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Myofortil by Equina USA
Myofortil by Equina USA helps horses become more comfortable during performance and can assist with Neurologically stressed horses. You'll love the results!

About Equina USA
Equina USA (managed by my company Way Station Wellness, Inc) is the exclusive distributor of the Equina products in the USA. The company is based in Germany and was founded over 30 years ago by a horseman and scientist named Klaus Beckmann. The basis of the company was always to create a realistic product, one that could truly be absorbed and utilized by the horse, with ingredients that could be processed in a way to maintain potency and reach the intended goal. The company was based on uncompromised sourcing so only the best quality ingredients were used. With a team of top nutritionists, products were developed under the strict standards of good science, German regulations, and Klaus himself. The products gained popularity among top German riders. Equina also started supplying Hungary, Dubai, Austria, Poland, England, and Switzerland with the full line of supplements. It was later (2007) that the products made their way to the USA. 

About Sara Perkins DVM and Exclusive Distributor of Equina USA
Says Sara: I have been an equine vet since 2000, when I graduated from the WSU vet school. I completed an internship at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington KY, I worked with the internal medicine group at UC Davis, and I have been in general private practice since 2003, working for myself since 2005. I grew up riding show jumpers while my father bred and showed cutting horses. I used to play polo in Wa and Ca. At my farm I currently ride dressage horses and compete on a cutting horse. I also breed Lusitanos. I split my work time between riding, managing the farm, going on farm calls, and managing the supplement company.

I love the Equina supplements because they are believable to me. The ingredients are simple and straightforward. They are combined in a way that allows what is on the label to go into the horse, be absorbed, and do its job. They are packaged separately for potency yet made to be fed in combination with each other to serve the needs of each horse in my barn without losing effectiveness or overloading the horse. They are not food based so I am not adding low quality fillers, grains or calories in order to get the nutrients into my horse. Mostly I love the results I see in my horses and my clients’ horses. 

How Is Equina DIFFERENT From Other Supplements?
Equina is different mainly because of the quality standards. The science is meticulous, and production does not compromise the nutrient, the sourcing is unsurpassed. The quality control badges that the company has earned far surpass most (or all) equine supplement companies. 

They are very careful about what they claim, if they are not certain a supplement will accomplish its goals, they will not produce it. The science is based on customization to the equine body, how the GI tract works, what it can absorb. The entire line is made for maximum utilization by the horse and it a huge focus for this company. 
Is It True That The Equina Offers Superior Absorption?
YES. Klaus designed 2 patented formulations: 
  • One is called 
    Active 2 Tech
     and it is found in many of the products. It allows efficient absorption and maximum storage of nutrients in the body to allow instant benefits as well as supply over time of the nutrients. 
  • The other unique formulation is called Procell C. It is a pH neutral form of Vitamin C that can actively be absorbed by horses without interference, which is not true of most Vitamin C formulations. 
How Are The Ingredients Selected?
For all ingredients of all products, the horse owner can trust that the ingredient has a purpose, it will serve the purpose, it will not be damaged during production, potency will not be lost during storage or because of poor packaging, the ingredient will act alone or synergistically with the other ingredients in the product line with no interference or compromise, the ingredient will be presented in the most effective form and from the highest quality sources.  
Certified Organic: This is important because the quality of the ingredients is what matters. We tend to want to look at labels and check items off the list as we see they are included in a supplement; we forget to consider the quality of the content. We do not want to introduce unwanted toxins to the horse along with the nutrients as this would be counterproductive. Horses are no different from humans in that their bodies are affected by chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers, and dyes. Certified organic is a quality control measure that means that 95-99 percent of the ingredients of each product follow the rules of pure organic production. 

