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Choose the Right Horse Stall System
Horse Stalls by Ramm Fence
If you've priced stall systems, you know they represent a substantial capital investment for any farm.
Ramm Stalls & Horse Fencing written by Elizabeth Baril

Whether your personal style leans towards a rich Tuscany look, the curvy lines of the British royal stable or a more standard look--- be sure to do your homework before you take out your checkbook. It's easy to get carried away by pretty pictures in a catalog. The key is to buy from a company that has a commitment to quality and has a stellar track record of customer service. Whether we're installing them in a new barn or renovating an old barn, stalls are an improvement we should only have to invest in once.
To meet that goal, your stall system should be strong enough to stand up to the most accident prone horse in the stable---and, let's face it---we all have at least one. We want lots of choices in grille work and design, of course, but we also want a quality finish that will look as good ten years from now as it does on the day of installation. Let's take a look at what makes a quality stall system.

How to Recognize Quality Horse Stall Construction
Aesthetics are important, of course, but quality materials make the top of our must-have list. Safety and durability are not optional.
Steel versus aluminum. A 14-gauge steel construction for the body of the stall and 16-gauge steel on the grille fronts is recommended for stalls. Some manufacturers use aluminum construction, but steel offers superior strength. Aluminum can crack or bend under extreme pressure and that can lead to one of those horse injuries we’d rather avoid.  

Welding. The welding process is important when it comes to keeping your horses safe. But, it is not standard across the industry. Some companies are taking a satisfactory process and taking it one step further. They’re putting the welds on the inside of the grille channels. That not only makes for a cleaner, prettier look, but it’s also safer for your horses. No more burrs or bumps to snag a curious equine nose.

Galvanization. Steel, however, does require a finish to protect it from the moist barn environment so look for a galvanized zinc coating for durability. The galvanized zinc coating protects the steel from oxidation which leads to rust---and we all know how corrosive and unsightly rust can be.

Finish coat. Here’s where you can have a little fun choosing colors. Green and black are the most common choices, but some companies offer just about any color you can imagine, including custom colors. Look for powder-coated finishes for a tougher finish than liquid paint. Not all powder-coated finishes are made alike, though---so once again, it’s important to do your homework. Buy only from a company that is committed to getting this process right. 

What’s your style?
Custom, designer, and standard stalls. Now that you know what to look for when it comes to strength and durability, you’re ready to choose your design. Choose a company that will work with you to design a stall system that reflects your barn lifestyle. But, even standard stalls can be beautiful, especially if you dress things up with optional feed doors and swing out feed openings. We spend a lot of time in the barn. It’s important that the colors and styles we choose keep us happy for years to come.

Portable Stalls. Portable stalls are a great option for anyone who would like to have the option of changing the barn’s floor plan without tearing down a single wall. However, it's critical to buy a quality product- one that will keep your horses safe. The portable stall market is a tough one to navigate. Portable should never mean flimsy. But if you follow the rules for quality construction discussed previously you'll do great. Look for 14-gage steel and stalls that go together easily with 14-gage steel wall mounts and connectors. A portable stall system should be strong enough to remain free-standing.
Ramm Stalls and Horse Fencing

You won’t have to go far to find quality stall systems. Ramm Stalls & Horse Fencing has been offering quality products for over 20 years. Our stall systems offer extraordinary durability, quality craftsmanship, and affordability. Our field tester, Fred---a 17hh Percheron gelding loved to scratch his bum or his head on whatever part of his stall was handy. We build all our stalls---portable and permanent---with Fred in mind. Ramm stalls are built with 14-gauge steel in the doors and walls and 16-gauge steel in grill fronts. Hidden welds keep your horses safe from burrs that could snag his lip and a galvanized zinc coating ensures our stalls won’t rust.  

Ramm Stalls & Horse Fencing is proud of our superior powder-coated finish. We’ve gone one step further than most of our competitors. We hot dip stalls, allow them to dry, and then spray each piece with a powder-coating primer. We bake the stalls half-way and then finish with a specially blended grade of paint.  Our curing process is three times longer than most standard powder coatings used on the market today, setting us well ahead of the pack. Our Standard Horse Stalls were rated #1 in Horse Journal Magazine for their design, safety, and ease of installation.
You can rely on Ramm Stalls & Horse Fencing for great customer service as well. We work closely with our customers to help them design a barn they’ll never want to leave! Choose from Custom, Designer, Portable, and Standard options. Call Ramm Stalls & Horse Fencing today at

800-434-8456 or visit us at rammfence.com.

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