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The motto for our small company is "Products that Heal and Teach"
CM Equine Products

CM™ Equine Products was established as a company in January of 2002.

Marge SpencerMy name is Marge Spencer and I am the inventor of these products.  With my husband Charlie, who is the "C" in the CM,   raise mules and donkeys at our "Spencer's Acre" home and own our CM ™Equine Products.  We are located in Norco, California, which claims to be the Horse Capitol of the West.  There are more equine in our city than people, we have horse trails instead of side walks and it is a wonderful place to live.

I was raised around horses, but it wasn't until 1990 that we began to raise mules and donkeys, which led to the products we offer through our CM ™Equine Products Company. 

The "Heal" Product is our CM ™ Hernia Belt/Post-Surgical Pressure Bandage.  
All of my claims for the system and method of treatment have been approved for utility patent and should be published very shortly.

The research and development of this product began about 1995, when we had two foals with umbilical hernias and we were told the standard method was to wait and see and if necessary at 4 -6 months old would require surgery.  After some initial research on umbilical hernias I invented my first product and successfully closed both hernias within a short period of time.  My Veterinarian kept watch on my project and was so excited started sending clients to me for treatment. 

I was then contacted to see if I could make a large unit for an adult horse that had colic surgery, herniated and had a second surgery to repair that hernia.  He now had another hernia, which had become quite large, and the owner wanted to see about alternative treatment because they had heard of my umbilical hernia repair.  I made this unit and we were successful in reduction of this hernia as well.   This system was introduced at the American Association of Equine Practitioners annual convention in November of 2001, with great success. We have units being used worldwide and are currently working with many Teaching Hospitals and Private Equine Hospitals tracking cases for future papers to be submitted for review by the AAEP.

The "Teach" Product is our CM ™ Lead and Drive Training System.   
Since I was raised around horses and especially loved the foals, I know that foals handled from birth correctly were eager to learn and we were able to save 30-90 days when these foals were old enough to start riding.

In 1990, when we began raising mules I began thinking of a better way to handle the foal that takes their natural teaching from the mare and teaches without using the traditional "butt" or body rope.  I invented my, CM ™ Lead and Drive Training System in 1993 and have used this ever since.  I found that my system worked so well I was able to safe considerable time and accomplish more with each short lesson.

It was not until we established our CM ™Equine Products Company, that I was urged to share my system.  The system was introduced at the Equine Affaire in Pomona, California in February of 2002.  The response was wonderful and to date we have hundreds of systems in use all over the United States.  Since then I have conducted many seminars and presentation demos at ranches and breed associations.  I have recently introduced the system at the International Thoroughbred Conference in Lexington, Kentucky and we have many ranches using this system with their foals today. 

Acceptance is great and the need for further instruction of this natural method of teaching has been requested by so many people we are working video tapes also. 

I love sharing my commitment for early and safe foal training and my experience with handling and training foals.

To sum up the creation of CM ™Equine Products, you can say that the old statement  "Necessity is the Mother of Invention", was absolutely true and is the reason for the existence of our Company today.

Marge Spencer
Born in Indiana, but living in California since age 8, Spencer was raised around horses but it wasn't until she started raising Mules in 1990 that Ms Spencer decided to come up with a better way to lead her foals than the traditional body rope. Bt 1993 she had invented the CM lead and Drive Training System, a prime component in  of her "Formatting and Programming" for newborn foals. After she had 2 foals in one year with umbilical hernias, the inventive Ms. Spencer created the CM Heal Hernia belt for non-invasive repair of umbilical hernias. When the belt successfully closed both hernias, her Veterinarian began sending clients to her for treatment of not only umbilical hernias but also hernias caused by surgeries in the adult equine. After six years of research and development, the belt was introduced to the American Association of Equine Practioners in 2001, with very positive response. Ms. Spencer is at present working with teaching hospitals and doing more case studies in preparation for submitting a paper to the AAEP at 2003 convention and distribution of the CM Heal Hernia Belt worldwide.

Contact: Marge or Charlie Spencer
CM™ Equine Products
Norco, California 92860
Phone: 888-431-7771

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