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"Racing Formula" by Genuine Lawleys Products
"Racing Formula" by Genuine Lawleys Products offers your speed horse, better nutrition, better digestion and better performance!

About Lawleys
Lawley’s Inc. was formed in 1984 by  Murrell Lawley and two of his sons, Kenneth and Ronald Lawley after Murrell retired from a successful career in the animal nutrition business with a well-known national company. Lawley’s products were formulated with the idea that many of the problems associated with animal health could be alleviated with proper nutrition. Murrell and his sons believed that preventing illness is always preferable to treating illness. Today, the Lawley family continues the family tradition of manufacturing and distributing superior nutritional equine products for the horse industry, as well as providing excellent service and consultation to their customers.

Lawley’s Formulas Built On a Foundation of a Healthy Gut!

Lawley’s equine supplements create a healthy gut biome and complete digestion process to boost overall health from the inside out. Lawley’s products contain their own proprietary blend that has been trusted for over 40 years that contains special digestive enzymes and beneficial micronutrients to enhance gut function and health while combatting any pathogens. Our proprietary blend has very specialized functions within the gut to enhance gut function, eliminate GI tract issues such as colic and ulcers, and greatly improve digestion which results in less waste excreted out. We have boosted the RACING and SPORT FORMULA for full body protection in one supplement to eliminate the stress of adding multiple supplements daily. Lawley’s stands behind our products and guarantees genuine results. If you are not satisfied with your order after feeding for 30 days, we will refund your money back on that order.

What 3 Formulas Does Lawleys Offer To My Horse?

The animal experts at Lawley’s understand that all horses need excellent nutrition to enjoy a long and healthy life, but some horses need an extra boost to help them with the demands of training and performance, while other horses are only used occasionally for pleasure. With that in mind, Lawleys created Three different formulas that target specific types of horses ranging from hard-keepers to hard-worked performance horses. All contain Lawley’s specialized proprietary blend that has been trusted for over forty years made up of human-grade ingredients including yeast, beta glucans, b vitamins, immunological factors, probiotics, enzymes, amino acids, exclusive vitamins and minerals, and an inclusion of the equine industries strongest antioxidant infused ingredients.  Lawley’s equine supplements line includes:  

NUTRIENTS PLUS FORMULA— our NPF formula is a powerful nutrient booster as it creates the perfect gut biome to achieve more nutrient absorption and boost overall health. It works hard to ensures a healthy GI tract and digestion process and to discourage issues of colic or ulcers.

RACING FORMULA our RF formula is designed for running horses to increase endurance and energy while enhancing recovery times. It is also effective on preventing bleeding or lessening the severity of bleeding associated with EIPH. On average, noticeable differences will be seen within 30 days of feeding this supplement as recommended on the feeding instructions. The longer and more consistently it is fed will determine greater positive effects within the body.

SPORT FORMULA SF formula is designed for performance horses to meet all their nutritional requirements to help them be stronger, healthier, boost performance and cognitive function, and improve recovery times.

Do I Take RACING FORMULA Daily- Or Just Before My Barrel Race?
To achieve optimum results, feed RACING FORMULA daily. Each horse is unique and will require different time spans to achieve these results depending on the current condition and health of horse when starting on RACING FORMULA. On average, noticeable differences will be seen within 30 days of feeding this supplement as recommended on the feeding instructions. The longer and more consistently it is fed will determine greater effects within the body as specific ingredients take time to adequately achieve its mode of action consistently within the body. Lawley’s is working on new products that can be easily administered before competition to boost performance moments before performing. However, it is always best to feed supplements daily as proper gut and other bodily functions are complex and require consistency.

Is It True That RACING Formula Can Help My Bleeder?
Yes, RACING FORMULA is proven to discourage, or lessen the severity of bleeding. Lawley’s has had multiple bleeders return to a healthy and successful career after feeding this supplement and given proper time off to recover. RACING FORMULA improves nitric oxide bioavailability by improving endothelial and bone marrow functions resulting in a speedy response and recovery due to the injury of the pulmonary capillary membrane. RACING FORMULA contains potent anti-inflammatory properties to regulate inflammation responses and speeds up recovery times by providing or producing specific amino acids and preventing free radicals to allow a bleeder to recover.

