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The CleanSands Equestrian Stone Cleaner
The EASIEST most USER FRIENDLY Stone Remover for your horse arena! The Equestrian Stone Cleaner was designed for "ease of use" and specifically for stones and debri in your horse's arena.

About CleanSands...  by CleanSands, is a leading provider of high-performance equestrian stone removal equipment. Designed as a heavy-duty beach cleaner, they work well as specialized Equestrian models to help both horses and their owners, across America, by keeping their footing free of rocks or any debris that may cause discomfort or possible injury. Our company offers a wide range of machines designed for different cleaning tasks and facilities, from compact and lightweight models for smaller operations to heavy-duty machines for large equestrian centers. All of our company's products are built to last, with durable construction and corrosion-resistant materials that ensure long-lasting performance. 

 is committed to providing its customers with the best possible heavy-duty stone removal equipment, customer support and product warranty. 


Do You Have a ROCKY Relationship With YOUR Riding Arena?

Many of us do and now you can do something about it! Riding in an arena that is strewn with rocks or debris is both frustrating and dangerous for both you and your horse. To get the best performance possible, your horse needs to be confident that his hooves are landing on solid and soft ground. Having stones, rocks, wire, cans etc., can cause both your horse— and you— to inhibit what could be a great practice session. If you are running a training stable or boarding barn, your clients may just choose to select another place to board or train their animals. Make certain that you have done everything you can to ensure a safe and rewarding riding experience to avoid loss of clients— or even lawsuit. 

Meet TheArena Stone Cleaners by CleanSands!

Suffering from problem with harmful stones in your arena footing? CleanSands Screen Sifting Machines work extremely well as Equestrian Stone Cleaners. From horse arena footings, paddocks, corrals, or tracks, these horse arena cleaners sift out debris that is beneath the surface, not only on the surface. They help in removing harmful stones/rocks which prevent Hoof Bruising. Find out more about this simple horse arena stone cleaner equipment.

Are They Both Maneuverable and Efficient?
Yes and YES! CleanSands equestrian stone cleaners attach directly to a tractors three-point hitch system (lower arms and top link), and are powered by the tractors PTO (power take off). This makes them extremely maneuverable Horse Arena Cleaners and ideal for stone removal at equestrian facilities, corrals, paddocks, or any sandy areas. They are not like the large Tow Behind arena stone removal models on the market today. Those large Tow Behind horse arena stone cleaner require additional turning and maneuvering room.

But... Are They Easy To Operate?
YES— and this is one of the biggest differences between our models and those of our competitors! Our HD models attached to the tractor 3-point hitch system and pto, they are not tow behind, so they maneuver like any other tractor attachment. The optional wheel kit helps to maintain the correct depth in the footing with few adjustments needed. The HDs use sifting screens that can be easily changes as conditions change. Results are best when footing is dry.

Are They Built To Last With Reliable and Simple Construction?
Absolutely! CleanSands offers Heavy-Duty Equestrian Stone Cleaners from 52" inches to 94" inches of working widths. There is also a light-duty hobbyist arena cleaner for compact equestrian tractors, having a 47" inch working width. Each model has a tractor size and horsepower requirement. This makes these units available for any size horse arena stone removal project you may have. These horse arena stone cleaners are designed with less moving parts than the large tow-behinds models for years of reliable service.

Could I Actually Possibl
y Make Money With My Stone Cleaner?

Yes… just “food for thought”, having your own Stone Cleaner isn’t just an investment, it is designed to save money (on all the discomforts/ injury to horse and rider that stones can cause) and even has the potential to help you earn extra money for years to come…. here is how!

Two ways


1) You will keep or even gain clients who are willing to pay to have their horses where the arena footing is safe and comfortable to enhance performance and safety… and keeping clients is so important to businesses! This is the NUMBER ONE way your Stone Cleaner can actually help you make money. 


2) You can rent your equipment to trust worthy neighbors or nearby horse stables, so that they can clean their arenas and riding areas! Just make sure you are renting to people who are trustworthy or dependable— better yet — do the job yourself and charge a little more! 


Let The Equestrian Stone Cleaner Get Your Horse On The Right Footing— Today!

The entire point of an arena is to provide a safe environment for both horse and rider, as they practice and develop their performance and confidence. Stones, rocks and debris are not simply ‘unsightly’, they are a potential danger and deterrent to your horse’s well being. Make your arenas, paddocks and training areas a truly SAFE and welcoming environment that encourages the confidence of both horse and rider— and call CleanSands today!  

Contact: Herman 

Huntington, New York 11743
Phone: 631-223-3830
Website: Click Here To Connect

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