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Red Master Harrow
Red Master Harrow is nationally known for its dependability. It lasts longer, because of its high quality craftsmanship and materials.

About Floyd Fain, Owner, Red Master Harrow:
Floyd is passionate about horses and is an experienced team roper. He has a 300 acre cattle/ horse ranch in Texas and knows the importance of great footing, for both performance and safety! Proper footing and groundwork is key in protecting horses and Floyd understands what it takes to keep horses sound with any type of ground or footing. He has worked arenas around the country. Red Master Harrow was developed to offer consistent, superior results. Built to last with satisfied clients coast to coast throughout America!

Setting the standard for excellence throughout the arena equipment industry, the RED MASTER HARROW has no equal! RED MASTER HARROW is a leading horse arena equipment company in Amarillo, Texas. We at Red Master understand how important it is to properly care for your horse and arena. As horse owners and riders ourselves, we also know how overwhelming it and expensive it can be. Our arena drags, watering equipment and horse-training equipment are all commercial-grade. Each piece of equipment is designed to maximize you and your horse's safety and performance. 

We have equipment for the following equine disciplines: 

  • Hunter/Jumper
  • Dressage
  • Western Performance
  • Western All-Around
  • Rodeo
  • Barrel Racing
  • Roping
  • Reining
  • Training and Performance
  • Personal or Multi-Purpose
What Sets RED MASTER Apart From Other Arena Drags?
Glad you asked! Our ADJUSTABLE RIPPER is the answer! Our ripper attachment has set us apart and made Red Master the industry leader. Our top link that attaches the ripper to the harrow allows for adjustments on making the ripper as aggressive or nonaggressive as you need. This will allow the harrow to remain level and continue to work the ground behind the ripper. Other arena tools have a FIXED ripper.  

What Are My Arena Drag Options At RED MASTER HARROW?
We have several styles, accessories and models so that every one can have the right model and equipment for their personal needs! 

RED MASTER T-Rex:  Perfect All-In-One Harrow-particularly multi-use arenas! The Red Master T-Rex was designed for any type of arena, including personal or multi-purpose. We designed this harrow from the suggestions of our customers who wanted a true all-in-one harrow. With the versatility and adjustments built in this harrow, you will never need another arena tool. We designed this harrow from the suggestions of our customers who wanted a true all-in-one harrow. Features:
  • Ripper
  • Gauge Wheels
  • S-Tines
  • Paddle Wheel
  • Float Pan 
RED MASTER HARROW: Truly, one of the most high-tech horse arena harrow implements on the market today! Red Master Harrow Features:
  • Spring tooth adds air or “cush” back into your footing without digging into your base materials
  • Three tire height adjustments - guide wheels and tires control consistency and depth
  • Float bar levels and compresses the footing to a uniform consistency
  • 4 X 3/16-inch wall thickness structural tubing frame 
  • Double-braced lit brackets
  • Three-point lift allows operator to back into corners
  • Adequate ground clearance when lifted for transport
  • Tips are reversible for extended life
  • 650-point bearings and axle assembly
  • Red Master Harrow will adjust zero to 3 inches of depth
  • Equipped with a tow bar to pull the Red Roller
  • Float pan is 3/16-inch steel gauge with ¼-inch teardrop sides
  RED MASTER II & III: Perfect for Synthetic Footing — and More! The Red Master II and Red Master III can be used in synthetic, fiber, wood and dirt arenas. Float plan can be removed and replaced with the optional paddle wheel for the different types of footing. The Red Master II & III give added tooth to ground coverage with better spacing for material to pass through. The S-Tines help to add air and “cush” back to the footing.

Features of the Red Master II and Red Master III:

  • 4 X 3/16-inch wall thickness structural tubing
  • Double-braced lift brackets
  • Three-point hitch allows operator to back into corners
  • Tips are reversible (teeth) for extended life
  • Two rows of s-tines
  • Adequate ground clearance when lifted for transport
  • Eliminates crusting, breaks up clods ad smoothes
  • Guage wheels and tires control consistency and depth
  • Three tire height adjustments; manufacture settings is in the center hole adjustment
  • Red Master II adjusts zero to 5 inches of depth
  • Both rows of spring teeth adjust depth with one tumbuckle, while the 3-point will supply additional depth control
  • Required HP: 24-26 for 6-ft.; 26-30 HP for 8-ft.: and 38-40 HP for 10-ft. Model
  • Adjustable float pan is 3/16-inch steel gauge with ¼-inch teardrop sides
  • Float pan can be removed and exchanged for a paddle wheel option
  • A tow hitch provides towing capability for the Red Roller
What Else Is Available For Synthetic Footing?
 RED MASTER CUTTER is based off the RED MASTER II. Designed for the special needs of CUTTING HORSES! It has 2 rows of S-Tines which are set lower for deeper harrowing. The Red Master Cutter is designed for dirt rings and the deeper depths required by the cutting industries. The teardrop sides have been purposely cropped to avoid plowing and provide easier turning. Two inches of additional space between the two-tines bars. And two inches of depth capability have been added to this harrow frame to achieve zero to 6 inches of depths. Seven inches of depth may be achieved with repetitive harrowing and proper moisture content. 

This harrow has also been successfully used in dirt rings such as barrel racing, team penning, reining, rodeo, etc.

RED MASTER TRAVEL RIGHT The Red Master Travel Right harrow is designed for synthetic footings. The gauge wheels and tires control consistency and depth. It has three tire height adjustments. Both rows of coil tines adjust the depth with one turnbuckle, while the 3-point supplies additional depth control.

The Paddle Wheel Roller is an eight inch diameter pipe used to tighten up the surface. A tow hitch at the rear of the harrow provides towing capability for the Red Master Roller (a 20" diameter pipe that can be filled with water to achieve proper weight). Coil tines act as a rake to work up the footing surface and will not cut into your base.  If footing gets hard packed the ripper option can be added to this harrow to break up even the hardest footings.

But I Just Have an ATV, Can RED MASTER HARROW Help Me?
YES! Some of our clients like to pull with their ATV’s! The Mini-RED is the answer! The Mini Red is for facilities without a tractor. The Mini Red can be pulled behind 4WD ATC, Mule, Gator or any other utility vehicle. It comes equipped with an adjustable float pan and compress the footing to a uniform consistency, while the adjustable spring tooth design adds the air or “cush” back into your footing. The two-tine adjustment allows tips to be raised from footing. The float pan may be used for leveling without accompaniment of the tips. Upon leaving the arena, the float pan and s-tines can be “rotated” from the footing material for a clean ring exit. 4’, 5’, 6’ widths available!

What If I Need Help With Arena Watering
We have just what you need to keep your arenas as dust free as possible! Our WATER WAGON can easily be used to help with dust control and it fits ALL our units! 500 and 1000 gallon sizes available!

Is It True That Every Sale Is Custom Taylored To The Owner’s Needs?
Yes! Every sale starts with a friendly interview to help us understand your particular needs, situation, horses, and budget. Using the combination of this knowledge, we put together the best possible He and his knowledgeable team pride themselves on their ability to match each customer with the perfect harrow and attachment for their arena.

Call RED MASTER HARROW For Your Arena Needs Today!
Join the thousands of happy Trainers, Riders, Rodeo Professionals and Horsemen and Women who enjoy, use and depend upon RED MASTER HARROW to keep all their arenas in outstanding condition. Enjoy seeing your horses perform better and stay more sound on the reliable footing that RED MASTER provides. Call and talk to Floyd today!

711 SW 6th Ave
Amarillo, Texas 79101
Phone: 866-362-9353
Website: Click Here To Connect

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