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Looking for a superior Beet Feed for your horses? UNBEETABLE FEEDS have beets filled with natural prebiotics! Located at many TRACTOR SUPPLY locations and with the lowest possible NSC, your horse will love it!

About UNBEETABLE Feeds— the Feed Company Horse Owners Trust!
Headquartered in San Rafael, California, Midwest Agri-Commodities Company (Midwest Agri) was formed in 1979. Midwest Agri markets, distributes, and finances well over 1.5 million tons of solid and liquid sugar beet products a year. Midwest Agri’s UNBEETABLE Feeds brand includes beet pulp pellets, beet pulp shreds, and beet molasses as well as our Forage Only blend. Our customers are feed store retailers across the United States as well as the leading commercial animal nutrition companies in the world. 


How Do I Know If My Horse Can Benefit From Beet Pulp? 

Every horse can benefit from beet pulp! A common misconception is that beet pulp is only for older horses and hard keeers. We are here to tell you that Unbeetable Feeds Beet Pulp is in fact a "unicorn feed:” a high fiber, high energy option that can be added to any horse's diet. From your seniors to your colts, beet pulp-based feed offers a clean energy source without making your horses "hot". Adding soaked beet pulp to your horse's diet is also a great way to ensure additional hydration while also acting as an ulcer preventative all while cutting back your hay bill.

What Feeds Are Available With UNBEETABLE Feeds?
We have a wonderful selection of the BEST that beet pulp has to offer!!

This is fast becoming an industry favorite!  This blend is 2/3 Alfalfa, 1/3 beet pulp and 2% FLAX SEED OIL! No soaking necessary! 
  • Forage only. No grain included. Yet still high-energy, low-sugar and easily digestible fermentable fiber
  • Clean and natural – three simple, high-powered ingredients (alfalfa, beet pulp and flaxseed oil)
  • Can replace corn and/or other grain-based equine feeds at a cost-effective price without heating up your horse(s)
  • Easily-digestible protein and energy from forage in a pellet that delivers consistent quality and nutrition
  • Ultra-low starch/sugar energy - no more than 6% NSC but as a forage-based - easily digestible fiber rather than grain
  • Flaxseed oil provides Omega 3 fatty acid: cool burning fuel while supporting healthy skin add coat as well as gastric and muscle health
  • Pellet is 11/64ths in diameter – tiny and easier to chew than standard equine pellets – no soaking required along with reduced choke risk.
  • By adding a ration balancer/multi-vitamin, “Unbeetable” becomes a complete feed – additional hay/forage needs are often reduced

Beet Pulp Pellets: Beet pulp is the fibrous portion of the sugar beet, left after the sugar and liquid has been removed.  It is mechanically pressed, dried, and then pelletized into a 5/16” (8mm) diameter pellet. The fiber in beet pulp is highly digestible making it a good non-starch energy source for cattle and horses. Unbeetable Feeds offers beet pulp pellets in bulk or in 50-pound bags. Soaking is recommended.

Beet Pulp Shreds: Beet pulp shreds are fibrous flakes from sugar beets after the sugar extraction process. It is dried to reduce the water content to approximately 9%. Sugar beet pulp fiber is low-cost, highly digestible, and an extremely palatable feed in a form that is considered less dusty than hay. Unbeetable Feeds plain shreds are sold in 30-pound bags. Soaking is highly recommended.

Beet Pulp Shreds w/Molasses: Beet pulp shreds are fibrous flakes from sugar beets after the sugar extraction process. It is dried to reduce the water content to approximately 9%. Sugar beet pulp fiber is low-cost, highly digestible, and an extremely palatable feed in a form that is considered less dusty than hay.  Molasses can be added to make the shreds sweeter and more desirable to finicky, active, or older horses, and to help keep their weight at an optimum level. Unbeetable Feeds offers molassed shreds in 30-pound bags. Soaking is highly recommended.

Is It True That Beet Pulp Is A “Prebiotic" For The Gut?

Yes! Beet Pulp is in fact considered a prebiotic. Pre-biotics are what probiotics (friendly bacteria) in your gut feed on. Without “prebiotics” your gut won’t support a healthy bacteria population.  Because beet pulp is considered a slower-burning energy source, rather than a quick energy source like those found with many commercial grains. This causes the hindgut microbes to have an easier time converting the beet pulp fiber to the all-important volatile fatty acids (VFA). These VFAs are absorbed and then converted to energy before being used by the horse.


Does The "Unbeetable Forage Only Product" Need To Be Soaked?

Because our Unbeetable Forage Only Blend is a soft grain-like pellet that is 11/64ths in diameter it makes it easier to chew than standard equine pellets which means there is usually no soaking required. While no feed can eliminate choke risk completely, if your horse has a history with choking, bolting its feed or has worn teeth, we suggest that you consult with your veterinarian on whether soaking our Forage Only Blend would be more recommended. If needed, soaking also provides extra hydration.


Do I Need Additional Supplements With The "Unbeetable Forage Only” Product?

Although Forage Only provides most of the nutrients a horse needs, it is not fortified. As such, it is short some important vitamins and minerals. As such, we recommendadding in your favorite ration balancer to ensure that your horses get all the proper vitamins and minerals they need for your specific demographic. 


Can Unbeetable Products Help My Performance Horse With More Energy?

Not only is our Unbeetable Forage Only a great option to provide clean sustainable energy to your performance horses it also ensures that you are getting a consistent feed even while you are traveling on the road with your horses. The nice thing about our Unbeetable Forage Only is the range in amount that can be fed based on the quality of your hay. If you have consistent access to high quality and affordable hay, you can get by with feeding less Forage Only. However, given the cost and inconsistent quality of hay, it's nice to have a consistent forage pelletized feed option.


