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Carol Hensell Psychic, Medium, Animal Communicator
Carol Hensell Psychic, Medium, Animal Communicatoris willing to share her tremendous talents with you! You can even just ask 1 question for $2.99 per minute for a quick session- or $99 for a full hour.

About Carol Hensell
Carol Hensell was born into parents that had abilities to ‘receive information’, which was very helpful to her future sucess, as Carol was born with abilities to receive communication herself!  Her parents nutured her abilities and never sought to discourage her. Carol's abilities only improved as time went on. Many years later, upon reaching adulthood, Carol began to seek to hone her abilities. Says Carol, "I finally found Lillian Suarez and her courses and signed right up. I have been blessed with her classes and mentorship. She has help me evolve and expand my abilities even more. I also had an Animal Communicator as a mentor, we would both connect to an animal together. That taught me a lot, feeling what my mentor felt through her guidance while I was a student. I am now a Certified Psychic/Medium and Animal Communicator and I'm delighted to offer my abilities in service to others."

Wouldn’t You Like To Know What Your Animal Is Thinking?
We all would, from time to time. Why is your horse bucking? Why is your dog refusing to eat? What is your dog trying to tell you as he sits and barks at you? Is your horse really depressed? Why is your horse upset when certain people try to work with him or her? Why are they afraid of a certain part of the room or stable? Carol can help you, by communicating with your animal friends so that you can understand what is happening from your animal’s point of view.

What Is The COST?
Carol is anxious to be affordable to help everyone who would like her help. You will be pleased to know that her prices are extremely reasonable!
*  1 hour is only $100
*  1/2 Hour is only $65
*  Or ask 1 question at only $2.99 per minute!

Does Carol Replace My Veterinarian?
Absolutely not— and she wants to make that clear! If your child tells you they have a sore throat and might like something warm to drink, that does NOT mean you shouldn’t take them to the doctor. A sore throat can be a symptom of something that needs medical attention— the same with your dog, cat, bird or equine friend. It is HELPFUL to know what the animal feels and thinks, but that would NOT replace the need for medical care. Be sure to always check with your veterinarian if you think there is a medical situation.

What If I Would Like To Connect To A Relative That Has Passed On?
Did you miss the opportunity to say “goodbye”?  Are you worried that your loved one is at peace? Very often, clients come away from a mediumship reading feeling a new sense of peace and ease. A reading with Carol can allow you to feel more deeply connected with those who have crossed over. By tuning into the energy field of the person who has passed, Carol is able to speak with them and bring back messages and information. A private mediumship session is the answer. A 1 hour session is only $100 , 1/2 hour is only $65. This is a small investment for real peace of mind and connection to those you love.

What If I ONLY Want ONE Question Answered?
Carol is happy to help you! It is only $2.99 per minute to get the ONE question you wish to have answered. Should you desire a full 1/2 hour, that is only $65. Those are VERY reasonable prices to enjoy peace of mind, by receiving answers that you have been longing to know.

How About Help With Decision Making?
If you're looking for guidance about any are of your life, such as career, spiritual growth, love, health, finances, friendships, parent/child relationships, et cetera, then a psychic reading can be of great service to you. Carol's intention is to help shine the light of awareness where it's needed, and to offer guidance which may help you to move forward amidst current obstacles in your life. You always have free will to make choices based upon what guidance you are receiving—nothing is ever set in stone and, as always, the same pricing as above is available to help you.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

Scheduling an appointment is EASY! Carol is available by phone or through Zoom— whichever is best for you. Give only requested information. Carol does NOT want to know your animal’s name, your loved one’s name or any circumstances. She MAY request a photo, but that is all— let Carol tell you the few things she will need— and do NOT offer any information.  

What Do People Say About Their Experience Working With Carol?

"Carol has done over 10 readings with my horses. And every single one has opened doors, windows and gates between the horses and me. Recently, Carol did a reading with two of my mares. The first one was a horse I've had for over 20 years that I have a very special bond with. When I received the reading, I burst into tears. I knew something was wrong, and Carol reaffirmed that. I went to check on her and found her underweight, crippled and eating black hay. Broke my heart. The second horse was so angry and so sad. She gave me insight that she was so broken. With this information, I've been able to work with her to turn her life around and have her trust again. As the president of Rockin' AR Equine Rescue, I fully look to Carol for the missing pieces in these horses' lives. Thank you, Carol, for all the gifts you have given me and my animals" - Amanda

"Carol has been a huge support and help through some difficult times for me. My husband recently passed away under circumstances that were unknown and tragic. She was able to connect with him and lay to rest our concerns of possible foul play. She delivered meaningful validations during our reading with him.  She has a way of presenting the information that is very personable and comforting. I have used Carol to help read my dogs who are having behavioral issues to help get to the problem and try to resolve them. Every time I speak with Carol, I leave feeling much more relaxed and informed on the issues I am needing to address. I have referred her to several of my friends and family and I will continue to reach out to her myself. It has been a Godsend during some times that were extremely difficult to deal with. "
 -Amber Knight

"Carol has read for me on several occasions. I work with a lot of troubled and/or abused animals. Her readings validate what I see and feel. She has helped me work through some issues I was having, and as a result, my horses have become more accepting of my training.  She has also read one of my dogs that passed over. He was very special to me. Her reading was as clear as day, and so comforting. Her reading helped ease the pain of losing a dear loved one.  I would recommend Carol to read any of your animals to learn about their past and present state. " 
-Meghan Martin

Let Carol Help— She Is Just An Appointment Away!
Sleepless nights worrying about your pets, your horses, your life are just not necessary. Carol has abilities that are available to help you. Let her share her insights with you. You’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind and clarity in decision making when you have the knowledge you seek. Be sure to connect with us and schedule an appointment today!

Contact: Carol Hensell
515 W. Carefree Highway #341
Phoenix, Arizona 85085
Phone: 602-908-0448
Website: Click Here To Connect

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