What If I Just Have A Show Horse That Doesn’t “Race” ?
Depending on the horse’s level of activity, NUTRIENTS PLUS FORMULA or SPORT FORMULA would be the recommended supplement to feed. During times when the horse is not actively competing, NUTRIENTS PLUS FORMULA ensures a healthy GI tract and digestion process to eliminate issues of colic or ulcers. This supplement allows them to maintain healthy body conditioning and muscling allowing their training process to return back to where they left off. Whether you’re looking for aid with a hard-keeper or maintenance tool to maintain and improve current health and conditioning, NUTRIENTS PLUS FORMULA has been proven to be one of the most effective supplements on the market.

Is SPORT FORMULA Best For Horses Actively Competing and Training?

Yes! While a horse is actively competing and training, SPORT FORMULA is the recommended supplement— it is ALSO a tremendous supplement choice for Barrel Racers!  Coupled with the same benefits of NUTRIENTS PLUS FORMULA, it is boosted with ingredients containing stronger anti-inflammatory responses to improve recovery times and stress of hauling or competing while supporting greater muscle development and joint health, ingredients to enhance natural collagen production within the body that have benefits inside and outside the entire body, as well as specially-selected ingredients that aid in cognitive function and immediate decision making helping your horse remain calm and focused in environments that can create outside distractions. SPORT FORMULA benefits several parts of the body, so your performance horse will not only look its best but feel its best to give you everything they have.

How Does Sport Formula Benefit My Show Horse?
SPORT FORMULA benefits all performance horses depending on breed or discipline and event it competes in by regulating inflammation responses, protecting joint and tendon health, providing coverage to help with cognitive function, while achieving overall health and gut health with an array of different enzymes, immunological factors, and exclusive vitamins and minerals creating one of the most antioxidant infused supplements to the equine industry. Noticeable differences have been seen with appearance improving body conditioning to show horses making them fill out properly and improving the topline. Greater muscle development, hair coat quality, and hoof strength will also be noticed. Performance will be boosted with greater amounts of available energy and improved recovery times from stress of hauling, soreness, or injuries.

What If I Already Have My Horse On A Good Feed?
This is a great question. It is important to understand that most feeds we feed our horses do not necessarily contain ingredients that are natural or easy to digest for horses. Horses are wonderful grass and forage-converters. However, feeds can be difficult to fully break down and receive all their nutritional value. Lawley’s supplements contain enzymes that become active in the hindgut to achieve a complete digestion process and greater nutrient absorption of all the feeds being fed. This will result in greater volatile fatty acid production and a fiber fermentation process to ensure your horse is receiving all the nutritional values it needs and that you are feeding. This makes all feeds more palatable and easily digestible unlocking those nutrients that they would otherwise be passed through their body and excreted out.

What Do Horse Owners Say About Lawleys?
Calmer and More Relaxed Performers
“The first thing I noticed when using this product was my horses were a lot calmer and more relaxed in the arena but still fired hard when I asked them to. Their coats are nice and shiny, and they look better than ever. The things we ask our horses to do as rodeo athletes aren’t easy and could easily make a horse anxious and overly excited, but with a good supplement that helps their mind and body, it sure makes our job easier! I am very grateful to be a part of Lawley’s team, and I appreciate everything that they do for me and my horses!”

No More Colic
“I have fed numerous supplements over the years to my horses and have not found one that I couldn’t live without. I found myself constantly changing because I would notice some effects but over time my horses still looked like they were missing something, or I wasn’t seeing the results for what I was paying for. I started feeding Lawley’s to a mare that would colic regularly no matter the changes I made to her diet. After her last emergency vet trip, I decided to give it a try. I still own that mare to this day—two and a half years later and have not had one digestive issue with her since beginning feeding Lawley’s. After a few months of feeding her, I put all my horses on Lawley’s, and that is one supplement that I have stuck with and will continue feeding. I own horses ranging from pleasure horses, rodeo horses, and racehorses. It is affordable and worth every penny in my opinion due to the benefits I see in each individual horse.”

Better Nutrition, Better Digestion, Better Performance! Order Today!
Our clients have told us that Lawley’s is the “one I can’t live without” and, once you try it, you will see the difference too. All supplements are NOT the same!— Our formulas are designed to help every horse to maintain a healthy gut, mind and body at every level. Try the one that’s working for so many horse owners across America… let your horse show you why Lawley’s is the only complete supplement you need to have in your barn— make sure to order today!

Contact: Tanner Dickerman
4454 Qantas Lane #1
Stockton, California 95206
Phone: 575-309-8698
Website: Click Here To Connect

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