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CareTex™ Waterproof Plus by Atsko

CareTex™ Waterproof Plus is the ultimate waterproofer for horse blankets and all turnouts. Waterproof Plus will keep your horse dry when no other repellent will work.

But My Blanket Is Water “Resistant”… Isn’t That The Same?
CareTex™ understands that some horse wear claims to be waterproof and breathable. The top nylon will have a durable water repellent on top and a urethane coating on it's bottom surface to stop any water that goes through the nylon. It is usually a compromise in favor of more waterproof and less breathable, at least while the blanket is new. This is ok because a wicking layer against the horse can carry the sweat down to below the body where it can readily evaporate. Keeping a good repellent on the surface not only helps the waterproofness, but also improves the breathability because a saturated top nylon is not breathable at all.

What IS The Difference Between 'Water RESISTANT' and  'Water PROOF'?  

CareTex™ WaterProof Plus understands that many items are deemed “water resistant”,  but that does not mean they won’t eventually get saturated with water. “Water-Resistant” is a somewhat meanlingless phrase-- because everything except toilet paper resists water somewhat. “Water repellent” indicates that t will make water bead up and roll off. Both of these terms might apply to a fabric that is breathable and may not stop water from passing through, especially if driven by wind or pressure. But to say that something is WATERPROOF  suggests that water will NOT pass through.

Why Should I Choose CareTex™ WaterProof Plus?

CareTex™ Waterproof Plus is the ultimate waterproofer for horse blankets and all turnouts. Waterproof Plus will keep your horse dry when no other repellent will work. Your horse can enjoy a few more seasons or years before you have to replace your expensive horse turnouts… and can keep warm and dry the entire time!

How Is CareTex Waterproof Plus Different From The Competition?
Caretex™ products drawn on the rich heritage of Atsko/Sno-Seal making leather and fabric waterproof since 1933. We make all 3 families of water repellent products, wax, silicone, and fluoropolymer. This allows us to provide the best product for each application instead of pushing 1 technology for everything. For example, if you wash a turnout every week, you would treat it with a fluoropolymer, if it is in good shape and washed once or twice a year you would use silicone, and if a blanket is in sorry shape and no breathable repellent can keep your horse dry, you would use our sprayable wax, Caretex Waterproof Plus™.

So What Is The Story With Horse Blankets and Water Repellency?

From rain sheets to insulated winter blankets, most new turnouts have a factory DWR (Durable Water Repellent) to cause water to bead up and roll right off. This allows it to keep your horse dry while allowing water vapor from perspiration to evaporate. DWR coatings are very durable but their performance depends upon the turnout being clean and residue free. Now how long do your horses keep their blankets clean? Exactly! Not long. So how long do these DWR Coatings last? Yep… not long either! Even if the DWR is still there, it will not work if contaminated with dirt or soap residue. To maintain the factory DWR at peak performance, wash turnouts only in Caretex Blanket Wash.

So How Does Caretex Waterproof Plus Work?
As a blanket wears, the factory DWR and standard repellents won’t keep your horse dry. This is when you need CareTex WATERPROOF PLUS. It is a wax formula that actually fills the gaps between the fibers. It is extremely durable and will keep your horse dry through day after day of continuous rain. It reduces breathability but allows you to get a couple more useful years from your blanket. If a blanket is still marginally effective you may only need to apply CareTex WATERPROOF PLUS to the stitching, seams, and worn areas.  Once treated with CareTex, do not apply regular breathable repellents. For best warm weather drying of perspiration, use CareTex Blanket Wash to maximize the performance of the wicking layer that contacts the horse.

So If I Have a Newer Blanket That Never Leaks, Should I Use Something Else On It?
Yes, while the Goretex or other coating is still capable of stopping all water, you only need to use Atsko Water-Guard Extreme to maintain repellency without decreasing breathability. A few years down the line, at the first sign of leakage you can seal it with CareTex Waterproof Plus.

If I Wash My Blanket Do I Need To Re-Apply The CareTex™ Waterproof Plus?
Yes, washing the blanket will weaken the wax coating, but at only $10 for a can of CareTex™ Waterproof Plus that can coat a normal blanket size of 84” or less, it really isn’t going to break the piggy bank! Ten dollars is certainly a reasonable investment to keep your expensive blanket waterproof so your horse can stay dry and warm in any kind of weather!

How Do I Apply It?
The CareTex™ Waterproof Plus is in a spray can that is easy to apply to your blanket. We suggest you work from neck to tail, starting at the top of one side, and working downward with steady, sweeping motion.
    •    Make Sure The Blanket Is Clean and Dry- if the blanket is soiled we highly recommend using CareTex™ Blanket Wash prior to waterproofing.
       Spot Test- If applied too heavily, a white sheen will be visible, but it is harmless.
    •    Make sure the temperature of the air, can and blanket are at least 60 degrees.
    •    Hang the blanket over a clothes line or fence so you can keep can vertical while spraying.
       Shake Can well and use 2-3 shakes every 20- 30 seconds while applying.
    •    Keep Can a good 8-12 inches away from the blanket while applying.
    •    Do not hold can horizontally while spraying or clear nozzle after use.
    •    For best coverage, spray in a sweeping motion from neck to tail, being careful to cover all areas.
    •    Do not over spray or a white residue will appear.
    •    Allow 48 hours (2 days) before using on your horse or bagging for storage.

Order CareTex™ Waterproof Plus Today!
At only $9.95 for a full can capable of completely waterproofing an 84” blanket (or smaller) why wouldn’t you want to invest  in CareTex™ Waterproof Plus to help keep the blanket waterproofed so your horse can enjoy being snug and warm— rain or shine? Don’t forget our CareTex™ Blanket Wash  ($7.95)to keep your blankets looking and feeling their very best! CareTex™ Blanket Wash rinses completely. It helps restore the DWR on blankets while maximizing breathability and wicking. You’ll love how it works, and your horse will love staying dry! Order both products today and protect the blankets for the horses you love!

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2664 Russell Street
Orangeburg, South Carolina 29115
Phone: 800-845-8728
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