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Traveling can be an extremely stressful time for horses and horse owners alike. Whether it is down the street or across the country, transporting horses is potentially dangerous. Article by HydraHorse

Horses are more susceptible when traveling to stress and other problems, and these risks require owners and horse haulers to be aware of them and their severity.  The risks involved with travelling are not limited to road hazards, weather conditions, or faulty equipment, but also include dehydration and potentially colic. Colic and dehydration both stem from the lack of water available, which is common while transporting. Water is always one of the most important components to keeping horses healthy and is essential when traveling.

According to an article by Dr. Jay Altman, a study done by California State University and the University of California, horses travelling during the summer time on a 24 hour haul will lose an average of 6% of their body weight. This is due to “heat dissipation, sweat loss, and decreased water intake during transit”.  After 24 hours of rest, the horses on average gained back 50% of their weight loss.  The study also concluded that the lack of water during transport increased the number of severe injuries during competitions and the number of health problems with those horses.

Water is the most important and vital nutrient in a horse’s diet.  Most horses do not have access to familiar, fresh water during travel. When horses do have access to water at stops along the way most horses are reluctant to drink. This is because the water is unfamiliar and tastes different to what they have become accustom to. Additionally, getting horses to drink when you want them to on the road is never an easy task. Either way, this results in the horse refusing to drink water which can cause serious health issues. Furthermore, horses very rarely drink when you want them to because they would rather watch passing cars or eat grass.
HydraHorse Horse Trailer Automatic Waterer

Here are some common problems and the symptoms associated with lack of water, according to The Horsemen’s Veterinary Encyclopedia are:

•Dehydration: condition where more fluids are lost than are absorbed in the body which can be caused by lack of available water or sickness.
Symptoms include a slight fever, faster breathing, a weak pulse, muscle weakness, sunken eyes, and loosened skin.  Dehydration can be checked for by gently pulling up skin in the middle of the horse’s neck and letting go.  If the skin remains wrinkled or returns to the neck very slowly, the horse is dehydrated. 

•Heat Stroke (Hyperthermia): condition caused by the heat regulation mechanism in the body’s malfunction caused by dehydration, high temperatures, high humidity, and poor ventilation.
Symptoms are generally gradual and include heavy sweating, weakness, tremors, high respiratory rate, and sometimes collapse.  High pulses and temperatures may also be seen in heat stroke cases.

•Impaction Colic: caused dehydration due to traveling or cold weather, by feeding at very long intervals, poor roughage, poor dentition, and parasite infestations.
Symptoms of illeocaecal impaction most commonly presented are gradual increase from abdominal pain, and a small increase in pulse rate which is followed by an increase in pain, depression, sweating, rolling, pawing, struggling, and cold extremities.  When the pain becomes continuous the pulse will normally raise to around 80-120 beats per minute and the horse’s respiratory rate will increase to about 30-40 breaths per minute.  It is accompanied by a fever of 103˚ F.  If the colic passes this point death will occur within 48 hours after the onset of pain.  If only the colon is impacted the illness is longer and less acute.
Other problems that can occur while transportation of horses include but are not limited to diarrhea which causes dehydration, laminitis, pneumonia, and founder. 

Clearly, there are many risks involved with the transporting horses. No matter if you are traveling for a leisurely trail ride or for a competition or event, the risks associated with transporting horses can severely impact the horse’s health and performance. Not to mention, the stress and time wasted trying to prevent these risks. Luckly, in September of 2010, the inventors of the HydraHorse system have a solution for this problem with the first proven system of its kind. A system designed to alleviate the health risks and stress associated with the transportation of horses.

HydraHorse is a revolutionary drinking system for horses and livestock. As the first proven system of its kind, HydraHorse does its best to make sure horses stay hydrated and healthy on the road or at home. The in-trailer system gives horses the ability to drink water in a clean and safe environment while traveling all the while limiting unnecessary stops.
Horse Trailer Water

The patented bowls help prevent spills and prevent the horse from slipping in the trailer. Not only can HydraHorse be used inside the trailer while traveling, but with the quick release feature on the bowls, owners can quickly take the bowl to the outside of your trailer once they reached their destination. HydraHorse prevents the problems of colic and dehydration due to travel stress and also provides the horse with water they are accustomed to. HydraHorse is recommended by numerous vets and the likes of horse experts, such as, Richard Holder DVM, and Josh Lyons. HydraHorse can be customized to fit into any trailer and is also very useful in stalls and barns. It is recommended to have a local trailer dealer install the system for convenience, but instructions are provided for home installation as well. Contact HydraHorse, so you too can experience the peace of mind, knowing your horses will have free access to clean water at home or in the trailer.

Here is what the experts say:
"The hardest and most stressful part of hauling horses is finding fresh water. The new HydraHorse system provides my horses with the clean fresh water as they travel down the road. This system not only makes my job less stressful but helps my horses arrive safely and with a lot more energy. I won’t haul my horses again without a HydraHorse system on my trailer."  Josh Lyons

I would suggest all Horse Trailer Manufacturers should offer the HydraHorse Automatic Watering System as an option for every trailer. Our trailer is much more valuable to us now that we have our HydraHorse system installed. Very durable, high quality waterer is a stress reliever for me and our horses!  Bob Pruitt CEO

As President of the Ranch Sorting National Championships I highly recommend the HydraHorse system. This innovative system will add to the well being of all horses that travel with us to competitions all across the country and assure each of us that they are properly hydrated and not road weary when we need them to perform at their best.
This product is long overdue and in my opinion should be a must for anyone who appreciates the dedication and effort that we ask of them.

Dave Wolfe, HydraHorse President
“My biggest concern was durability. This product is more than durable and quality made for horses of every kind. The biggest problem with buckets and other methods is that, truthfully, most of the time it never gets done due to the inconvenience. The HydraHorse in-trailer drinking system is a great product and most needed for all who travel.”
Richard Holder, DMV

To learn more about the HydraHorse System you can visit or contact them directly at or toll free at 877-404-0489.

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