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StressLess® K9 by Centerline Distribution
StressLess® K9 can help restore dogs’ balanced mood, calm mind and increased focus. It may also make them more conducive to training and behavior modification.

Is STRESS Undermining YOUR Dog's Health and Well Being?
The friendly people at StressLess® K9 know what it means when a dog is too excited or nervous to cope well. They are dog lovers too! Maybe it was a thunderstorm, fireworks, a trip to the vet.... perhaps just moving to a new house or traveling in the car. Dogs can experience a lot of anxiety in their lives, just like humans. Stressless®K9 was created to help dogs maintain regular and relaxed dispositions in some of the most stressful situations. Whether your dog travels for the first time, moves into a new home, or meets new people, Stressless®K9 can help them stay calm and balanced.

How Did StressLess® Come To Be?
Developed and made in the U.S., this miracle for equine mental health was first conceived by a group of research veterinarians, trainers, pharmaceutical executives, and horse owners.  They collaborated to develop a calming product that was safe, natural, effective, and easy to administer.  StressLess® has been refined over time and we feel it is the best product on the market to promote calmness in horses naturally. But horse owners are often dog owners and dogs can suffer from stress too.... so we developed StressLess K9 to help our canine friends too! StressLess®  can help both dogs and horses to feel, behave and perform their very best!

But Can StressLess®K9 Really Help My Dog?
Yes-it-can! StressLess® is different than many other calming supplements that are currently on the market.  It is comprised of a naturally derived compound that mimics the calming properties of mother’s milk.  The active ingredient in StressLess® has been shown in multiple studies to have calming, anxiety-relieving properties in multiple species, including dogs, cats, horses...and even humans!  

How Does StressLess® K9 Work? 
We’re so glad you asked! The active ingredient in StressLess® imics the action of GABA, a neurotransmitter that binds to nerve cells in the brain, promoting calm, and decreasing stress reactions. StressLess® helps increase receptivity to training and behavior modification which ultimately decreases poor performance. It is safe for long or short term use, has no side effects, and no drowsiness or impaired motor function. Calmer mind, greater focus and increase capacity to cope in new or stressful situations!

What Benefits Come With Regular Use Of StressLess K9®?
This amazing equine supplement encourages calm and focus but does not affect the motor skills or energy level of your dog... You will notice a more willing and balanced temperament with no drowsiness and, the best part of our calming, mood-balancing formula, is the decrease in stress, which equals a happier dog-- and happier family!

Consider StressLess if your dog is dealing with:

  • Agitation
  • Nervousness
  • Overreaction
  • Low Appetite
  • Inconsistency
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
Recommended By Dog Trainers Who Know! 
More and more professional Trainers are using and depending upon StressLess® K9 as regular use encourages their success by increasing your dog’s reception to behavior modification while promoting focus during training and schooling. Nervousness in your dog may be reduced, especially in important situations like showing, traveling, medical procedures,  moving, adoption, meeting new animals/people, and day to day situations which may take them out of their comfort zone.

What Do Dog Owners SAY About StressLess® K9?

I have a large Jack Russel named Monster. Little did I know that he would live up to his name. As he got older, he became very opinionated. Without agitating him, I could not turn on my turn signals in the car. He hated the vacuum cleaner, and if I watched anything but CNN on TV. He would go berserk if I played the Dixie Chicks on the radio. Once he got on StressLessK9, all of that naughty behavior went away. He still has a strong ball drive, but I'll trade that anytime for the naughtiness.  VD and Monster, Wilmington DE


My pup, whom I have had for years and willingly went by the name of Frankie, will now only go by the pronouns, They, HeShe, and FU. StressLess on maximum dosage did not fix this problem but helped with his mood.
Sam and Frankie

My very calm Golden Doodle, Buzz, gets very nervous in the car. I have found that if I give him a few days of StressLess before getting in the car for trips to the vet, etc., he rides calmly. I hope he will start to look forward to going everywhere with me!   CP and Buzz, Atlanta GA

I have been a long-term client of StressLess Equine. It has made a profound difference in promoting a calm mind, focus, and mood balance in my competitive horse, Golden Doodle. It was a natural choice to put my rescue dog, Zero (he came with that unfortunate name), who would whine, pace, and chew when I was out on my horses. It has made an enormous difference in his behavior after only four days. MR and Zero, Bellevue KY

Doesn't Your Dog Deserve to StressLess® ?
We know you think they do. You love your dog and we love dogs too. At only $39.99, your dog can have a 30 day supply of all natural StressLess® K9 and enjoy life more. Call us today. Tell us about your dog and let us help you with an order... because every dog, deserves to stress-- well-- Less!

Contact: Betty Ledyard
19 Bulow Woods Circle
Flagler Beach, Florida 32136
Phone: 386-503-1011
Website: Click Here To Connect

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