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K.I.S. Trace® by Thorne Bottom Farm
K.I.S. Trace® Pellets, Powder and Gut Formulas at Thorne Bottom Farm, have no equal and the results speak for themselves.

About Patrice Sager, Natural Hoof Care Instructor and Creator Of K.I.S. Trace Pellets
Says Patrice, owner of K.I.S. Trace®: "My name is Patrice Sager and I have been in the horse industry as a hoof care professional for 19 years. PHCP certified and now am a hoof care mentor for PHCP and other professionals and students that come to me for training. It was through this career that I became aware that not all supplements are created equal. When you visit horses every 6 weeks for hoof care and some over a span of 10 years or more you see how or if at all, a supplement works. Horses are my "heart animal”,  meaning I love to discover how they exist and how they are designed. Their hooves tell a story and I enjoy learning that story. I said from the beginning that "if I can not make a supplement that works I will not make one".  I have been blessed with many good teachers but I have to give honor to 2 specific teachers Dr. Tomlinson PhD and Dr. Faraday PhD. They continue to teach me and have supported my efforts all the way. In the words of Dr. Faraday “The proof is in the pony”.

Why Is This Called K.I.S.?
The name K.I.S.Trace® means “Keep It Simple.” We feel that we have formulated K.I.S.Trace® to be a simple forage balancer that works well with the horses system and is proving to be a great part of a basic diet plan for horses. K.I.S.Trace® Forage Balancer delivers important, high quality, nutrients often needed in horse feeding practices.  Look for improved coat and hoof quality, and general improved over all health. Our clientele is exploding throughout the USA, Canada and other countries…. once you try it for your horses, you will see why.

K.I.S.Trace® Supplements: Improving The Lives Of Horses, One Horse At a Time.
K.I.S.Trace Supplement at Thorne Bottom Farm is the one so many horse owners are talking about. Usually with tones of “awe”, and wondering how this supplement is making the difference, when so many supplements, with so-called similar ingredient portfolios— are NOT having the same results! The answer— ingredients are only good if they can be ABSORBED into the body— and only good if they are in the proper amounts to do so. (i.e. many forms of zinc in other supplements are NOT actually absorbable—  and therefore can’t benefit your horse!) Our ingredient list and protected formula is second to NONE in the industry today. WE ARE ALSO COMMITTED TO KEEPING COSTS AS LOW AS POSSIBLE SO THAT HORSE OWNERS CAN AFFORD GOOD HEALTH FOR THEIR HORSES. For the quality and levels of nutrients we are the most cost effective.

What Is The "K.I.S. Effect That Helps So Many Horses?
The combination of trace minerals in K.I.S.Trace have been shown to assist in healing and repair of the GI Tract lining in equine, bovine, swine, poultry and aqua.  This is key as gut inflammation and leakage is often a first cause of poor nutrient absorption, inflammation and health in most animals.  Once absorbed, the minerals in K.I.S.Trace go to work helping repair cellular integrity, bodily functions and reestablishing normal performance and health. And the minerals in K.I.S.Trace  not only affect soft tissues, as are key to bone and joint integrity, but maintenance and repair too!

How Do I Know WHICH K.I.S Formula Is Best For MY Horse?

For Our POWDERED FORMULA We Have 3 Options:
Original-For areas of the country with low soil selenium levels.
    Flavored with anise and fenugreek

Original A/M (New Flavor— Anise /Molasses)
For areas of the country with low soil selenium levels. Flavored with anise and molasses (Flavor, no sugar)

Low Selenium- For areas of the country with moderate soil selenium levels.

For Our PELLETED FORMULA We Have 4 Options:

Original The original K.I.S.Trace® formula, but in a pellet. For areas of the country with low soil selenium levels.
GI Formula This product is the pellet with the addition of an ingredient, called MOS, to assist with gastro-intestinal health.  MOS stands for Mannan-Oligosaccharides. How does MOS help? MOS assists with clearing harmful pathogens from the digestive system.

Low Selenium For areas of the country with moderate soil selenium levels.

No Selenium  For areas of the country with high soil selenium levels.

What Is The Difference Between The Pelleted and the Powder?
Same nutrient analysis but the pellet includes a bit more carrier (food) for the pickier eater. 1-20 pound bag of the powder lasts 1-1000 pound horse about 80 days. Pellet would be 50 days.

Which Is The Best Formula For Horses With Intestinal Sensitivities?
The K.I.S.Trace G.I Pellet is for horses with sensitive Gastro intestinal tracts. The G.I. Version contains "MOS" a yeast product that helps calm the gut and tie up feedstuff components that may irritate the gut lining and cause inflammation.  All KIS Trace packages contain a blend of minerals that will benefit horses in all stages of life, work or pleasure.  Horses naturally absorb the minerals they need and KIS Trace minerals contain a form of minerals most naturally recognized by the gut for ideal absorption and metabolic use.

What If My Horse Has REAL or More SERIOUS-  
GUT Problems?
Because gut health is VITAL to your horses well being, we also feature products from "Basic Animal Health" -- simply the most powerful and effective  hind gut supplement that we have ever found.

Does your horse do any of the following:

* Irritable with girthing
* Dunk their hay in water before eating
* Bite at their sides
* Get Up and Lay Down After Eating/ seem uncomfortable
* Irritable when saddling or riding

If so, you likely have acids leaking into the hind gut causing pain and discomfort to your horse. NO HORSE can perform well when they have pain! Fortunately, the “Basic Animal Health” soothing Gut supplement is the BEST WE HAVE EVER USED! It is a 3 tier program with “Top Dress Pellets” and Xtra Strength Soothing Liquid—

How Can I COMBINE The “Basic Animal Health” Gut With K.I.S.?
So glad you asked— we have actually done it for you!!