Is Myofortil Designed To Help Muscle Function?
Yes! Myofortil helps horses by providing the necessary ingredients for proper muscle function. Vitamin E and selenium make for healthy muscle cells that can develop normally and tolerate exercise. Magnesium helps that muscle fibers to relax, a relaxed muscle is a highly functional muscle. Amino acids allow new muscle to build. Horses who will benefit include those who carry tension, have weakness, poor ride ability, tendency to tie up, show undue soreness during body work or saddle fitting, difficulty moving beyond a certain level in training, lack elasticity in their movement, hold tension across the topline, sore muscles, poor topline, and stiffness, and young horses just starting out in training. In addition, horses with neuromuscular weakness or lack of coordination can benefit from the support of Myofortil as well because of the high dosage of highly absorbable liquid Vitamin E. 
How Do I Know If My Horse Can Benefit From Myofortil? 
YES! Very simply,  the superior ingredients in Myofortil  will benefit any horse in work, including pleasure horses, performance horses, and young horses just getting started in training. Even if a horse is training well, there is often room for improvement and refinement. Horses that are lacking nutritional support for their muscles can manifest signs in many ways and Myofortil is carefully designed to fill nutritional gaps that other feeds or supplements often create. 

What Symptoms Should I Look For In My Horse?
General physical discomfort either with training, being ridden or moving freely are often indication that Myofortil should be added to your horses diet. Signs that Myofortil could help include:
* stiffness
* lack of suppleness or ride-ability
* lack of strength or poor fitness 
* sore muscles 
* girthy behavior
* lack of ability to hold chiropractic adjustments
* resentment of certain exercises under saddle or on the ground 
* lack of ability to hold a lead 
* resentment moving forward 
* ropey firm muscles
* lack of muscle 
* being slow to progress in training. 

How Do I Know Which My Horse Needs — Liquid Myofortil or the Myofortil ULTRA Powder? 
Myofortil (liquid) vs Myofortil ULTRA (powder): Both of these supplements basically support muscle health and function in horses. They can be used interchangeably to some degree and sometimes it truly comes down to trial and error to see what best suits each horse. 
Myofortil is a liquid supplement which contains vitamin E, selenium, 1 form of magnesium, four different B vitamins, and the essential amino acids methionine and lysine. Most often used to help and support horses that are working to build strength, suppleness and ride ability. It seems very helpful for the young large breed horses as they start training  and moving up the levels, developing the neuromuscular system . Myofortil is also helpful for horses suffering with neurological disorders, due to its high Vitamin E. $85 for 50 day supply

Myofortil ULTRA is a powder which also contains 4 forms of magnesium, vitamin E, and selenium. It has more amino acids (an array of 14), it has 1 form of B vitamins, it has Vitamin C (Procell C), and carnitine. Most effective for horses that lack energy and momentum in their work. It will help build muscle, increase energy and muscle metabolism. It can help to take the high performance horse to the next level.  $85 for 30 days supply            
If You Use The BEST, You Have The BEST In Possible Results For Your Horse. 
Health and performance for your horse. Equina Supplements are made in Germany under the highest standards of quality with 35 years of experience.
  • Certified Organic
  • Clean
  • No fillers
  • No artificial flavoring/color
  • No GMO
  • High Potency
  • No Preservitives
  • No banned substances
What Do Horse Owners Have To SAY?

“I have used Myofortil on clients’ horses and my older dressage horse–it has noticeably helped their performance by adding muscle and improving endurance.  My 19 year old looks a decade younger than he is! I’ve been extremely pleased with Myofortil and will continue to use it in the future." 
Rebecca Black 

“It can be confusing to weed through the ‘latest and greatest’ offerings in horse supplements. With the complete Equina line of nutritional support, I know my horses are getting clean, quality ingredients; free from fillers and properly balanced. I have seen a huge difference in our horses since adding the Equina products to their nutrition plan. I really appreciate the need-specific solutions such as Myofortil Ultra and Keragard. The horses have had markedly better hoof growth, as well as improved attention and performance since bringing those two products on board. No other supplement has been able to produce such a real improvement; Equina has my 110% endorsement!”Hanna Knaebel 

“Since starting all of my horses on Equina products, i can say that they have never looked and felt so good before.”
Anneka Montello  

“I have been feeding Equina since 2016 and the horses have consistently shown a marked response to each product!”
Jessica Wisdom

When It Comes To Muscular Health and Performance, Myofortil Out Performs The Competition!
Don’t waste time or money. Get a product that is MADE to do exactly what it SAYS it will do!  Myofortil (liquid) vs Myofortil ULTRA (powder): Both of these supplements basically support muscle health and function in horses.  It works. Your difference will be apparent to your horse and to you! Call us today!!

Contact: Sara Perkins 
P.O. Box 1106
Rainier, Washington 98576
Phone: 360-480-5694
Website: Click Here To Connect

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