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"Cowboy Shavings" Premium Soft Wood Shavings
"Cowboy Shavings" Premium Soft Wood Shavings (as used on the show YELLOWSTONE)  are a terrific blend of Spruce, Pine and Fir Shavings. Our heavy 35-45 pound bags expand to 8 cubic feet!

Tired of Paying For Light Bags of Dusty Shavings That Look As Sad As You Feel Using Them?
Every horse owner knows the frustration of carrying in a light bag of shavings, opening it up, only to see your $8 investment cover only 2-3 feet of the stall… and then, to make it worse, when you try to spread it around, you are left sneezing in the dust! Horses are heavy animals that need cushion from the hard floor and super absorbency for the gallons of urine and manure that they produce on a daily basis! You need a bag of shavings that is up to the task!

Want a Heavy Bag of Clean Shavings That Almost Explodes With Clean Shavings When Opened?
YES! We can hear you say it! As horse owners that is what we want. MAXIMUM COVERAGE with CLEAN, Shavings that a don’t leave you, and your horse, in the dust! This seems to be the universal ‘heart’s desire’ of every horse owner: to open that bag of shavings and have it explode into soft, fresh shavings that almost effortlessly cover that stall floor! 

Cowboy Shavings Is Making That Dream A Reality For Horse Owners! 
At Cowboy Shavings, our clients are thrilled, husbands are happy— (they see a lifetime of benefit for their pocket books), the horses are whinnying (well, maybe now that they are comfortably in their stalls they just want their hay)… and it just seems like the world is a brighter place! This is what happens when you use Cowboy Shavings… really! Give it a try and you’ll be singing our praises too!

So… Just HOW Did Cowboy Shavings Come To Be?
Cowboy Shavings came to be with a mill owner and a lumber salesman that couldn’t bare to see any product go to waste especially beautiful trees that just weren’t lumber quality, so they decided to turn those trees into shavings. They had a lot of trial and error coming up with the best process and procedures to create the perfect product they were envisioning. They started tree sourcing and creating a plan that that only uses the internals of the best quality trees and the screening process that guarantees we are delivering the best consistent product possible. Fast forward several years and wipe away a lot of blood sweat and tears and you now have Cowboy shavings… can we get a “Hallelujah”? Well, if we don’t get it now, you can save it for opening up your first bag!
Is It True That Cowboy Shavings ONLY Uses The Highest Quality Soft Woods? 
Yes, Cowboy shavings uses only the highest quality Canadian Spruce, Pine and Fir trees. Our Mill is in Northern Alberta and is surrounded by some of the most luscious forest in the area. We process dead standing trees which means they are no longer growing or retaining nutrients and are considered dead, this allows us to help the environment and conservation by removing the old trees and allowing the new trees to flourish and grow. Very simply, instead of standing dead and useless, they can now bring comfort and joy to you and your horses!

Why Does Cowboy Shavings ONLY Use Softwood Trees From Canada? 
Canadian trees are generally larger and have a larger internal density and less bark and other products we remove prior to processing. We peel all our trees prior to processing which means you will never find chunks of bark in your bags of shavings. We also only use soft white wood due to the texture and absorbability when shaved. We don’t ever use cedar in our shavings to avoid any negative reactions to various kind of livestock. We are horse people too and we know what it takes to provide the best in shavings for your horses. 

What Is The Size Of “Flake” For Cowboy Shavings? 
Our shavings are considered a Medium to Large flake, so they are versatile for all animals from horses to chickens. We want our flakes to be consistent and easy for the consumer to manage and clean. Our shavings are very easy to pick thru, they don’t mush and create patties when wet so they can be picked with a fork when damp. They are light and fluffy so spreading them out is a breeze. 
Note: We do have the ability to take special orders for customers that want full loads of small flake shavings. 
Is It True That They Are Highly Absorbent?    
Yes! A large percentage of our customers are in the equine world, and they love that these shavings absorb the urine vs just covering it up as it drains through or turning into mucky mess of wet and saw dust. The kiln dried flakes actually take on the moisture and then fall to the bottom as the animals move so they are not standing in a mess. 

Don’t Forget, Cowboy Shavings Are Virtually DUST FREE  
Our shavings are strictly processed from the internal parts of the trees so there is no bark or other material that helps create dust, then they are screened for imperfections followed by a through kiln drying and then screened 2 more times to eliminate 99% of dust that would be in typical shavings. This is why we consider them dust free. 

When our bags are filled, they are not just blown up with shavings dumped in and sealed. 3 cubic feet are packed into our bags and when they open it expands to 8 cubic feet which is enough to cover a full horse stall in a horse trailer.

What Do Horse Owners Say About Cowboy Shavings? 
“Long Lasting! WA to AZ with no changing just cleaning!” 

 “Compared to other local options, Cowboy shavings are the best for all animals hands down and affordable as well.”

Let Cowboy Shavings Help You, Your Neighbors, Your Horse Clubs and Call Today!
It doesn’t take many calls to get a load together! Your friends will see the value and thank you! Call Cowboy Shavings and talk to Darby or any of our helpful staff today and tell us about your horses! We ship almost everywhere in the USA!

Contact: Darby 
P.O. Box 936
Corvallis, Montana 59828
Phone: 406-802-2163
Website: Click Here To Connect

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