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Soft Rain Irrigation
Soft Rain Irrigation is an ecommerce retailer of the K-Line Irrigation System and is the most affordable, effective irrigation solution for your pastures and property!

About K-Line Irrigation (Available Through Soft Rain Irrigation
K-Line Irrigation
 began about twenty years ago on the south island of New Zealand.  Dairy farmer John Kirk and RX Plastics in Ashburton combined to create this new and innovative irrigation system.  K-Line’s lower cost and simplicity helped it to catch on quickly with the New Zealand graziers. It is the most popular irrigation system in New Zealand today!

So….Who Is Soft Rain Irrigation

 Soft Rain Irrigation is an eCommerce retailer of the K-LINE®Irrigation system and its components. We are the American retail team of helpful people who will assist you with your purchase and send off your amazing K-LINE® irrigation system. We are here to answer your calls and questions, making sure you get to enjoy all the wonderful aspects of your new irrigation system!


What Is The Soft Rain Irrigation Promise To It’s Clients?

At Soft Rain North America , we believe in providing our clients with the highest level of quality products and customer service. Every irrigation situation is unique so let us help you find the right solution for your needs.


Why Should I Choose K-Line Irrigation System Through Soft Rain?


Simplicity No moving parts except the self-actuating sprinklers. Tubing, with properties that permit it to be strong yet just pliable enough, means it’s easy to move multiple sprinklers at one time with an ATV (or smaller systems by hand or with a horse). 

Versatility K-Line systems can be designed to fit any shape of the property and moved across any type of terrain as long as it can be traversed by an ATV. K-Line is designed to fit each unique field and any obstructions that may be present within it such as fences, buildings, and trees. No need to manipulate your field to make irrigation possible. 

Furthermore, K-Line’s versatility permits multifunctional use by the arena owner. K-Line is a perfect solution for wetting down an arena prior to an event. Arena owners may choose to have separate K-Line systems for pasture and arena areas, or because of K-Line’s versatility and portability, utilize the same unit on both areas. Horse property owners can quicky disconnect the pasture unit and transport it to the arena area, water down the arena, avoiding pooling by applying exactly as much water as is needed, then easily transport the system back to the pasture when arena wetting is complete. 

Management Flexibility If your field or green space has areas that require special attention, either more or less water and/or fertilizer, K-Line’s unique design permits that. With K-Line, every area of your field can be managed to suit its own specific needs.

Irrigating pasture in rotational grazing situations with traditional systems such as wheel lines or center pivots is challenging and even frustrating. K-Line was designed with the express goal of making irrigation and livestock management congruent and harmonious. 

Efficiency The K-Line system permits slow, even infiltration of water into the soil; much like a soft rain. This means that the soil profile gets watered deep enough to permit robust plant root development - improving plant vigor, production, and drought tolerance.

Water scarcity is now a norm and responsible management of it is vitally important. The K-Line system ensures you apply only as much water when and where needed; no excess runoff and no water applied to areas where it isn't beneficial.

Can K-Line Irrigation Irrigate Any Piece Of Property? 

K-Line was designed to be the most flexible, cost-effective, efficient irrigation system on the market. Provided there is sufficient water supply, if the piece of property in question can be accessed by an ATV, it can be irrigated with K-Line. Additionally, K-Line’s unique combination of flexibility and durability allows it to be towed across rough terrain and manipulated without having to remove or augment existing objects (trees, fences, waterways, etc.), and designed for use in odd-shaped areas.


Can My K-Line Irrigation System, Through Soft Rain, Really Last 10- 20 Years?

YES! Considering normal use, K-Line tubing and pods are expected to last at least at least ten years. However, there are many systems in the United States and abroad that we are aware of that are 20+ years old and have required little to no maintenance requirements.


What Kind Of Maintenance Is Required For My K-Line Irrigation System Through Soft Rain?

MINIMAL— isn’t that a great word? It is also a BIG benefit and peace of mind for our clients! Another great word you will like— “Simplicity”!  That was the word in mind while going through the design process of inventing K-Line. Not only is it easy to operate, nearly anyone can repair it (which is rarely even necessary). The only regular maintenance requirements are draining at season's end, unplugging the occasionally clogged sprinkler nozzle, and splicing the rare break in lines if/when kinked multiple times over. 


Is It OK If My Horses Are In The Pasture With K-Line Irrigation At The Same Time?

YES!  Our system is designed to be compatible with horses or cattle, whatever livestock you may have! We have “stock guards” available to place over the top of pods. Stock guards do not hinder water application and ensure that livestock hoof action will not break sprinklers or fittings. “Stock Guards” are available as an add-on item, so be sure to add these to your order separately, or inquire about them with your call or email to our friendly staff!


How Many Acres Or Areas Can I Irrigate With the “Farm Package"?

First, we are happy to talk to you by phone to make sure all your questions are answered, but… a general rule-of-thumb is less than one acre, up to eleven acres. You can utilize this chart and/or this chart to help identify which size system is right for you and if it’s necessary to combine two Farm Packs to adequately serve your irrigated area for those who have more than 3 acres requiring consistent irrigation. 


What If I Have Other Questions?

We are here to help!! It is as important to the helpful staff at Soft Rain, as it is to you, to get the right amount and type of equipment for your needs. You will LOVE working with your K-Line irrigation system and freedom from worrying about “when is the next rain” for your pasture. Lush pastures help to offset hay and feed costs and K-Line will more than pay for itself in the savings you will enjoy when used properly to keep your pastures healthy and growing.


Call Soft Rain Irrigation Today To Get The Right K-Line Irrigation Package For You!

Great horse properties don’t just happen. They are planned and carefully nurtured. Having a healthy watering system for your pastures is vital to the health of your animals and your pocketbook! Having a watering system that is extremely low maintenance, super easy to use, designed to last for many years and affordable,  just makes it so much better and that is what you get with Soft Rain Irrigation! Call our helpful staff today and tell us about your horse property!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
601 N. Main Street Suite C
Colfax, Washington 99111
Phone: 509-397-8560
Website: Click Here To Connect

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