Our Combined G.I. Support  Package Includes:
    •    K.I.S.Trace GI Pellets 20 lb
    •    Basic Animal Health
    •    Xtra Strength Liquid (gallon)
    •    XtraStrength 6 lb Top Dress Pellets
    •    EZ Extra Gel Quart

Basic Animal Health products are an encapsulated time-released sodium bicarbonate, that begins to work immediately upon ingestion soothing the stomach, intestinal and cecal lining, decreasing irritation and discomfort by increasing ph. Gastrointestinal distress is primarily a result of a drop in pH within the system. The instantly reacting pH raising crystals begin to work from their introduction into the stomach, continuing throughout the 70 feet of intestine and cecum that make up the hindgut.

Got Gastric Distress?  Xtra Strength Top Dress Pellets are an effective supplement that can be administered to help alleviate the symptoms of gastric distress and hindgut acidosis.

How Is K.I.S. Different From Other Trace Mineral products?
We use the right amount and source of organic trace minerals from the only company in the world that has over330 peer reviewed studies showing solubility, stability, absorption, metabolic utilization and performancewith their minerals.

How Can K.I.S. Trace® Help My Horse With Insulin or Metabolic Issues?

We are glad you asked! Zinc plays a key role in helping control insulin receptors and glucose management in animals suffering with this disorder. K.I.S Trace® contains the most bio-efficacious form of zinc on the market and helps horses return to more normal insulin control. In addition, zinc and copper play key roles in helping manage inflammation and cellular damage which often result from poor insulin control and hyperglycemia.

How Can K.I.S. Trace® Help My Horse With Laminitis?
Hoof horn is made up of heavily keratinized skin cells that require calcium and zinc for proper formation and strength.  The amount and source of these minerals inKIS Trace help insure horses have the building blocks needed to produce and/or repair hoof horn naturally challenged by stress, environmental conditions and nutrition. In addition to zinc, manganese, copper, iodine and selenium in K.I.S. Trace® play key roles in helping withstand the oxidative stress and other damaging effects of laminitis on hoof formation and integrity.

What If My Horse Has Cushings?

Many horses diagnosed with Cushing's are using K.I.S.Trace® and are showing impressive improvements.  Research with the zinc contained in K.I.S. Trace® has been shown to markedly reduce cortisol levels in many livestock species and may be the reason horses receiving K.I.S. Trace® has seen reduced signs of Cushings.

My Horse Seems To Be Healthy, Can K.I.S. Trace® Still Help?

Most certainly! All horses will benefit from proper and good supplementation. I have yet to see a horse that did not show better hoof growth, total body condition and improved wellbeing when switched from no supplementation or poor quality supplementation to using K.I.S.Trace minerals.

See Our AMAZING “Webinar” That Explains WHY We Get The Results We Do?
Horse owners just couldn’t understand WHY this product was working when competitors, with seemingly similar ingredients— where NOT working. So, we got equine health professionals involved to explain WHY this product is getting the outstanding results that it is. Be sure to WATCH the Webinar below

What Do People Say About K.I.S. Trace®?
Says Ann Pruitt(director at InfoHorse), "My ‘chunky Morgan’ has been on K.I.S. “G.I.” Formula for 3 weeks now. She is the SHINIEST I have ever seen, but the biggest ‘plus’ is that she is loosing belly fat and slimming down. Her formerly “cresty” neck and belly look NORMAL size now— and everyone is complimenting her on her beauty. I have literally tried everything else and nothing has worked. This is a MIRACLEfor my beautiful girl and I plan to keep her on K.I.S.Trace the rest of her life!!"

Says Shelly M. "K.I.S. Trace has been a game changer for my 18 yr old QH gelding with navicular issues In Sept 2018 I was seriously considering putting my normally happy, charismatic horse down as he was miserable and reluctant to move much. He has struggled on and off with navicular issues ( unknown to me when I acquired him 8 years ago ) but has been my best teacher in whole horse health. I have worked with nutritionists, great hoof care professionals and an awesome alternative therapy vet thru the last several years and have tried many supplements and ration balancers but was only achieving short term, limited results. As luck would have it, I was connected with a hoof care professional in my area a little over a year ago that has helped guide me to getting my horse healthy and thriving. She recommended K.I.S. Trace and it has been a pillar in his nutritional program for a little more than a year now. I am happy to share that my energetic, charismatic horse is back looking and moving better than ever!! His body condition and his hoof quality is the best it has ever been since knowing him from age 5. He is a gray and his coat had become washed out and he was almost white but he has returned to a dark speckled gray with the shiniest coat. Thank you so much for formulating this product and making it available and affordable. I highly recommend K.I.S. Trace!!”

Is It True That Shipping Cost Is ALWAYS Included To The 48 States in The USA?
YES! All prices include shipping to the continental US!Please note, packages will be shipped to the exact address given. Twenty pound bags will be shipped via USPS to the Northwest, Southwest, West coast, and addresses that only contain PO Boxes--all others will be shipped with UPS. There are a few rare exceptions, contact us if you have any questions.

ORDER K.I.S Trace® Today-See Your Horse Reach Their Best Health Potential!
Are You Ready To See Your Horse At Their Best Potential? Are you tired of promises on supplements that never seem to come to fruition? See why THOUSANDS of horse owners across America are switching to K.I.S.Trace® and committing to stay on this amazing supplement. 

Contact: Patrice Sager
283 Sager Hollow Road
Lost City, West Virginia 26810
Phone: prefer email please
Website: Click Here To Connect

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