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Hemp For Horses
Hemp For Horses is an EQUINE BASED company that SPECIALIZES in the BEST formulation for Horses!!!

How Did "Hemp For Horses" Come To Be?

Says Renee Vandenburg, owner of Hemp For Horses, “Hi, I am a mother of three, farmer’s wife and riding instructor/stable owner. I started riding at 9  and am still going strong 50 years later! After being hit by a drunk driver four years ago, I couldn't throw a saddle up on my horse. Good thing I had kids to do the "heavy lifting" for me, but I wanted my independence back. I use CBD myself, and I could only imagine what it could do for horses. "Hemp for Horses" began on our farm with our own lesson horses. We have a riding program that serves autistic and at risk kids. Many times older horses with lots of life experience are the best for these riders, but often need support in their golden years to be more comfortable."

Is It True  “Hemp For Horses” Was Years In the Making?
Says Renee: Yes it is and I don’t know of any one else with such rigorous standards! It took me YEARS of research, testing, even checking out most of our competition— and having their products tested—  to see what they were offering so that we could ensure we were offering the best CBD for horses! All this to develop a consistently outstanding product— SPECIFICALLY designed for horses! So many companies have human or dog products and make horses an “add on”— not so with “Hemp For Horses”. I feel confident that our product is second to none— and you are welcome to call and let me tell you what we  have learned!

What Conditions Can CBD Help My Horse With?

* Discomfort of any kind
* Calming the mind
* Supporting better focus
* Heaves

Is It True That Renee' Did A Video To Help The American Farrier's Association?
YES! In the video below, Renee Vandenberg and Harry Serio discuss how you can use CBD in hoof-care practice to help Farriers across America. . They discuss how CBD may be able to help horses with inflammation issues, as well as calming. This digital demonstration has been shown to Farriers in the AFA.

So….Horses With Heaves Have Often Been Helped?

Yes, in a great majority of cases CBD has helped. We discovered its healing properties quite by accident. Says Renee, owner of Hemp For Horses, "A friend of mine was giving her older horse CBD for his joint issues (he also had heaves) and noticed in a few days his difficulty breathing had mostly resolved. We have witnessed many horses become comfortable, and some rideable again with the addition of CBD in their regiment.” Since that time, many of our clients who have horses with heaves have reported they are more comfortable and breathing more freely.
If My Horse Has Heaves, How Can This Product Help?
To our knowledge there is no clinical research to date on the effect of CBD on horses with Heaves. From our own personal experience, and the testimony of many of our customers, we conclude through anecdotal evidence that it helps relieve the inflammation in the lungs. Many horses’ symptoms like coughing and pushing hard with their abdomen to get the air out (the cause of a “heave line”) may be lessened or eliminated with the use of CBD.

Horses may go through cycles of difficulty breathing and are managed through different means depending on the season and their condition. CBD can be used every day for maintenance to combat inflammation in the lungs. It is very important to find the dose that is right for your horse as it varies greatly for each individual.

Isn’t MORE Better? Some Competitors Have MORE CBD In Their Product!
No, from our experience and personal research “more" is not necessarily better! If we give horses more than they need it doesn’t help their situation. In higher doses it may cause the horse to become lethargic. Many horses respond to 50 or 100 mg CBD daily for chronic conditions and calming. When using CBD daily, you don’t want your horse to build up an unnecessary tolerance for CBD by giving the 500 mg when they only need 50. It will just cost you more money in the end and does not benefit your horse. It is always best to find the correct amount to take care of your horse’s specific needs… that is why we put our FOCUS on developing a product that is JUST RIGHT for horses!
What If My Horse Has Joint Discomfort?  

CBD is known for its effect on discomfort. It may help with joint discomfort by discouraging inflammation and relieving the discomfort that comes with it.
Do I Give Daily Or Just Before Performance If My Horse Has Performance Anxiety?