Is It True That Many Feed Companies Carry Unbeetable Feeds? 

YES! Forage Only is sold at numerous feed stores across the United States, including Tractor Supply, Bomgaars, Runnings, Atwoods, Murdochs, North 40, Big R, Cal-Ranch, Coastal and numerous others. To find a retailer nearest you check out our store locator at our Store Locator


Do The Beet Pulp Shreds and Pellets Benefit Best From Soaking? 

While many nutritionists and veterinarians suggest that feeding beet pulp dry is safe, we still recommend soaking both the pellets and the shreds to minimize choke risk. Unless you have an unusual situation, our “Forage Only” does not require soaking. If you do choose to soak, one of the universal benefits is that your horses are receiving additional hydration. During both cold and hot months, that’s especially important to maintaining a healthy horse! 


What Does InfoHorse Say About “Forage Only”?

“ I have a mare that is insulin resistant and has to have a VERY low NSC. I loved the fact that Forage Only was OFF THE CHARTS LOW in SUGAR (lowest I could ever find!). I also loved that it had Alfalfa and Flax Oil… so, I went to Tractor Supply and picked up a bag! To say my mare loved it was an understatement, I am on my way to pick up 4 more bags right now. This is a keeper for me. Just adding a vitamin supplement I like and now my little mare is set! I love that it is super small pellets (about the size of rabbit feed) and my mare just can’t get enough. She has also been able to maintain a good weight. GREAT JOB with this product— we are hooked!”


Ann Pruitt Director

What Do These Horse Horse Owners SAY About UNBEETABLE Products?

"This product saves me money and storage space. I have two pasture ornaments that were eating beet pulp pellets, alfalfa pellets, Renew Gold and Nutrena Topline Balancer. Because Unbeetable Forage Only contains a proprietary mix of alfalfa and beet pulp, I no longer need to buy those two ingredients separately. The 2% flaxseed oil means I don't need Renew Gold. All I need to purchase and store now is the Forage Only and Balancer. My horses love it!"

"I’ve been feeding a mix of alfalfa pellets and beet pulp to my seniors/ rescues for 30 years. This is a fabulous product! No more mixing. No more separate trash cans. All my geldings love it."

"So pleased with this product! I have been feeding regular hay pellets (several brands) for a couple years now, and I always had to be sure they were thoroughly soaked to prevent choking. These pellets are tiny! They are the size of normal horse grain or rabbit food pellets. I am happy to have found a forage only source of feed at a manageable pellet size! I still add some water to be sure his powdered mineral balancer sticks, but you really don't even need to soak these pellets which I think would make it a lot simpler to feed for many than standard hay pellets. I hope my local store has this in stock soon because my gelding gobbles it up!"

"I have to boast a little bit about Unbeetable Feeds and their Unbeetable Forage Only Blend. This is not sponsored in anyway just my honest opinion.
This is something I've recently switched my horses over to as a carrier for their vitamin/mineral supplements. I've normally mixed alfalfa, beet pulp and flax myself so when I saw this you bet it piqued my interest, especially with an easily chewable pellet.
Forage only, no grains, clean AND natural. What more could you ask for when it comes to wanting something simple for your horses and minimizing bags of different products. There has been a bit of controversy over the oil in the product but with some research and questions answered, it is stabilized! I personally add ground flax to this as well for added omegas. This has not only made meal prepping easier, but my horses absolutely love it too, especially my pickiest eater who doesn't care for ground flax on its own. This gives me peace of mind knowing he's getting consistent nutrition but the omegas he needs to keep him at his best and all the benefits from both alfalfa and beet pulp.
Alfalfa, beet pulp and flaxseed oil are a powerhouse combination. These three things offer a number of benefits for your horses including but not limited to easily digestible protein, energy, fiber that helps fulfill nearly all energy and nutrition requirements for both the average horse and the performance horse on its own.
Improved immunity, skin, coat, muscle and gut health is something I think we all as horse owners strive for and can get with this.
My horses are looking and feeling good coming out of winter, especially my coming two-year-old colt who recently got gelded. He's maintained weight and due to the immunity support and anti-inflammatory qualities has had minimal swelling and discomfort as he heals. The quality of what you feed matters."

"I cannot say enough about Unbeetable Feeds Beet Pulp Pellets. We started two horses on this product (for different reasons) and what a difference it has made for both of them!

Our daughter’s young barrel horse was having difficulty keeping weight on and gaining muscle due to severe chronic ulcers. Within a couple of weeks feeding beet pulp, we are seeing a huge increase in her weight and her energy. We no longer travel with Ulcergard. Which has been a huge money saver. She also doesn’t drink much water on the road. The beet pulp has also helped with her hydration. The other horse came to us in very bad shape. He had a tooth and sinus infection and had lost a lot of weight. We introduced soaked beet pulp right away. Within a few days, he was eating an appropriate ration and doing great. He has been on beet pulp for 5 weeks. After just 9 days, there was a considerable difference in his weight and his energy. He is happy and neighing at feeding time. I cannot recommend this product enough. The benefit to the horse and the pocket book is worth its weight in gold. We bought an entire pallet and have now started all of the horses on the product. Thank you Midwest AgriUnbeetable Feeds for producing such an amazing product. It should be a staple in all horses diets!

Get Unbeetable Products For YOUR Horses Today!
Loaded with Prebiotics, UNBEETABLE Feeds is good for horses of EVERY age, riding discipline or even retired horses. Easy to find at most feeds stores and always reasonably priced, every horse will enjoy and benefit from Unbeetable feeds! Order or pick some up today! Your horse will thank you! 

Contact: Jason Stewart
999 Fifth Ave. Suite # 560
San Rafael, California 94901
Phone: 541-910-6975
Website: Click Here To Connect

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