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Tilt-Tie™ Horse Trailer Ties
The Tilt-Tie™ is a new and safe way to tie your horse to allow more freedom of movement while safely secured outside your horse trailer.

About Our Company
The inventor of the TiltTie™ had his “ear to the ground” when somebody said: “I wish someone would make a trailer tie that was worth owning”. Then a farrier customer of his, after seeing the Tilt-Tie™, as it evolved to be called, said “Now that’s quality, I know hundreds of horse people that would buy a couple of those!” The
Tilt-Tie™ is the essence of taking a four-gate corral along for each horse on your trailer. It allows the horses free domain of their tie area. It sets by pulling one small pin and swinging it out from the trailer. After that hook your lead and adjust it 2-6 inches from the ground and your horse thinks he is in “high cotton”! We, at Tilt-Tie™, know trailers and horses because we have been in business since 1987

The Tilt-Tie™

With The Tilt-Tie there is no need to take along heavy, bulky corral panels. Your horses can graze, lie down, and exercise without becoming entangled in the tie rope. And when your sleeping in the trailer overnight it won’t be shaking from your horses tugging on the tie rope. Here are some of the great features of the Tilt-Tie™:

  • Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Tilt-Tie gives you a safe place on the trail or away from the ranch to safely tie your horse.
  • Adjustable Spring Tension: The only tie with tension adjustment!
  • Allows your horse to comfortably lie down, roll or frolic, or safely be tied overnight.
  • Can easily be installed to just about any location; trailer, barn, corral, etc. (additional base brackets available).
  • Covered by our 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Made in the USA.

Is Tilt-Tie™ Easy To Install?
Tilt-Tie™ order comes complete with everything you need but the horse and trailer! Two sets of bolts are included for mounting the unit. This in consideration that trailers have different thickness of walls, thus a shorter/longer set.  The Tilt-Tie™ is simple and easy to install. Installs in 10-50 minutes. Think out carefully where you are intending to mount the Tilt-Tie™ - especially when more then one unit is being mounted.

A height of about 7 feet is recommended but this may vary depending on the height of the animal being tethered and height available for mounting on a trailer. The Tilt-Tie should be mounted high enough to allow for free movement without the unit coming in contact with the animal’s head during normal movement.

Bolts must be installed from the outside with the nuts and washers on the inside. It may be necessary to trim the bolt on the inside if it protrudes on the inside to avoid injury to your animals. The mount spot selected must have the structural integrity such as a trailer frame post to support the
Tilt-Tie™ when in use. Sheet metal or Aluminum Skin used in the trailer industry will not give adequate support!

Is TILT-TIE For All Breeds Of Horses?

Tilt-Tie™ can be used with any and all breeds of horses. It is imperative however to train your horse's to tie. It is recommended leading them to the tie, and eventually leading them to, and tying to the Tilt-Tie.  Warning: Animals should not be left unattended while using this product. This product should not be used to restrain animals of unpredictable temperament. Assessment of the temperament is the sole responsibility of the owner or user.

What Do Customers Say About Tilt-Tie™?

I recently ordered two Tilt-Ties and an extra base.I LOVE THEM!!!! I cannot say enough about the great user, horse, and trailer friendly construction. The person I had put them on for me owns a trailer/welding business in town and mentioned what a wonderful product the Tilt-Ties were, and he doesn't even own or ride horses!

I like the Tilt-Tie a lot - I feel absolutely confident that my horse will not get hung up while tied to it at the trailer and that he can eat and even lay down safely. Also, in these tough economic times, I really appreciate that this wonderfully engineered product is made right here in the good ol’ USA.
Tahoe, California

Thought you'd get a chuckle out of this photo of Rio enjoying his new Tilt-Tie. With the added freedom afforded by the Tilt-Tie, he's now able to do more investigating of the living quarters, in search of the much-coveted carrot supply. Do you sell locks for camper doors? Seriously, the Tilt-Ties work very well and we'll enjoy using them for years to come.

Sue & Dan Seidlitz
Newbury Park, California

Order Your Tilt-Tie™ Today!
See why more and more horse owners across the nation are using Tilt-Tie™ to keep their horses tied comfortably. Horses like to move and Tilt-Tie™ allows them more freedom in a safe, controlled way.
For more information and to place your order, please CALL today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
13121 Maugansville Rd.
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740
Phone: 301-791-1469
Website: Click Here To Connect

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