Either is fine. If you give only occasionally you will need to do your research at home to find the correct dosage for your horse. It is not necessary to feed every day to get the calming effects. Generally the greatest effect is felt between 45 minutes to 2 hours after administration.

NOTE:  We have customers who use CBD occasionally for many different reasons. Some use it for calming during showing ( check with your association as CBD is banned in some circuits ), for calming and focus while running speed events,  Farrier visits, sheath cleaning, worming, or anything else the horse is not very fond of.
Is It Safe To Feed Every Day?    
Yes. Hemp is considered generally safe with no known serious side effects. Daily is the best for chronic conditions such as arthritis and heaves.  In higher doses it can cause drowsiness and in rare cases diarrhea.
Does "Hemp For Horses" Really Test EVERY BATCH For Potency?
Yes we do! We test every batch made, with 3 potency tests to ensure the most accurate dosing available. Hemp is a natural product, and because of that there are variations in strength of the hemp itself. I test the hemp before we make a batch, then test the pellets for strength. After we receive those results, we blend the pellets together at the proper ratio to make the strength I want, then test the finished product. I am pretty sure nobody else does it this way.

What Products Are Offered at Hemp For Horses?
You will find a complete selection on our SHOP page (as described below). Each batch is carefully tested for potency and uniquely designed for horses!

Regular strength pellet
– This was our first product. It is 50 mg of CBD per scoop. It taste great and is easily measured. Many horses respond to the 50 mg amount.

Extra strength pellet – The extra strength was developed for horses that needed a little more per day. The 100 mg per scoop is a good value and still most horses will eat it willingly.

Maximum strength pellet - The maximum strength was developed for horses that needed more CBD at a time. This product was designed to be more economical, especially when shipping orders. It has more of the hemp smell and taste than the regular strength.

Pure Hemp Powder- These are our strongest products. With a standardized minimum of 150 mg CBD per scoop of Pure Hemp Powder, and 250 mg CBD in the Gold Star, our powder is the most cost efficient way to administer CBD. But with the strength comes more of the hemp taste and smell that some horses don’t like. For those horses the powder needs to be mixed in feed to hide the taste.

Molasses Chews- This is a fun and easy way to give CBD to horses, especially out in a pasture. Each chew has 50 mg of CBD.

Gummies- Most horses just love the taste of gummies. Each gummy has 50 mg of CBD. For those horses who respond well to lower amounts of CBD this is a good option. They also come pre-made. (Note: Gummies need to be stored in the house in the summer months, as they can melt in the barn).

What Do Clients Say About “Hemp For Horses”

“Renee sent me her extra strength pellets as my horses was going to a show in a NEW area she had never been. Always before it would take her DAYS to settle in and start to perform. I was ASTOUNDED that my beautiful mare gave a little whinny or two, and then settled right in to work— performing GREAT. She had only had 1 dose! For me, it was a miracle! — Ann Pruitt   

“My 3 year old mare Hera, developed some rain rot, on her back. I immediately treated it and it went away, but for some strange reason (that 3 veterinarians could NOT figure out) she had TERRIBLE back pain— that actualy caused her to walk with a limp— I struggled desperately for 2 months. No one could figure it out and her back and legs and hooves were all X-rayed… in total desperation, I tried the Extra Strength Pellets and, after just ONE DOSE, she was SO much better the next day! I was stunned. After 2 weeks on the Extra Strength Pellets, I am back to riding and Hera is her old self. This product was an answer to prayers!" - Piper Johnson

Let Hemp For Horses Improve YOUR Horse’s Life—Order Today!
Hemp For Horses is POTENCY TESTED, designed specifically for HORSES— and has a very large success rate with our clients. Affordable, extremely well formulated and effective for so many. Please don’t hesitate to call and talk to Renee, her care, dedication, and knowledge will put you at ease. Order your “Hemp For Horses” today— and be prepared to give your horse a better life!

Contact: Renee Vandenburg
N 4065 Rd U
DePere, Wisconsin 54115
Phone: 1-920-334-6773
Website: Click Here To Connect

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