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Pulse FX System Tire Pressure Monitor, by L & S Safety Solutions
The Pulse  FX System, with a standalone display, allows the user to monitor the tire pressure and temperature, for your trailer AND your truck,  with the most advanced display in the industry.

About L & S Safety Solutions
L & S Safety Solutions has over 25 years experience in the Tire Pressure Monitoring industry while distributing PressurePro products. L & S Safety Solutions has been an exclusive North American provider for PressurePro and has worked closely with PressurePro over the years to help develop products and provide customer feedback to improve existing products. We can provide complete support from custom recommendations for your TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) needs to extensive technical support and product availability. With many TPMS products, you will never be able to talk directly with your supplier to help you when you need it. L & S Safety can supply you with the systems, parts and knowledge at the best pricing. Call us to answer your questions!

People Often Ask, "Why Monitor Tire Pressure?"

How many times have you driven down the road and seen a trailer of any kind sitting on the side of the road while waiting for a new tire. And the same trailer damaged by the blown out tire? A tire blowout on a trailer at highway speed can be a disaster, particularly if you are pulling live cargo. The trailer can go out of control and even overturn from a blown tire. Many of L & S Safety Solutions’’ customers are pulling horses or livestock that are valuable to you and are even your best friend. Monitoring the tire pressures and temperatures can allow you to act BEFORE a problem happens and you endanger your horses. We can put you in control and warn you before a low tire situation becomes critical!

The Pulse Platform of TPMS
The PressurePro Pulse lineup can monitor both your pull and tow vehicles while you are on the road. The system is fully customizable with up to five separate vehicles and 80 total wheel locations. Pull your horse trailer with multiple trucks? No problem! You can have a complete set of sensors for each vehicle for ease of use or transfer sensors between vehicles for a more economical solution. Pull multiple trailers with the same truck? Again, no problem with the Pulse or Pulse FX system which will allow you to swap trailers with ease.

Can I Change Between Multiple Vehicles With The Pulse Platform?
YES! The Pulse platform gives you the flexibility to change between multiple vehicles by allowing you to program up to five vehicles and 80 wheel locations. The Pulse platform provides you with the ability to set up low and high level pressure and temperature custom alerts for your best performance.

Want To Use Your Existing Smart Device? Pulse FX Is The Answer!
Leading another revolution in the tire performance management, PressurePro again breaks the mold with the release of Pulse FX. The first BYOD (bring your own display) based TPMS option designed specifically for any vehicle from towables to RVs to tractor/trailer rigs, FX allows users to leverage PressurePro’s leading sensor technology alongside existing smart devices; delivering the market’s most trusted and proven monitoring, at never-before-seen value.


*  Leveraging existing devices as displays, customers unlock the ability to utilize  PressurePro’s unparalleled Sensor technology at unbeatable prices.


*  Unrivaled tire capacity and pressure range, as well as unit storage abilities, users experience unequaled capabilities including instant toggling of units.


*  PP’s custom App, provides unsurpassed ease of installation and use while fully customizable alerts provide unmatched safety and savings.

What About Installation?
Most Pulse or Pulse FX systems can be installed with minutes. Depending on the total length of your pull/tow vehicle setup, you may need an external antenna to ensure the most reliable reception and best performance. Easy to follow written and video installation instructions are available.
*  Add Fuel Efficiency
* Improve Tread Life
* Enhance Performance
* Increase Driver Safety
* Boost Stability and Handling
* And Drive Green!
You'll love the peace of mind!

Why Buy From L & S Safety Solutions?

    •    L&S Safety Solutions sells/specializes in TPMS products!
    •    We offer excellent, knowledgeable, personalized customer service before, during and after purchase!
    •    We offer 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee!
    •    We will meet or beat any other authorized Dealer or Distributor prices!
    •    We pay Ground shipping costs in the U.S. for all system orders!
    •    We can ship the same day if order is placed by 1:00 pm EST!
    •    We supply expert technical assistance Monday-Friday 8 am - 5 pm!
    •    We have been selling to the RV & trucking industries for over 20 years!
    •    We stock all components and accessories!
    •    Drive smart, drive safe, drive green...PressurePro™.
    •    PressurePro™...reliable under pressure.
    •    Compare our products to our competitor's.
    •    Proud to be the Only TPMS Product Designed, Developed and Manufactured in the USA!

What Our Customers Say About L & S Safety Solutions?
Last month, on my way to Tennessee with my truck and horse trailer, my wireless tire pressure pro alarm went off for my left front truck tire. Sure enough, I had rolled over a roofing screw and the tire was leaking air slowly. I drove straight to a tire repair place and was able to have the tire repaired while my horse lounged in the trailer. Most tire shop workers don’t see horses often, so all the cell phone cameras were out snapping away. What a HAM. As I drove away, I thought, “Man, that TPMS just paid for itself.” I would never had known my tire was leaking and probably would have had a blow out on a steering truck tire, even if I had checked the tire pressures at the start of the trip. Then, last week on my trip home from Brown County, I was zooming along the highway in a construction zone when the TPMS alarm went off again, this time the rear driver’s side horse trailer tire. Well, what do you know, I drove over something that caused a nice sized hole in the tire. I was able to pull over to a safe place before the pressure in the tire dipped below 60 pounds, saving the tire and who knows what else if that tire had blown. Thanks for a great product!
 Tom P

I’m very grateful for my PressurePro™ TPMS!
We had a sudden blow out on a rear dual tire this summer. Because of PressurePro™, I was able to prove that it was not because of under inflation (in other words, not my fault) and therefore the manufacturer replaced the tire (at a prorated cost). I’m certain that had it not been for PressurePro™, there would have been an attempt by the manufacturer to put the blame on under-inflation, and therefore on me. When I explained that I check the actual pressure every morning and that this tire was fine when I checked it, and that the Monitor was still working (checked it on the replacement tire) they didn’t have a leg to stand on.
 Rod A

I wanted to let you know I received my Monitor and Sensors and they work great. In fact, I’ve had 2 tires go bad in the last 2 weeks and the PressurePro™ caught them both before they went flat and caused an accident and/or damage. The system has paid for itself already. Thanks for everything, you’re a great company to work with.
 Doug M

When Traveling, Shouldn’t You Have The PressurePro Pulse or Pulse FX To Keep You Safe?
Few things can spell danger, worry or headache like a blown tire— especially with a trailer full of horses or out miles from help. The PressurePro Pulse and Pulse FX WILL make a world of difference to you, your peace of mind, and your ability to stay safe out there while traveling. Call and talk to Steve today— tell us about your horses, your trucks and let us show you how we can make travel a safer experience for you all!

Contact: Stephen Berry
2210 Pennsylvania Blvd
Green River, Wyoming 82932
Phone: 800-521-6820
Website: Click Here To Connect

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