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Story of My Morgan Horse, Sugar by Ann Pruitt

So many people have asked me the story on how I came to get Sugar, that I have shared it for my friends who want to know. To me, it is an incredible story, as Sugar is such a blessing in my life... enjoy!

I am totally happy to share it, but first I have to tell you the Story on how I got Splendor, the beautiful black Morgan mare I had dreamed of all my life.

My Husband, Bob had told me in 1988 that I could get a horse. I searched far and wide and everywhere we looked, the horses I saw was not the horse I saw in my mind ( a beautiful black mare) ... finally, after a year Bob said "I can't take this, get your horse or let's forget the entire thing" (he was tired of my rejections of the other perfectly beautiful horses)

So one day, I went to a horse farm and saw a lovely Chestnut Morgan who was running away (playing) holding a baseball cap and his owner, (a man) was chasing him, yelling for the horse to "give back my hat !"-- pretending to be mad. The horse was beautiful and very similar to the picture I had in my mind. So I decided to buy him.

He was for sale, but not really because the man said he loved him to much to actually let him go-- BUT... he would tell me where he bought him (A Morgan Horse Farm in Idaho called "Hi Sage Morgan Horse Farm." We were living in California at the time.

I called Karen the owner of Hi Sage, described the horse I had had in my mind since I was a small child and she said, to my amazement-- "I have your horse".
Ann with Splendor

When she said that, an overwhelmingly WONDERFUL feeling overcame me that told me she did INDEED have my horse.  Bob had a fit that I sent money for a horse "sight unseen", but once we got her, he fell in love-- as I did-- from the moment she stepped off the truck.

Splendor was a stunningly beautiful black Morgan-- the very horse of my dreams-- and she was INDEED... "My horse". I never wanted another horse, I loved her so much-- she was my MAGIC horse -- like the horse from Fairy tales-- and everyone who met her felt the same way. She was everything I ever dreamed-- and we shared so many marvelous adventures. I could never imagine my life without her.

Splendor with Laminitis.When Splendor died after a two year battle at the young age of 24 of laminitis  (she should have lived to be about 40) I was crushed. So crushed that I just couldn't fill the void she had left-- and so was Bob but he insisted I look for another horse-- just something I could ride and enjoy. I believe Splendor would have wanted it as well 

I NEVER ... EVER... EVER expected the Lord would provide me with another horse so incredible and magical a 2nd time-- but that is what HE did.

As I searched and Searched, looking for a Morgan mare, I came across an old "chat room" talking about a morgan horse farm in Canada.

Bob had shown me HUNDREDS of photos of BEAUTIFUL Morgans, many very near us that we could drive over and look at-- but none of them touched my heart.

I had called DOZENS of farms asking about their morgans, but nothing really came of it.

I went to this site "A1 Morgans" in CANADA (of all places).. and saw a lovely photo of a chestnut mare that looked so much like Splendor (except the color).

I called and a very nice lady (sounded like Mrs. Santa Claus to me) told me the mare was sold. I felt terrible. She then asked me what I was looking for. I told her about Splendor. Then... she said something that knocked me off my chair she said "Ann..... I have your horse"... While I was MARVELING that I would hear that phrase again, I was DUMBFOUNDED to find that the SAME incredible, WONDERFUL feeling overwhelmed me yet again that said that she DID in fact have my horse.

Then... she sent me a terrible photo. The horse was dirty, standing crooked, and it was just a terrible photo. I DID NOT want the horse in the photo! I decided I HAD to be mistaken and made up my mind not to call her back. But then, 15 minutes later, the nice Lady (Ida) called me back... while she was talking-- I was AGAIN filled with that WONDERFUL WONDERFUL feeling that told me that she DID have my horse!

I went back to the photo she had sent. I my minds eye I cleaned up the horse, I had the horse stand straight with ears forward.... ALL OF A SUDDEN, I saw a horse that looked just like SPLENDOR (in so many ways!) I KNEW that was MY HORSE.
Ann with Sugar

It was a little bit of an argument with Bob because he  had spent days trying to help me locate a horse that was as lovely as our beloved Splendor. He couldn't see why I would want the homely horse in the photo after showing me so many beautiful Morgan horses... most only a couple hour drive away.

He didn't see her beauty (and I hadn't the first time either) in that photo. Plus the horse was in Canada and we are in South Florida. So maybe it didn’t really make sense. I decided to let the conversation drop, but all night I dreamed of the little Morgan mare in the bad photo, that I had seen with NEW eyes-- a horse that looked so much like my beloved Splendor. The next morning I woke up and talked to Bob who was looking at horses at his desk--  he had not had much sleep the night before either.

I put my arms around him and said "How Do you feel about the name "Sugar"?"...

With a look of disbelief mixed with defeat he said "You have already NAMED her?" I smiled, he said, "Well if that is the case, I want you to call up Ida and buy that horse!" He smiled-- I could tell that he was happy I had found a horse I wanted.

I called up Ida and sealed the deal. Ida then found several STUNNING baby photos that I showed Bob.. he loved them! We could both see what a BEAUTIFUL horse she was in the baby photos! Ida had named her Rosa K II... I hated the name. But loved the name SUGAR. Bob really liked the name SUGAR and so she has been "Sugar" ever since.

To make a long story Short, Bob has loved Sugar from the moment she walked off the truck-- just like I have. Sugar looks so much like Splendor, and is very similar, but different. She is her own "Person"...

She had no training so Bob started her for me and that has helped me build my confidence that I lost somehow during the two years we nursed our Splendor hoping against hope she would recover.
Sugar and I are very connected and she makes me LAUGH everyday... she makes Bob  laugh too. She is so convinced the world revolves around her, that she actually makes it happen.  Sugar is the BEST SWEETEST FUNNIEST PRETTIEST little thing and she turns heads (Just like Splendor) every day.

Ann riding Sugar!She has filled the tremendous hole in my life. What a blessing that the Lord gave me TWO such INCREDIBLE... unbelievably beautiful and intelligent and special horses-- I am so grateful.

Peter Pan once said he could not fly without his "happy thought"... Splendor, and now Sugar, have been and continue to be the "happy thought" that makes me fly... and together we soar on many grand and wonderful adventures...

Ann Pruitt- Director of Marketing InfoHorse.com
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