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Cascada Equine
Cascada Equine harnesses the power of ultrasonic sensor technology to detect the water level and refill your own buckets without any parts that can wear out -- and lets you know how much your horse is drinking!

NOT Your Average Automatic Waterer!

The Cascada Equine Watering System is the only equine automatic waterer that uses sensor technology to fill a standard 5-gallon water bucket instead of an integrated vessel, works with no moving or submerged parts, and digitally tracks your horses’ water consumption while giving you insight into their ongoing hydration habits in an app on your phone. The future of watering is here!

How Does the Cascada Waterer Know When to Fill? 

Cascada utilizes ultrasonic sensors to detect the water level and refill your buckets perfectly every time! These sensors eliminate the need for moving parts like floats, levers, or weight-based mechanisms that are known for wearing out and means the system won't clog, stick, flood, or crack! Fun fact: this sensor technology is similar to what your car uses for parking detection and adaptive cruise control!

An Automatic Waterer that Fills a Familiar, Standard 5-Gallon Bucket

Through extensive research with both horses and humans, we learned that most horses prefer to drink out of a 5-gallon bucket. It's plenty of water for the horse to drink deeply without interruption, but not so much that it's difficult to dump or clean. Many horses get a bit claustrophobic putting their muzzles into a small, automatic watering bowl and some horses refuse to drink from them all together. The standard 5-gallon bucket is open, inviting, and horses enjoy drinking from them!

Cascada App - The World’s First Equine Hydration Monitoring App

The Cascada app tracks how much your horse has consumed today and compares that to how much they drink on average. You’ll finally have access to comprehensive insights into your horses’ drinking trends, empowering you to make informed decisions about their overall health. Create profiles for each of your horses and link them directly to a Cascada waterer. Their profile shows you how much they have drank today, how much they drink on average, and exactly how much water is in their bucket for optimal peace of mind when you're away from the barn.
Note: The Cascada App learns your horse's normal drinking and alerts you if concerning behavior is detected so you can take action immediately. Enjoy extra features like Easy Lift Mode for a lighter lift on cleaning days - our customers with bigger barns love this feature! The Cascada app gives you the hydration data you’ve always wanted anywhere you are!  

And We’re Always Innovating…

Up until now, equine hydration tracking has been manual and minimal. It is our goal to provide horse owners with the most comprehensive information possible. One of our favorite aspects of digital innovations is the ability to quickly iterate and continuously add value for our customers. Cascada is shaping the future of horse care. Join a community at the forefront of farm innovation and water smarter with Cascada!

Contactless Filling For Easier Cleaning!

Cascada's contactless design drastically improves the biosecurity in your barn! Since the device is positioned ABOVE the bucket with no moving parts - there is nothing in your horse’s water but water! Simply lift the handle and take the bucket off the hook to dump or clean. No more shared hoses or non-removable parts, just a fully clean drinking source for your horses! To make things even easier, we built an option in the app to keep buckets half-full on cleaning day!

Easiest Automatic Waterer to Install in the Industry!

Cascada automatic waterers are easy and flexible to install whether you are replacing existing waterers, retrofitting to an active stable, or including them in your new construction. Simply screw the unit to the wall and connect your water and power lines. Comes with low voltage cord to access your barn's existing power source and detailed installation instructions are included. Our dedicated team of fellow equestrians is always here to help project plan and answer your questions!


How Does Cascada Hold Up In FREEZING Temperatures?

Cascada waterers have a robust internal freeze-protection system to ensure your horses are watered year-round! The freeze protection system has been tested to zero degrees Fahrenheit. AKA 32 degrees below freezing!  Digital temperature sensors activate low-voltage heaters as needed to keep fresh water flowing. This also means if temperatures are warmer, the Cascada knows and won’t heat things up unnecessarily and waste electricity. Easily replace your standard bucket with a heated or insulated bucket for a completely chill-proof, hands-off watering system!

Durable, Sleek, "Horse-Friendly" Design!

Designed for horses by horse owners, Cascada's rounded profile, heavy-duty molded plastics, and stainless steel chew plate were made to take abuse while being gentle and safe. The hook and arm will hold the bucket securely for normal use, but can open and give way in an emergency. In addition, they give a little elegance and style to your horse’s stall that is definitely an ‘eye catcher’! 

Cascada Saves Time and Reduces Stress…

Cascada takes care of the watering so you have more time to do, well, anything else! But hopefully it means you get to spend more time with your horses! Watering is arguably the most important chore for any horse owner, but it can be a time consuming and sometimes stressful task. Regardless of how many horses you have, manual watering takes precious time and is one more thing to keep track of and ensure gets done (especially if you’re not the only one handling chores!). Have you ever wished you had a magic wand to see if your horses have water and how much they drank - especially when they are presenting concerning behavior like colic? The Cascada app is that magic wand! Check on bucket water levels and drinking behavior anytime in the app. Once you start using the Cascada watering system, you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without it! 

What Do Customers Say About Cascada?

"We have had a week of snow and single digit temperatures and the horses have been in the barn all week. We absolutely love the waterers!!! They have been working perfectly and are making our barn management so much easier. Can't say enough good things about your product as well as your customer service!" -Corey, Mississippi

"I love the streamlined, minimalist look and the fact that I can easily remove the buckets to clean or replace is fantastic! My electrician and plumber said lots easier to install than the other brands" -Christine, North Carolina 

10 Year Warranty!

Our 10-year warranty on housing and 3-year on electronic components is on par with the industry's top warranty protection. We have a quality product and we know it and we stand behind it!


How Much Is The Cascada Waterer?

Only $799 (less than many other automatic waterers in its class) AND we do have bulk pricing options for larger purchases. If you plan on ordering 8 or more Cascada waterers, let us know and we will provide you with a discount code and free shipping! And don’t forget our 10 Year Warranty! 

Try the App for Free! 

Cascada is the first and only automatic waterer with a hydration tracking app and we understand how important this data is to provide your horses with the best possible care. With the purchase of your Cascada, you always have access to your bucket water levels and hydration alerts for free and a 60-day free trial of hydration trends!  

Call To Order Your Cascada Today!

Tell us how many horses/ stalls you have—  or are building! We are here to help—   and we have GROUP pricing! This is hands-down the most advanced automatic horse waterer ever created! Cascada brings contactless filling technology, hydration tracking, state-of-the-art design, robust performance, easy-to-use, and low maintenance equine automatic waterer of your dreams. Cascada is here to change the watering world and to enhance you and your horse's life forever!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
3620 Old Snohomish Monroe Road
Snohomish, Washington 98290
Phone: 800-959-8045
Website: Click Here To Connect

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