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Arena DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION by West Coast Footings
Tractor DEAN is nationally known for his expertise in Arena Design, Construction or Equipment. Available in person or by phone, "Tractor Dean" Hendrickson has the knowledge and skill to design and/or build the arena of your dreams!

About "Tractor Dean" Hendrickson of West Coast Footings
Tractor Dean, owner of West Coast Footings,  is a well-known figure at major horse shows around California and at the trade shows, as he is frequently hired to manage and care for the footing at the shows. Arena consultants, like Tractor Dean of West Coast Footings,can help with building your arena and will be well worth the initial investment when compared to vet bills, water costs, and the frustration associated with less than ideal arena conditions.

Dean has been working with and studying footing for eight years, after a long career in aircraft manufacturing. That background instilled in him the critical nature of what happens at the point of impact, whether on a tarmac or in a riding arena, along with the conviction that customer service and attention to detail are as important as equipment and material.

"We are not just selling you the footing material," says longtime principal and renowned dirt expert John Dienhart (Tractor Dean's Father in Law). "We deliver the whole pie. We can diagnose the footing challenges and talk about solutions," he continues. "We have the products and knowledge to change the characteristics of what the footing is doing: to modify it to provide the right combination of stability and cushion for any discipline."

Why Should I Hire Tractor Dean For My Arena? Can't I Just Do It Myself?

Of course you can do it yourself, but do you have years of experience building, maintaining and designing arenas? Can you identify challenges that need affordable yet reliable solutions before you start? How much can a lack of knowlede cost you? Potentially THOUSANDS! Why not invest a little with an expert who can help you know where, how, how much, what kind, and what's best-- BEFORE you start? Tractor Dean will help you every step of the way!

Is It True That Tractor Dean Is An Expert In Arena Construction (and Design)?

YES! Soundness and performance are the main focus on most discussions of riding surfaces. Ever since people started using riding arenas when working with their horses they were experimenting with the large variety of materials for the use of footing. Today`s findings from scientific research on equestrian footings can be combined with our specialists` practical experiences to produce a sound and good surface.

Advice on the design and construction of riding arena surfaces has been based on experience and personal opinion. Experience and know-how is important to create a good riding surface, maintenance and moisture content is key to performance of any riding ring. Due to these variables there is no single recipe for a perfect riding arena. With our experience gained in years of supporting the equine showing community, we found that the products we offer are the best solution – economically and environmentally – to help you prevent lameness of your horse and minimize veterinary bills.

What If I Need Horse Stalls or Stall Components?

Many of our clients rely upon Tractor Dean to supply, design or customize Horse Stalls or Components. Everything we do is the best in design, looks, installation ease, durability and longevity-- and, of course, at the BEST possible prices!

Is It True That Many of Tractor Dean's Clients Are SHOW MANAGERS?
Yes!  Show managers are in charge of the entire showing experience and absolutely must have premium footing and well maintained arenas for the horses that are showcased there. These managers are frequent clients, with projects that range from installing completely new riding surfaces in one or more arenas, to providing equipment for the manager or venue's crew to maintain the ring on their own.

Is Tractor Dean A Valued Reseller of GGT-Footing? WHY?
It's the best and that is why Tractor Dean loves it!

We as a company and installers of GGT-Footing™ understand, that equestrian arena surfaces are a major investment for stable owners, riding clubs and private horse owners.

Our mission is to offer protection of the Equine Athletes that give so much to their riders and owners.


  • Reduces dust
  • High water storage capability
  • Optimal impact resistance
  • Higher slide strength and additional stability
  • Prevents packing
  • Offers perfectly adapted spring for energy rebound
  • Supports your horse’s joints and ligaments.
  • Facilitates a strong jump and a secure landing
  • Improves the shear strength of the surface

Note: Our GGT footing uses the highest quality nonwoven geotextile available as well as the highest quality polyester fiber, with a high tensile strength and UV rating. This assures that your arena footing will last longer and not break down

Remove The "Guess Work" For Your Arenas and Call "Tractor Dean" Today!

It will be the least- and the BEST- money you spend! Dean's expertise, friendly manner, and sincere desire to help you design, and build, the arena of your dreams will win you over in moments. You'll have a friend for life and be thanking yourself for years to come that you made that call. Call today and tell Tractor Dean about the arena of YOUR dreams!

Contact: "Tractor Dean" Hendrickson 
9808 Oakdale Ave
Chatsworth, California 91311
Phone: 800-585-7000
Website: Click Here To Connect

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