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OptiWize "Collegen Plus" by Optiwize Health
Optiwize "Collegen Plus" has been offering outstanding results for joints, fractures, kissing spine, laminitis, ulcers. It accelerates Healing for soft tissues, joints and bone!

What is OptiWize "Collagen Plus"?
OptiWize is formulated with 10 ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS that are scientifically proven and validated to protect, repair, and restore joint health, as well as optimize the repair process of tendons and ligaments. There are zero side effects; it’s highly palatable, easy to feed, and competition safe. A superior all natural supplement for joint & connective tissue health. OptiWize is made to be the superior preventative maintenance and rehab supplement.

What Conditions Can OptiWize Effectively Help With
  • Increasing Synovial Fluid
  • Arthritic Conditions/DJD
  • Increasing Life of Joint Injections
  • Synovitis/Capsulitis
  • Soft Tissue injuries
  • Post Surgery/ Chip Removal
  • Support for Infectious Arthritis
  • Acute or Chronic Tendonitis and Tenosynovitis
  • Managing Ringbone
  • Tendon/Ligament Support
  • Reducing Osteophytes/Bone Spurs
  • Improving Navicular Syndrome
  • White Line Disease
  • OCD
  • Sesamoiditis
  • Hoof Improvement
  • Mane and Tail Growth
  • Ulcer Support 
  • Supports Kissing Spine
  • Foals with Contracted Tendons

What Are The AMAZING Ingredients in OptiWize?
* Hydrolyzed Collagen type II
* Hyaluronic Acid
* Green Lipped Mussel 
* Omega 3
* Glucosamine Sulfate
* Vitamin C
* Manganese
* Gamma Oryzanol
* Chondroitin Sulfate

You can read about these amazing ingredients and the amazing effect and support it gives to bone and connective tissue health for your horse. This is simply the BEST ingredient combination you will EVER find in ANY supplement offered to horses today— which is why the RESULTS are so amazing!

Is It True That OptiWize Has Helped Horses Recover From Fractures?
YES… numerous times!  OptiWize is helping with fractures and so much more. You can see our case studies here: 
 X Rays

Has OptiWize Been Helpful To Horses With Kissing Spine?
YES! We have had many horses suffering with kissing spine greatly relieved after regular use of OptiWize. With Kissing Spine it is imperative to have good synovial fluid, healthy cartilage and strength in connective tissues. OptiWize is formulated to promote healthy cartilage and has many anti - inflammatory properties to aid in pain relief.

What Does InfoHorse Say About OptiWize?
We have so many testimonials! Be sure to read them all-- here are a few!

“ In our 25 years history, we have never seen a product with a lineup of so many extremely outstanding ingredients— all combined into 1 supplement. USUALLY a product will have the standard list of good ingredients, and then, will add 1-2 “stand out” ingredients— OptiWize has them all! We are ordering for our horses and have full confidence in recommending this amazing product!”— Ann Pruitt Director  InfoHorse

What Do Horse Owners Say About OptiWize? 

Joel O. All four of my horses are on OptiWize FOREVER. It is a miracle supplement. I began using it on my lame horse, originally (pictured in the video), but have since started using it on all the horses in my barn. After an injury to his hind hoof and arthritis in his front legs, I was told by local vets that my horse, Hondo, would never compete again. Here he is, last week in Arizona -- made it back to the Finals and this is our ShowCase run! No evidence of any lameness at all, anywhere. Thx, OptiWize.... MUCH cheaper than the last 2 years in Vet expenses, and well worth it!

Tanner S. I have had great results with Optiwize!My rodeo mare got injured last year pulling her deep digital flexor tendon in both legs. I thought she would never come back the same. I started using Optiwize She came back running like her old self and hasn’t missed a beat! I couldn’t be more happy!

Nathan S. My 8yr old that I trained was getting muscle stiffness and sore in her front end due to having very tight muscle structure, I tried OptiWize and gave her her starting dose and within two weeks I saw a big change in her striding out and her movement out in the pasture then exercising her I could feel how she moved and was striding out! So far I love this product and would recommend it! Thanks OptiWize!

Reanna H. Optiwize has worked miracles in just 90 days on my gelding. We were dealing with off and on lameness and multiple vet visits and failed runs. Since starting optiwize, my 14 year old gelding is finally starting to run good again and I haven’t seen a single mis step in him in over a month and have had 5 different people tell me how much sounder he looks. I’m sold on this product and I’m a lifetime customer now!

Shaunna R. I started giving Optiwize to my mare after she sustained a fetlock injury that required surgery. After the initial injury, the vets told us more likely than not she wouldn't be sound enough to compete. A year off to heal and Optiwize on board, she has come back competition sound! She has 100% range of motion back, no soreness and stronger than ever! She looks and feels better than she ever has.

When You Can’t Afford To Get it Wrong— Get it RIGHT With OptiWize!
Anything to do with joints, connective tissue, bones, gut, hooves, mane or tail, you need OptiWize. The benefits are so all encompassing that it is hard to find an area of the body that doesn’t have a positive effect from OptiWize! Call and order today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
1220 Satterwhite Road # 902
Buda, Texas 78610
Phone: 239-777-1166
Website: Click Here To Connect

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