovator of Scoot Boots. He had spent 30 years working with horses, 15 years of which were spent working as a farrier, before he developed the world’s first practical hoof boot, the ‘Old Macs’ multi-purpose hoof boot in 1998.

Back in 1998 when the barefoot movement was in its infancy, Dave realised that the majority of shod horses could quite comfortably go barefoot with correct hoof maintenance, and that, over time, they could be aided with the use of hoof boots when riding over rough terrain. Once the ‘Old Mac’ came to fruition, he then had to convince horse owners that they could actually ride a horse in boots and that they could be used in most equine disciplines.

So What Makes Scoot Boots Superior To All Other Hoof Boots?
Since the advent of the ‘Old Macs’, many new hoof boot designs have entered the global market to cater for the rapidly growing industry of barefoot trimming and booting. The Scoot Boot is the latest innovation in hoof boot technology and is superior to any other horse boot on the market due to its simplicity and ease of fit.

Can I Wear My Scoot Boots During Jumping and Competitions?

YES YOU CAN - so long as your equine regulatory body allows it-- every show has different rules! Properly fitted Scoot Boots are the “go anywhere” and “do anything” elite boot that stays secure in any riding discipline. See testimonials from all types of riders—all enjoying a solid performance in their Scoot Boots.

How Are Scoot Boots Different From Competitors?
Unlike other hoof boots, the Scoot Boot will not get soggy, heavy or wet when riding through muddy and wet terrain. This is due to the Scoot Boot being constructed of very strong thermoplastic urethane (TPU), as well as the securing straps, which gives the Scoot Boot superb strength to stand up to all types of terrain that you and your horse may ride over.
Scoot Boots are:

Easy on easy off
* Will not get soggy, heavy or wet when riding through muddy and wet terrain
* Superb strength over all types of terrain
* Larger fitting range
* No cables or Velcro to clog with mud, hair or debris
* No cables that need replacing
* Lightweight — approximately 250grams (9 ounces) a boot
* Excellent drainage
* Easy to clean
* No adjustment is required and securement is achieved by its unique design
* Unparalleled for security and traction
* Will fit hooves securely throughout a whole trimming cycle
* Great ventilation and breathability for hot climate riding

What If I Need Something Really Light?
The entire collection of Scoots are lightweight. Scoot Slims have been designed for rear hooves that are narrow and slightly contracted.

What If I Am An Endurance Rider Riding LONG Distances Daily?
Scoot Boots are what you need! For endurance riders with Arabian horses, Scoot Slims are better suited as these are for horses with narrow or contracted hooves. Scoot Slims can also be used but must be glued by an experienced, competent gluer. Endurance gaiters should be used for endurance riding, however, Scoot Boot will shortly be introducing adhesive EVA tape that allows you to place protection on any part of the Scoot.

How Many Scoot Boots Do I Need (2 or 4?)
The majority of riders only use boots on the front feet as the front-end of the horse bears over 60%-70% of a horse’s bodyweight during motion. This is why the majority of lower leg injuries are sustained to a horse’s front legs. The rear legs mainly propel the horse and therefore have significantly less direct weight bearing. However, if you are endurance riding or riding on extreme surfaces, and your horse’s hooves have not fully transitioned, then you may require boots on all four feet.

Do I Need Pads For My Scoot Boots?

No, unless you are using boots on a sensitive hoof that has sustained an injury or has sensitive soles. The sole/shell is constructed of TPU that has very high shock absorbing capabilities on its own without the need to use pads on a healthy hoof. If you do require pads, you can purchase them from our online store.

Can I Use Scoot Boots For Rehabilitation or Sensitive Soles?
Scoot Boots are being used for some areas of rehabilitation. Scoot Boots are great for sensitive soles and can be left on longer than most boots due to their superior breathability. This is vital to prevent build-up of fungus and bacteria, which is caused by the hoof overheating and trapping moisture. Scoot Boots also relieve toe pressure, which is a necessity for laminitic horses. If using pads, we recommend the maximum size of pads used in Scoot Boots be no thicker than 4mm – 5mm as using thicker pads may affect the optimal fit.

How Do I Size My Scoot Boots?
Sizing is easy but we need you to follow a few steps. Before measuring, ensure your horse has had a correct barefoot trim (ie rolled toe, bevelled hoof-wall and low-heel). Measurements need to be taken within 2 weeks of a trim.
Take three photos of each hoof  and see images on this page:

First photo - start your tape measure at the centre of the toe and work backwards over the frog, level with the flat surface of the heels (heel buttress). Do not measure to the back of the heels where they contact the skin as indicated below
Second photo - place your tape measure across the widest part of the hoof.
Third photo - front of hoof which shows the hoof's shape
Send your three photos of each hoof to for free sizing advice

What If I Have More Questions Regarding Scoot Boots?
We are happy to answer them and  help you every step of the way! You may also like to visit our FAQ Page so that your answers can be immediate. Our customers— and horses— love their Scoot Boots and the added confidence it gives them over a variety of terrain.  

What Do People SAY About Scoot Boots?
Can you jump in scoot boots? Why YES you can! I sent you a photo of  Robbie and I schooling at home over 1.15m in our scoot boots. He finds my arena surface a little gritty so these boots give him a better feeling.
Jessie Montgomery, NZ

Here I am competing in a cowgirl rodeo with my little mare in her scoot boots. They were awesome. Stayed on running, stopping, working cattle all day long.
Cathi Carson Wright, Texas, USA

So my scoots arrived a couple days ago and I finally got to try them out today- we absolutely love them! Fitted beautifully and made Rosanna a lot more comfortable. We have a very stony track leading out of our yard and usually Ro veers to the grassy sides, but wasn't at all fussed today and walked straight down the middle. I'm also super impressed by the quality and how soft, yet durable the boots are.

Can't thank scoots enough- not only an absolutely amazing product but the communication and effort put into making sure I got the boots and that they were the right size was fabulous. Thank you so much! Rosanna and I love them and there will be many more pictures to come!

Phoebe Murphy Symonds, Wiltshire, UK

My appy gelding just did 18 miles in one day on rough trails, rocky, boggy, grassy, wet, up/down hills, in water...all in his scoot boots and not once did they come off! So proud of him and Scoot Boots. Scoot Boots worn in the northern most part of Alaska!!! Success!!
Lynn Crance, Alaska, USA

Don’t Leave Your Horse’s Feet Unprotected, Ride With Scoot Boots and Order Today!
Everything is riding on your horse’s feet. Carrying the weight of the horse and the rider and asked to go over all kinds of terrain, smart horse owners are using Scoot Boots to give that added layer of protection in a way that has never been available before to riders. Call us today— we’ll help you with your order and sizing and will be proud to have you join the thousands of riders who won’t ride without their Scoot Boots!

Contact: Elena Davey 
111 Cahill Place Acton Park
Tasmania, Australia 7170
Phone: +613 6248-1695
Website: Click Here To Connect

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