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 Mane Stay™ by I.C.E. Products
Mane Stay™ and other easy to use, affordable, Identification Products by I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) Products, take seconds to attach and can help you reunite with your horse when disaster strikes.


About Sue and Dan: How The Inspiration for I.C.E. Products USA Began!
Fire! In 2006, a wildfire tore through the property in Southern California where Sue and Dan’s beloved horses, “Rio" and “Stetson" were boarded. Although thankfully there were no injuries to people or horses, both homes on the property were reduced to ashes. Upon hearing the news of the fire, many of the boarders arrived on scene to try to extinguish spot fires in stalls and paddocks. The firemen were able to protect the barns from a direct hit by the fire, so the stalled horses sheltered in place and escaped injury. Sue and Dan were there and went to work doing what they could to help with the clean-up. In a word, Dan describes the situation as “chaotic”.  Additional fires, in years to come, fueled by dry forage and Santa Ana winds made fear of natural disasters a reality in their lives.

When Natural Disaster Strikes, Are You Prepared?
Fire, Flood, Hurricane, Tornado, or earthquake— they are a reality for everyone but especially challenging for horse owners. You never know exactly when or where they will strike. Sometimes (like in the case of Hurricanes) you'll have some advance notice so you can haul your horse to safety, but what happens when you have NO NOTICE and disaster is IMMINENT? No one wants to open up that gate and turn horses loose— no one––but sometimes, it is the ONLY choice you can make to save their lives. How can you get them back again, and what time do you have when seconds count? With I.C.E. Products USA's ManeStay™ you have a product that is durable and dependable, clips on in 2-3 seconds and can provide owner and horse information to the first responder. ManeStay™ was designed to be safe for the horse faced with wildfire. Read the FAQ page at for all the details. Get your cell phone to ring when your horse has been found so you can be reunited without delay.

But What About the TRAIL?
We all love to trail ride out with our horses. But, sometimes the unexpected can happen. Perhaps a horse spooks at a deer or rabbit, maybe the horse bolts just as you are trying to remount, worse, your horse rears (maybe a snake on the trail) and you are thrown. Off goes your horse! When you are riding with identification clipped neatly to the saddle (I.C.E. Clip-on) or horse's mane (I.C.E. UltraLite) you have the security knowing that whoever finds your horse can give you a call! And if you're wearing a Clip-on on your belt loop and you need medical assistance, your riding buddy will be able to call your emergency contact (spouse, doctor) to let them know what's happened. 

Think You Are Safe at a Show or Barrel Race?
We’ve all seen a horse get loose at shows and barrel races! Perhaps they were taking off the bridle to put on the halter and the horse takes off, perhaps the horse gets loose from being tied at the trailer. Maybe someone didn’t latch the gate well enough on their show stall…whatever the situation, it will be important for that horse to have identification on!  Make SURE your horse is wearing identification from I.C.E. Products USA before you leave for the show! It will be additional peace of mind and security for your horse!

How Did I.C.E. Products USA Come To Be?
I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency!) 
In 2015 I.C.E. Products USA got its start, fueled by the events of that day in 2006. Sue and Dan recognized the need for horse owners to have a tool to quickly put ID on their animals when faced with imminent disaster (wildfire, hurricane, tornado or flood). The first product manufactured was the I.C.E. Halter (in both a standard and breakaway style, with a sewn-on I.C.E. form). Soon after came I.C.E. Clip-on, with trail riders in mind, and lovingly referred to as "portable peace of mind" since it can be clipped to the saddle, halter, breast collar, saddle bag or to the rider's belt loop.  

ManeStay™ … Peace of Mind For Horse Owners!
In 2016, after a year of intense research and many conversations with veterinarians, barn owners and large animal rescue personnel, the first ManeStay™ prototype was created and put to the test in a variety of situations. ManeStay™ can be secured to the hair in literally three seconds, and its I.C.E. form keeps the user's info private until needed behind Velcro® closures. When completed with an ultra fine point Sharpie® brand marker, the user's info is permanent and waterproof. ManeStay provides peace of mind to the horse owner and gives the horse the advantage of being easily identifiable. Every I.C.E. Products USA I.C.E. form is Calfire rated and the user's information is permanent and waterproof when written with an ultra fine point Sharpie®.

Note: In conversations with large animal rescue personnel and first responders, Sue and Dan learned that in a field of evacuated horses, those wearing visible ID will be the first to be processed and returned to their families. Feeding evacuated horses is costly and requires many volunteers. They're going to quickly process those horses who are easily identifiable.

Looking For ID You Can Braid Into the Mane Or Upper Tail? 
I.C.E. UltraLite is your answer! Developed in 2017 and weighing in at less than three-quarters of an ounce, UltraLite's aluminum carabiner hooks through a mane braid and can be left in place long term (such as during the area's season of natural disasters). As with all of the other I.C.E. gear, it provides the first responder with a visible form of identification so that you can be reunited with your horse as fast as possible! UltraLite is ideal for riding, camping, transport and turnout, in addition to natural disaster preparation. Many COLORS to choose from! $18 

How About an I.C.E. Clip-on for the Saddle or Bridle? 
This is truly PORTABLE “peace of mind”! The I.C.E. Clip-on is designed to attach to the saddle or breast collar to keep your emergency contact info on your equine.  If you're separated out on the trail, I.C.E. Clip-on will help you be reunited. Put one on your horse and another on your belt loop! Many COLORS to choose from! $18
Don’t Want a ‘clip on’ product? I.C.E. Halter is the Answer!
From only $34- $45 the I.C.E Halter is the ultimate in identification! Take a look at the amazing, beautifully designed, fully identifiable Halters available to you. Many COLORS to choose from!

I.C.E. TRAIL HALTER: Designed for use under the bridle, the I.C.E. Trail Halter is made of 3/4" nylon, making it far less bulky than a standard 1" nylon halter. With its tie ring, the I.C.E. Trail Halter enables the rider to lead or tie the bridled horse/mule at the trailer or out on the trail. NOTE: Using the I.C.E. Trail Halter by itself (without a bridle over it) is not recommended for tying an unsupervised animal as it could possibly come off over his ears. Padded adjustable noseband in standard. Both “Horse" and "Large Horse” Sizes : $34

 Made of 3/4" nylon, so it's slender enough to fit nicely under the bridle. The Full I.C.E. Halter has triple-ply cheeks and a double-ply poll strap. The rolled throat latch has a snap, and the PVC-padded noseband is adjustable with a buckle. Available in 6 sizes: $42

 Made of 3/4" nylon. Triple-ply cheeks, rolled throat latch with snap, double-ply nylon non-adjustable noseband. Leather poll strap makes this the perfect halter for the pastured horse since it will break if the halter gets caught, saving the horse from injury. Your horse can keep your contact info on him at ALL times. Leather poll strap adjusts at both sides. Available in 5 sizes
. With or without padded noseband: $45

Make Sure YOU are Prepared with I.C.E. Identification Products Today!
I.C.E. Products USA has made it possible for every horse owner to have an affordable, highly effective way, to ensure that your horse can be identified in the case of disaster or accident. Keep in mind, too, that this ID gear will help you get needed assistance by making your contact details known to a first responder. These amazing identification products make great and affordable gifts for your friends and family too! Enjoy the peace of mind that I.C.E. Products gear can bring to a chaotic and upsetting situation by getting your cell phone to ring when your horse has been found. ORDER TODAY!!


Contact: Sierra View Ranch General Store, LLC, dba I.C.E. Products USA 
15115 Rankin Ave. PMB 101
Dunlap, Tennessee 37327
Phone: 805-231-5305
Website: Click Here To Connect

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